Ford Fiesta 2002 - Electrical issue? - AJ_L

Hi all,

Just wondering if anyone has any ideas why my Ford Fiesta (2002) is exerpiencing some weird issues which I think may be electrical/power related..

It all started when my battery light came on so I took it to the garage (at this point the car was doing some odd things like the heater was pulsing as if someone was turning up and down the power it was getting). Anyway, I was told the car needed a new alternator so I got one replaced. But since then the battery light issue hasn't gone away completely (it is very intermittent) though - battery was checked of course and no issue was found with it.

Still having some issues with the heater pulsing and the headlights seem to flicker a lot once they are on too, so I'm guessing theres still a power related issue somewhere. Garage hasn't been able to properly diagnose yet.

Anyway have any idea what it might be so I can take it back and give garage some further pointers?

Many thanks,


Ford Fiesta 2002 - Electrical issue? - AJ_L

Oh, and my radio tends to crackle (especially when on medium wave) whenever I depress the clutch! If that's related at all lol

Ford Fiesta 2002 - Electrical issue? - Galaxy

Sounds very much a loose or broken earth connection somewhere. I'd get the garage to check them all.

You might possibly do better to go to an auto-electrician rather than a general garage.

Ford Fiesta 2002 - Electrical issue? - elekie&a/c doctor

Sounds more like an alternator overcharge situation.You will need to get the charging voltage tested.If this is the later (square) shape Fiesta,it will have a smart charge system.

Ford Fiesta 2002 - Electrical issue? - AJ_L

Thanks for the replies!

Ford Fiesta 2002 - Electrical issue? - nick62

Voltage across the batter terminals should be approximately 13.8 volts with the engine ticking-over if the charging system and battery are OK.

The voltage should rise to approximately 14 . 5 volts when the engine is revved, but should drop back down to the 13.8 volt area afterwards.

If the voltage is going above 14.5 volts and staying that high, the rectifiler/regulator is shot and it could damage the battery.

If the voltage is constantly below 12.5 volts the alternator is not working.


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