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First of all, Hello, this is my first post, so please don't be too harsh.

It's time for me to buy first my and right now i'm thinking about two possibilities either Toyota Avensis after facelift (2007-2008) 2.0l diesel d-4d or Honda Accord (2004-2005) 2.2 ICTDI. I have to mention early on, that in the country that i'm from these two cost almost identical.

As of my previous research i came to a conclusion, that Honda is more fun to drive, it has better handling and more powerful engine, however it have more technical issues, as of Avensis, it's much more standart and reliable.

So I am asking to share your opinions and help me to decide once and for all. Thanks in advance.

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Others will probably chime in, but the first question I'd ask is, do you really want a diesel?

A diesel is more expensive and on a second-hand car it is more likely there will be problems further down the line. You would need to be making a big saving on fuel (yes, I did note you are not in the UK, so diesel may well be a lot cheaper) and thus driving a high annual mileage or kilometrage (if there is such a word) to offset the cost of dealing with any problems.

Avensis or Accord - Izidekas

Yes, i'm sure about the diesel. That is why i'm asking on opinions. How these two engines handle aging and anll.

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I have had both as diesel company cars (2004 Accord saloon ; 2011 Avensis estate) and, while they were both good, the Accord was the better car. It was more responsive and handled better and was very easy to live with. The Avensis had the horrible electric parking brake (earlier UK models dont have this) and was marginally less economic.

If I had to have another, later Accord, I would be quite happy. An Avensis would leave me slightly disappointed.

One consideration, if you want a hatch, is that you are limited to an older Avensis. The Accord is saloon or estate only.

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Both are well made but as already said the diesels are much more complex and far more likely to go wrong at this sort of age than the petrol equivalent. I'd strongly recommend you rethink diesel, it will almost certainly cost you more in the long run and petrol examples of both are actually pretty reasonable on fuel if you take your time and have far fewer problems.

Secondly although the Accord is a much more entertaining car to drive I'd recommend you buy on condition, history and mileage before brand or model. If you walk by a tidy Avensis with a full history to bag a tatty Accord without you'll suffer costly consequences.
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You might find www.anusedcar.com useful.

It's the German Tüv reliability ratings and you can compare the two side by side. Or look at each one at various ages to see the fault rate.

From a quick look the Avensis seems to beat the Accord

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Accord is certainly the nicer car in my opinion.

They have the odd issue. Check that the VSA/ABS works OK and there is no warning light on the dash as there were a spate of ECU failures (applies to the petrols too).

The early 2.2 diesels suffered from premature timing chain wear in some cases so check for rattles and there were also a few cases of manifolds cracking so be alert for any weird fume smells in the cabin.

If you can afford the slightly later facelifted model with the 6-speed gearbox they're nicer.

Avensis or Accord - Izidekas

After long thought i'm getting Honda Civic 2006 2,2


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