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I like getting my cars via PCP deals so don't want to get into a discussion on the pro and cons of PCP's here. What I would like to know is how it appears that an online broker can undercut the main dealer by a fair margin?

For my next car, comparing the dealer vs broker monthly payments, the broker comes out £50 month cheaper even though the main dealer is giving a £1500 deposit contribution with 0% APR. This is for identical deposits on an identical car.

I just cant help thinking I am missing something here.

PCP. Dealer vs Broker - RobJP

Because the broker can go to any dealer, and can get a number of orders together and get an additional discount for that.

One thing to be careful of, however, is whether you will be registered as the keeper of the vehicle IMMEDIATELY or not.

Some brokers try to pull a fast one and register cars as a 'fleet' buyer, and hold onto the V5 for a few months. This is actually illegal, and YOU could be prosecuted for using a car that is incorrectly registered.

So, ask the broker the question directly - will you be the registered keeper of the vehicle from the start or not.

PCP. Dealer vs Broker - SLO76
I use brokers and leasing firms to find deals then approach local dealers to see if one will match it. To date one always has, even if they make nothing from the deal it counts towards their bonus figures.

With our CRV we saved over £60 a month compared to Honda's origional quote. Our local main dealer wouldn't match our online figure but one just over 30 miles away did. This gives you a relationship with a dealer and a local point of contact if anything goes wrong with the car or the deal.
PCP. Dealer vs Broker - skidpan

When we bought the Leon the broker saved us £2000 compared to our local dealer. We got the exact same PCP with contribution and exactly the same car. Only difference was my wallet.

When we bought the Note the Broker and dealer were offering about the same prices but the dealer worked hard and eventually got a higher spec car with 3 years servicing for the same money as a lower spec form the broker.

Basically we buy from the cheapest.

PCP. Dealer vs Broker - RT

Many brands have different price/discount structures for retail and fleet customers - brokers can often access the fleet side and order through them.


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