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I recently gave my old megane to my girlfriend until MOT runs out in October,

We were away on a trip this weekend, with the car fully loaded with four passengers (one a tad heavy) and a boot full of bags etc. The car drove faulessely on the way down (roughly 120 mile trip so 240 round trip), it felt a little funny going round a corner once but thought nothing of it.

On the way home, going round a corner, but not fast roughly 40mph car lost control and went all over the place, managed to regain control and assumped it must have been a greasy road etc.

Next day had tires checked, and all in good condition, also bushes checked for any obvious defects, no excessive play.

Basically wondering if it could be the rear shock abosorbers gone, this happened to me before, on an older car. The back end feels kind loose and unresponsive, like your driving a big old bus etc. The car was low with everyone in it, but just assumed it would be fine, wonbdering if it maybe damaged the shocks as the car has been sat around for best part of year in garage and before that never really carried anything or anyone heavy every, it was my friends grans car.

Just wondering what the symptoms of bad shocks could be, as i know these meganes are bad for needing rear shocks, i see loads that look like they are carrying an elephant in the back.

Any ideas or advice much appreciated,


Renault megane 2002 1.9dci - Loose back end - Shocks? - Ian D
Broken springs or bad shock absorbers seem likely, push down on each corner of the car and release and see if the response is dead-beat (car just bounced back up) or if there is a tendency to bounce up and down one or twice
Renault megane 2002 1.9dci - Loose back end - Shocks? - hardway

Shocks don't really make much differencs to ride height,

that's usually down to worn springs.

But shocks can and do have a lot to do with the way it handles

Your big bus feeling.

You couldtry the bounce test,

Basically bounce the back then let go,

Good shocks should kind of bounce back around a half bounce and settle.

A bit vague I know but the only alternative is remove the shock and test for resistance from compressed to pulled fully open.

I have seen shocks that have aboslutly no resistance to this test.,

Even ones that appear to have no external leaks.

But even without testing it's a pretty good guess the rears are gone,


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