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Hi guys, I’m working as a bartender and I think that you can really help me with some issue. Because of my work, I need to taste and drink some alcohol and always after work I’m not sure if I can drive. When you are tired after hours of hard work it’s really hard to ascertain. I live 35 km from my work so bus or train is not an option. So I wonder what is ur the best way to be sure that you can drive?

Driving and drinking - nick62

Don't swallow!

Driving and drinking - RobJP

When working as a barman the only time I 'needed' to taste alcohol was if a line was running out. In which case it's a small sip which was then spat out into the slops sink.

Apart from that, you've no 'need' to drink alcohol at all whilst working.

Driving and drinking - SLO76
Buy a good electronic breath tester and leave the car if you're over the limit. It's small change compared to the cost of losing your licence.

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Driving and drinking - scot22

Tired is not good for driving : but with work etc we all do it if necessary.

However, plus any alcohol definitely not. Your employer should arrange for a non driver to do any alcohol tasting. He/she has a duty of care to an employee. I'm afraid in the job market this council of perfection can be risky - but not possibly fatal. With a home tester it may be an inaccurate reading.

Worst case - accident. Second possibility - marginally over limit still lose licence, no excuses accepted by legal system.

Apologies if this post seems harsh but the situation is of concern. Your decision.

Driving and drinking - gordonbennet

Ive been thinking about this one, you're stuck between a rock and a hard place if yoru job depends on this practice, no doubt the job is worth the travelling, and good jobs are worth keeping, but you've got to think about yourself here.

Presumably you finish work in the small hours, thats going to make my suggestion awkward, but not impossible.

If the job is so worth doing i would try to arrange privately with a doctor to give me a full blood test, within an hour say, after a normal working day, and see exactly what this constant tasting is doing to your body, not just whether you might be borderline or over the alocohol limit in your blood, though the alcohol level is a seriously important legal consideration in itself.

You sound like a youngish person, the cost of this test, whilst not cheap, will be a fraction of the monetary costs alone should the alternative happen, and might just be worth doing re your whole life.

Driving and drinking - nick62

I agree with the "employer has a duty of care" statement above. I guess it all depends upon whether your boss really does have your best interests at heart or only his own? Only you can decide, but I still say don't swallow the stuff, it can't much get into your bloodstream if you do this?

Driving and drinking - Alonzo

I had very smiliar situation, when i worked as a bartender, firstly you shouldnt drive after drinking- i know that ur situation is difficult. I agree with SLO, you should consider buying breathanalyser. I bought from breathalyzers-shop.co.uk and i must say its accurate.

Driving and drinking - Bartender88

Thanks guys for all useful advices, i think i will buy a breathanalyser.

Driving and drinking - johnworne


i'm new here but i know very well that Do not drink when drive car.


john worne

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Driving and drinking - Ryanfuego

Woah man, thats very dangerous, it depends how drunk you are but, generally you need to stop it. This is dangerous for you and for ppl around you.


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