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My wife's I10 is fitted with 165x60x14 tyres could I fit 165x65x14 tyres ,as there is more tyre choice in this size

Hyundai i10 1.2 - Tyre profile - skidpan

If they are a recommended size yes. But they will be slightly taller and could foul on full suspension movement. Check with Hyundai. Your insurers will need to be told as well.

Our last Micra had 175 60 15 tyres fitted which were rare and expensive. On the sticker on the door pillar the 175 65 15 was also listed and these were much more plentiful and far cheaper. They were slightly taller but since they were a Nissan option there were no clarance issues and the insurers were happy with the change provided we did all 4 together. Although the tyres still had adeqate tread they were coming up to 6 years old according to the date code so they really needed changing regardless of wear.


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