VW Golf 1.2 Tsi At Motorpoint - Good Deal or Not - Steveieb
Keep getting a cookie from MP about delivery mile Golfs with solid paint which have been imported from abroad.
At £11995 they look impressively good value.
But are they?
VW Golf 1.2 Tsi At Motorpoint - Good Deal or Not - SLO76
A good car and should be fine as long as the manufacturer warranty is still valid. It's a fight to claim on if the car has been serviced outside of the dealer network.

It's worth looking at VW dealers too. I spotted a nice low mileage UK supplied 65 plate 1.4 TSI S Golf at an Arnold Clark branch in Glasgow recently for £11,300 with around 14k. Seat Leon is worth a look too as a value alternative to the Golf. You'll get more for your money.

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VW Golf 1.2 Tsi At Motorpoint - Good Deal or Not - brambobb

We bought an identical car to this about 18 months ago registered new in the UK and with delivery mileage. The car had originally been intended for the Cyprus market but was imported into the UK by MP. We paid somewhat more than the price quoted but I think that the ones being sold by Motorpoint have a few thousand miles on the clock.

We bought one of these from MP as a delivery mileage car in the second half of 2015. No problem in dealing with Motorpoint - they were very professional.

One or two points on the car that we had:-

1. The spec was identical to the UK equivalent except for two things:-
-The UK car has DAB radio but the Cyprus car had only AM/FM
-The MP car had electric rear windows whereas the UK spec has
keepfit Ones (This may have changed on later model year cars)

2. The warranty given is only two years rather than three and starts from the date of the PDI, which in our case was over three months before the date we bought it.

The car itself was absolutely fine and we did 15k miles without a hint of a problem. We did have some concerns about how we would be treated if we went to a UK VW dealer with a problem, particularly given their apparent reputation for not being very sympathetic anyway but this never arose.

Following a change in circumstances we traded it for a larger vehicle (Honda Accord) very recently and my impression is that you do get quite a bit lowerPX allowance when you mention that it is an import. Nevertheless taking into account the total cost of ownership it probably works out a little cheaper than buying the equivalent UK spec.

VW Golf 1.2 Tsi At Motorpoint - Good Deal or Not - Engineer Andy

Bare in mind the 1.2s on offer are the lower-powered 82odd bhp versions, not the 110bhp versions equivalent to a normally aspirated 1.6 petrol engine, so they're slow. Odd if the warranty is different - my similar Mazda3 was an import from Cyprus too, but the differences were minor (radio only, no CD [got one myself as a dealer add on]), and I knew most of them were inconsequential given I was getting a £3.5k discount on a del miles car from Motorpoint. The did the same with the 1.4 150 bhp Golf GTs last summer for £17k and the 50+ of them sold quickly, given the list price is £25k and they all had CC A/C and metallic paint as standard, which the UK models don't have. Not sure if this deal is as good, even if the cars are significantly cheaper - they are 'base spec'.

VW Golf 1.2 Tsi At Motorpoint - Good Deal or Not - Falkirk Bairn

2007 - Bought Xtrail from Motorpoint. 5 years no repairs - serviced @ Nissan dealers was fine - except AClark - put wrong oil in @ service (semi rather than fully synthetic- replaced when challenged! No repairs needed either in or out of warranty. Less spec than UK car but some £7,000 less.

2012 Bought CRV from Motorpoint. 4.5 years no repairs - serviced @ Honda dealers is good. No repairs needed either in or out of warranty. Spec was UK spec apart from wheel lock-nuts - £30 was little to spend having saved some £4,500 on the best deal around @ Honda dealer.

Neighbour had MP supplied Maltese Focus with minor repairs under warranty - no issues at the local Ford garage.

Under EU rules warranty of supplying country applies - maybe shorter than UK or less miles.

Honda UK is 3 years 90K, Cyprus is/was 3yrs 60K - my car was 2.5 months after PDI so I got 2 yrs 9 mth cover - academic as the car is 10% from day 1..

VW Golf 1.2 Tsi At Motorpoint - Good Deal or Not - Engineer Andy

Interesting about the warranties - I never realised that they would be different amongst countries within the EU. Luckily I never needed it for mine - 11 years and still going strong. Deals there almost always better than main dealerships, apart from a few weeks either side of the reg or year change, and occasionally some blindingly great deals

The deal on mine was so good that the car cost me less (new) than many dealerships were selling the variant below as a second hand, 1yo old car with 10k on the clock. No depreciation for 2 years - sweet! My local dealership had no problems taking my custom for servicing, and have never had any issues with availability of parts or maintenance costs due to the small variances in the engine bay layout (very minor).

I personally wouldn't go for the current low-powered Golf, just because its underpowered (my Dad used to own a similar powered Escort LX many years ago and it was woeful to drive). Better to get the 1.2 110bhp or preferably the (more reliable) belt-cam 1.4 TSi 122 bhp (second hand) model, even if its available in SE or above only.


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