Dealers Exclusive event - Redcar01

I have an invite to a dealers exclusive event to be able to buy a new car at extraordinary prices. It just happens we were going to go to look at a new car from this dealer anyway.

Any idea what i will be walking into , what sort of offers i will get

Dealers Exclusive event - brum

Unless you've done your research and worked out ecxactly what you want and what is a fair price/deal BEFORE you go, take some KY jelly with you, you may need it....

Dealers Exclusive event - Falkirk Bairn

You have to do your homework before you visit any showroom - try a few brokers, study some main delear sites a bit further away.........once you have your cars/models sorted out it is time to walk into the Glass Palace. Track what new models are due soon - run out motors usually offer good value if you are not fussy on having the 2017 models.

Beware some of the Broker's prices can be blunt, rather than sharp. Tried Carwow the other day - autotrader prices for pre-reg cars better than carwow who even offered pre-reg cars at a higher price (their fee??)

Dealers Exclusive event - Bromptonaut

Get these invites regularly from (national chain) dealer in Milton Keynes who sold us Mrs B's Berlingo.

Each time I say 'not looking at moment, I'll let you know when I am'. Doesn't stop the next call in three months time. Can tell from moment caller opens his/her mouth as they say ringing from Perrys Milton Keynes but have accents from central Lancashire!!

Dealers Exclusive event - RobJP

You'll almost certainly find that brokers such as Coast2coast would offer you a better deal than a 'dealer exclusive' event.

Don't sign anything on the night, take details if you're interested, and see what C2C or other brokers can do. Then take the best broker price back to the dealership.

Dealers Exclusive event - SLO76
As said before, do your homework on the car or cars which interest you before going. It's easy to overprice stock in the build up to an event like this only to offer "extraordinary" discounts but you aren't necessarily any better off.

That said, when we hosted events like this there was a little more enthusiasm from management to authorise discounts beyond our normal set level.

One sneaky trick is to allow them to quote you a juicy finance deal (which the dealer makes commission on) at a fat APR then ask for a cheeky discount. If they agree then as you sign the order form tell them you'll source your own finance if you require it, they'll not be happy but by then it's too late as they can't force you to pay in any particular way.
Dealers Exclusive event - Avant

One more thiong in addition to the excellent advice above - remember that 'exclusive event' or 'VIP weekend' being translated means stock-shifting. Make sure that you aren't bounced into accepting a car with extras that you don't want or without extras that you do.

We got SWMBO's Audi A1 at one such event, but Poole Audi (very good throughout) were happy to look beyond their own stock and do a similar deal on a car with the right spec at another dealer, probably by swapping it for one of theirs.

Dealers Exclusive event - skidpan

Our local Seat garage regularly e-mail and text me about these exclusive events, had an e-mail this very morning. It tells me that I can have all the national Seat offers plus an extra special loyal customer discount but it does not tell you what it is. Best bit is I have never bought a car from them (they were by far the most expensive when I bought the Leon) so how come I am a loyal customer?

Last year they actually rang me to see if I would be attending. Said no simply because at the time we were moving house and a new car was not on our list of priorities. So the idiot salesman asked if I would consider a 3 year old used one. When I pointed out to him I already had a one owner (me) 3 year old Seat with 2 years of Seat warranty left he initially appeared lost for words but he managed to recover and ask what sort of deal would I be looking for to purchase a used Seat.

As others have said do your homework. Its easy to get a price for a new motor from brokers sites, is reputable, used them twice now. And its also easy to get a price for your PX from sites such as and from that you can easily work out the no hassle cost to swap. If they have the car you want and the price betters your reasearch go for it, if not walk away.

But beware expensive extras especially the showroom speciality, bling wheels.

Dealers Exclusive event - concrete

Most, if not all these dealer events offer discounts based around their dealer finance. So you not only need to decide what are prepared to pay for the spec you want, but also how you intend to finance it. I guarantee if you state that you intend to purchase for cash the discounts will disappear. So you need to examine other avenues for cash purchase. Also look at lease, PCP or HP and decide which suits your budget, always remembering that the biggest loss will be depreciation if you only intend to keep it a few years. As so wisely put already, do your homework. Good luck.


Dealers Exclusive event - Redcar01

Luckily for me i was looking for a new car the week before and had a price from this dealer via CAR WOW so i have an idea all ready. i am looking forward to his extraordinary price , i will have to see if its less than last weeks quote. If it is they will get some business.


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