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This is my first post so hello to all.

My Dad is having a a bit of trouble with his Lexus Harrier, basically imported version of the RX300.

One morning all starts ok. Runs ok. Doesn't cut out at all as you would drive normally.

However, when you stop it and turn off occasionally (about 1 in 3 now) & go to re-start it's all dead. Nothing works, alarm, no windows nothing.

Then sometimes it will just fire into life.

I checked the battery running and it's putting in 14.5V running and battery standing is 12.8V. So battery seems all ok.

It there a main relay module on these cars which brings down everything?

Any advice appreciated!


Lexus RX300 (Harrier) - Lexus keeps going intermittently dead - elekie&a/c doctor
If everything is totally dead,i would take a close look at the battery terminals and leads.remove the leads and clean the inside of the terminals and give the battery posts a good brush up

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