2013 Jazz - Honda Servicing - DesTec

Can any body recommend an independant garage in the Warrington area to service my wife's 2013 Jazz please?

2013 Jazz - Honda Servicing - Oli rag

If you click on the good garage guide at ther very top of the page, you'll see that Lightcliffe Honda in Guardian street are recommended. There is also quite a big list of independent garages in your area.

2013 Jazz - Honda Servicing - Falkirk Bairn

I have roughly 5 x Honda franchises within 15-20 miles - local glass palace closed 24 mths ago.

Last service for my then 4 yr old CRV, I was quoted £285 (honda RRP) by 3 of them, £250 & £180.

I actually paid slightly less £174 IIRC

The £180 was less than even the Indies.

So shop around - 1 hours phoning saved me nearly 3 figures!

How much? That's more than I was expecting! That seems a lot for the 2 hours work......

Most stuck to their "list price" BUT you only need one to break ranks - near the end of the month when the Service Manager needs a target revenue he/she will drop the price. After all Service is where the profit margin lies in most garages - the Honda dealer I went to was not a glass palace, like some, but they did the deed for a lot less!


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