Ford Fiesta finesse - Idle problem - Carl pell
Can anyone help please my wife as a 2003 finesse that cuts out when comming to a junction at times and some times won't idle and cuts out. I've cleaned the throttle body and checked pipework that I can see with the naked eye for splits but still have the problem . Can you tell me if these have a idle control valve or anything else that u could think of that is making it run like this.
Any help would be very much appreciated
Ford Fiesta finesse - Idle problem - liammcl

Speed sensor on the gearbox?


Ford Fiesta finesse - Idle problem - Carl pell
Would that make it cut out like it does
Ford Fiesta finesse - Idle problem - elekie&a/c doctor

Throttle body problem is the most common issue on these .Check the multi pin connector to the unit to make sure it is clean.Also check the main engine wiring harness plug(usually grey) that sits under the coolant pipe housing these can get water ingress if they leak.There is no idle control valve on these.

Ford Fiesta finesse - Idle problem - Carl pell
I've cleaned the throttle body . Is it just a case of cleaning plugs with electrical contact spray or wd40.
I disconnected the battery to reset the Ecu and let tick over for 20mins car ran ok for 2 days then problem come back idles ok but then start to stall and cut out when coming to junctions and stops
Wife dosnt want to drive the car at min becouse of problem ....know it's something simple but getting to the problem of it isn't lol well for me anyway

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Ford Fiesta finesse - Idle problem - liammcl

I don't know...
just , that I had been to a mechanic, with similarish problems
and he had tried everything himself. Eventually the main dealer swapped the speed sensor and it fixed the problem.

I think he said that when it cut out , the mileometer was displaying "blank"...
dunno if it helps...

maybe have a look here?


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Ford Fiesta finesse - Idle problem - Cyd

Read the ecu to see if there are any error codes which might yield a clue.

Refer to a workshop manual and check the resistances of the TPS. The sensor itself is probably a rotary resistor, if you can get at it give it a good cleaning with contact spray or brake cleaner. Cleaning the body is a good thing but won't help the TPS if it's dying.

If you've got Torque or something similar, use it to monitor the throttle angle and watch it to see that the reading moves smoothly and doesn't jump around or drop out.


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