Ford B Max - Visibility and Safety - scot22

I have read a number of views criticising the poor visibility of this car and the potential risks. Any views on this ?

Also should there be an objective rating with set criteria on visibility given in reviews ?

Ford B Max - Visibility and Safety - KB.

Surprised, as I was, to see your comments, I checked the first few observations offered courtesy of the internet. I say surprised because yours were the first negative comments regarding visibility I, personally, recall reading about.

And I saw that 'What Car' said "visibility is good all round". 'Autocar' said "visibility is good". 'RAC' said "visibility out of the car is very good". 'Motorbar' said "visibility is good". I stopped there because I rather thought it would take more time than I was prepared to expend in finding reviews and opinions that accorded with your own.

Regarding your second point, who did you have in mind who's oversight would prevail? Who would referee the"objective rating"? Who would set the parameters of the "criteria"?

Yes, you're right.... it's an impossible proposition.


Ford B Max - Visibility and Safety - gordonbennet

Modern cars in general are poor for visibility, ever more rakish windscreens with ever thicker A pillars meaning at any given horizon eyesight line the pillar thickness is much worse than on older designs, port hole back windows, ever narrower arrow slit side windows with fashionable darkened glass what there is of it, door mirrors that in some cases that would be better as make up mirrors in't wife's handbag.

Yes these new designs are stronger, arguably the less all round vision the more protection you need, Challenger tank standard if you take it to the obvious conclusion.

Visibility is a subjective thing, i cannot abide Audi TT's and similar designs, you might as well be driving a coffin and i wouldn't have one as a gift, but other people love them and obviously manage fine as they don't feature as daily write offs, each to their own.

If Ford B Max's become known for being covered in dents and scrapes and spend half their life at the bodyshop then it's likely they have a problem which will soon be refelected in punitive insurance premiums.

What the usual motoring magazines say about cars should be taken with a spadeful of salt.

Ford B Max - Visibility and Safety - scot22

KB I value your contrary view backed up by the car press and RAC. I have been looking at some owners severe reviews and WHICH which only awarded 3 stars and said 'visibility is only average'. I appreciate I need to test drive myself and make my own judgement..

I agree with GBs comments especially the opening paragraph. This is why I made a suggestion about some objective measure. With the technology available surely the amount of vision around the car which is blocked by metal could be measured and placed. Then it could be considered in relation to its effect on information for driving. Too much to hope that car designers would take visibility into consideration ?

Thanks for the posts which are helpful. I think too much !!!

Ford B Max - Visibility and Safety - Bromptonaut

Modern cars have thicker pillars and less glass than those from 20/30 years ago. Main driver is rollover and other crashworthiness regs.

Berlingo has one where 'A' pillar can track and conceal vehicles at converging give way/roundabout. Evident in UK but worse in left hand drive countries.

It's up to all of us as drivers to mitigate by improving observation; craning, reaching and moving head about to scan blindspots.

Ford B Max - Visibility and Safety - Andrew-T

Too much to hope that car designers would take visibility into consideration ?

IMHO two factors take priority in design of today's cars - crash protection (hence hefty pillars etc) and styling. Being able to see out optimally comes well down the list, as does respecting the wishes of other drivers in terms of (for example) sharing road space and not blinding oncoming drivers.


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