Skoda Fabia 2013 - White substance on red door - kyleh2473

hi ive got a white substance onthe door of my red car. it wont rub off, ive tried white spirits and it has been car washed several times.

i tried scraping with my finger and plastic scraper but its too hard

it feels slightly rougher than the door paint

it has a slight pit in it too

i think it might be road paint from roadworks



does anyone knowhow to remove it without damaging the door??



Skoda Fabia 2013 - White substance on red door - Big John


Thinners on a rag is probably the only way you'll shift road paint,

Shouldn't affect the hard car paint but it's worth testing it on a hidden bit first.

Thorougly clean afterwards and give the area a good wax polish

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