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Just bought one of these, used, 57 plate. 64k, Diamond spec.
Just interested to hear owners reviews, issues I should look out for, anyone got a bull bar or front parking sensors retro fitted?
I pick it up on Sunday.
So any advice and observations welcome as I join the Outlanderclub!
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Do bear in mind that, if you want to fit bull bars, then they must have been tested and show that they 'do not cause an increased risk to pedestrians and other road users', and must have a certificate to that effect.

Any bull bars fitted would need to be notified to your insurance company, and would, in the event of an accident, become something carefully looked at to see if they'd contributed to any injuries or (god forbid) fatalities.

If the bull bars were found to not comply, you could expect prosecution or withdrawl of that part of your insurance cover, leaving you personally liable, and potentially bankrupt and homeless.

As to the Outlander itself, my sister, who lives in Australia, has had one since 2010. It's done about 250,000kms (150,000+ miles) and has been faultless. I know of a vet's near to me that run the 'commercial' variant for farm usage - they went from Freelanders to those a number of years ago, and they recently changed the entire fleet - for another set of Outlanders.

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It will prove almost impossible to buy a new steel bull bar now, and i have a feeling on a 57 plate vehicle it would be illegal anyway, unless as RobJP says it was a soft pliable fashion type, its something you should inform your insurer of, some companies will not touch them.

I had Steelmate f&r parking sensors retro fitted to my Hilux, very good products at the pricier end of aftermarket but with individually replaceable components, which the cheaper end don't have, accurate in use and i would recommend...i had the use of a good old school sparky to fit mine at the time, there's more to fitting them and getting it all right than some people think.

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Petrol engines are thirsty but pretty bulletproof. Early 2.0 diesel was VAG unit that didn't have the best of reputations, later PSA 2.2 diesel is much smoother and is essentially the same as used by JLR in the XF and Freelander along with many Citroen's, Peugeot's and Fords. Doesn't like neglect and DPF issues are common including punctures to the Eolys fluid reservoir bag for DPF if used for off-roading due to its positioning which is vulnerable to damage. This also needs refilling as per manufacturers guidelines so check handbook if it has this engine.
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Friends of ours have one, with the 2.0 VW motor, it has been reliable, always serviced on the dot by a reliable indy workshop in the UK, but the rear suspension has gone a bit soggy - could do with new shocks.

Also some comments here:-


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Thanks all, useful info. I won't get a bull bar then for all the reasons you list. Sounds like I've got myself a reliable vehicle so that's handy to know. DPF issues; oh my days, had that with BMW and at great cost!
Difficult to know where to get the sensors fitted, it's not a service that tends to be widely advertised so I guess I'd have to enquire ata few garages then take pot luck and hope for the best.
This is the 2.2 diesel so luckily not one of the earlier ones with noted issues.
And it's unlikely to ever go off-road unless you count our rough terrain Welsh country lanes!
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I have a 59 plate running the VAG diesel - no DPF which is good. Possibly has the oil pump of death engine, I could never find out for sure as the codes on the mitsubishi engines differe from the wider VAG fleet. Mitsubishi claimed it wasnt affected. In any case it's done 85k with no issues other than sticky turbo vanes now and then, which clear with a good motorway blast. It uses a bit of oil but I keep it topped up. Gear change is a bit stiff. Handling is fine and it can go off road. The bridgestone dueller tyres arent up to much in my opinion. Slippery in the wet, rubbish in the winter. I run goodyear Eagle LS2 multi seasons which work really well all year and have lasted 20k already and stillhave lots of life in them. I'm surprised to not see them more often here, but they are a very popular fitment in the US.


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