hyundai i20 2013 - click noise from clutch - -Kat-

I own the above car with low mileage, 3000 genuine, when pressing the clutch on the downward stoke there is a sound, like a click noise, as the car warms up the noise becomes gradually less, dealer says its normal

I did test a same age model with similar mileage and sure enough the same noise, I would be surprised if a car makes designed it like this

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hyundai i20 2013 - click noise from clutch - skidpan

same age model with similar mileage and sure enough the same noise,

Try another, if all 3 make the same noise it must be normal.

hyundai i20 2013 - click noise from clutch - -Kat-

the short verison

ive checked two other of the same vintage (mark 1 facelift) and yes they all make the same noise, which becomes less and less as the car warms up, I guess they are all like that. In my opinion this is a very poor design and how it made it out of pre production i never know, still the road noise should cove up most of the noise. Do all hydraulic clutches do this?

the long version

The car was going to the main dealer for a small fault to be rectified, as part of the sale of the car to me, during the week I owned the car prior to returning the car for the warranty issue, I heard the clutch noise and whilst the car was there i asked to dealer to have a look, which they did. Came back to me saying the engine has to much end float and new lower engine required, as you can imagine I was surprised with this, as 1) I never mentioned anything regarding the engine, it seemed sweet, and 2) I believed it was more like a 10p spring or some grease required on the clutch pedal mechanism. But they are the ‘experts’ let them get on with it.

3 weeks later, not just bottom end but a brand new engine if fitted (at great cost to Hyundai i would think) and when i pressed the clutch the exact same noise was there!

Later in the day they apparently checked one they had for sale and they said it made the same noise, they called Hyundai and they confirmed it should make that noise!

I wanted to confirm for myself and it appears they all do it, oh well my 2500 miles engine was replaced and ive done 500 miles on the new one

Main dealers, what a great bunch


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