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I live in central London and am gearing up to sell my Volvo V40 D2 SE Nav 62 plate with a variety of option packs (Nav/Winter Illumination/Sports) in the next 3 months - I've recently ordered a company car more suited to London (Mini Auto). There is a small scratch on the front wing and I've kerbed 2 wheels. It has a full Volvo history and has done 55k miles (or will have by the time I sell) but is otherwise flawless.

Looking around, I think I have 3 options:

  • webuyanycar
  • Ebay
  • Autotrader

Does anyone have any experience of the above methods of selling and which would be the best method. I'm nervous to have people test-drive my car and waste a lot of time, but I think the webuyanycar valuation at £7.8k undervalues the car significantly?

Is it likely I could get £9-9.5k on something like Autotrader or Ebay without too much hassle, or shall I just cut my losses? If so, which is the best of the two?

Thank you in advance for any thoughts...

Volvo V40 - Best place to sell my car - RobJP

Either accept all the timewasters, or sell through WBAC.

Most people over-value cars (or other items) that they own, and undervalue items they don't own, it's even recognised - it's called the Endowment Effect. You going 'I think it's worth more than that' is the classic Endowment Effect statement.

As to seeing what it's REALLY worth on Ebay, etc. don't look at what cars are 'for sale' at, instead select 'show completed items' in the options bar, and see what they actually have SOLD for.

Another possible alternative would be to sell the car directly to a trader, who then sells it on - they would hopefully be a bit higher than the WBAC price, but possibly not. It depends on their stock levels, and what they feel the local market is like.

Volvo V40 - Best place to sell my car - veloceman
I have found that it's easier to sell cheaper cars privately - up to around 5k. After that I've had no luck.
Problem with eBay is that there is a lot of rubbish on there and I think buyers less trusting and less willing To travel.
Auto trader is quite expensive though the site is really easy to use and you can edit at will.
I have sold cars to franchised dealers for more than WBAC (but not many stock as old as yours)
The problem is if you ask too much you could be waiting for a buyer for some time. WBAC drop their offer every seven days.
You could try eBay Auction but it's unlikely you'd reach even trade price.
Evans Halshaw guarantee to offer more than WBAC but unlikely to be hundreds.
Good luck
Volvo V40 - Best place to sell my car - SLO76
Autotrader is the best bet for a car of this value (though private sales above £5k are hard work) but as mentioned above you have overvalued it. A quick look on Autotrader shows they retail around £9-£9.5k. You'll find the offer from wbac is the book trade value but they'll heavily degrade this when they see the car for every scratch and scuff so you'll be lucky to get more than £7k from them unless the car is perfect and has a full dealer history.

As far as selling it privately I'd list it on Autotrader at £8995 and see where you go with a realistic expectation of achieving £8-£8.5k. Autotrader have a protected phone number system which filters out a lot of crank and sales calls but there's no way to remove all of them and you will have trouble with tyre kickers and idiots making stupid offers.

Plus there's no way to cover people for demonstration purposes. Even if you insist they provide proof they're covered on another car you'll usually find they're only covered third party on any car they don't own so it's a risk but no one will buy a car without test driving it so limit the risk as much as possible by driving it to a quiet area before allowing them to have a shot.

Another possibility is to offer it on social media if you're so connected. I often sell cars via word of mouth to friends of friends and family after posting it on Facebook for free. But it's another risk to sell to someone you know especially as this has the now notorious PSA 1.6 diesel which has a nasty habit of failing catastrophically.

You could also offer it direct to local dealers. It's a nice model and in demand so one might offer high £7's for it and it makes a safer and quicker sale. I offloaded a troublesome BMW 3 series this way a number of years ago as I didn't want it coming back to bite me.

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Volvo V40 - Best place to sell my car - catsdad
Proof of cover is key as SLO says. But how far can you check? Few of us, I suspect, would ring the insurance company on any documents presented to check they hadn't been cancelled. And would a company give you an answer anyway?

And given the poor quality of licence photos how can you be sure the licence is theirs?

The risk of having an accident or being pulled over during a test drive are very low indeed. However the consequences of such a thing happening could be a whole heap of trouble if it turns out there isn't valid cover.

Even if all that goes well and you achieve a sale, you still have the issues of security and banking the payment. As I recall HJ advice is to close the deal inside a bank, in cash , and bank it there and then.

It all comes down to your attitude to risk and how much you are prepared to cut your price to achieve a stress-free sale.

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Evans Halshaw guarantee to offer more than WBAC but unlikely to be hundreds.

When we bought our Note from Evans Halhaw I had already visted WBAC before we went to do the deal so I knew pretty much what the lowest price we should expect was. Evans Halshaw had just introduced their guarantee to beat WBAC so expected a bit more, as you say not much.

So WBAC offered £2600 9which would probably drop a bit when they saw it (despite me being totally honest with the description.

Evans Halshaw initially offered £2700 but a week later rang to say the bottom had just dropped out of the used Micra market and they could only give us £1700. I pointed out that they guaranteed to give us more than WBAC and that WBAC were still offereing £2600 but at that point they decided they knew nothing about the Evans Halshaw price guarantee.

So don't go expecting more at Evans Halshaw.

A quick advert on Autotrader @ £3000 (£50 cheaper than the cheapest comparable car within 50 miles). Next day a chap came along and offered £2600 and we agreed on £2800, both happy.

The best price I got from a car buying site was the Mike Brewer Buys Your They appear to have only 3 depots and one is about 10 miles from me. Spoke to a real person and he gave me a firm offer of £2650 based on the car being as described but since the car was 7 1/2 years old he was not too concerned if it had the odd scratch or parking dent (which in truth it had neither) since they were already factored into the price. Best part of dealing with them was at no time did you have to speak to Mike Brewer. Obviously since the car sold privately I did not put them to the ulyimate test but it all seemed quite reasonable.

Volvo V40 - Best place to sell my car - RafflesNH

"Best part of dealing with them was at no time did you have to speak to Mike Brewer. "

Thanks a bunch. You owe me a new keyboard!

Volvo V40 - Best place to sell my car - karen blaylock

Does anyone have any experience of the above methods of selling and which would be the best method. I'm nervous to have people test-drive my car and waste a lot of time, but I think the webuyanycar valuation at £7.8k undervalues the car significantly?

For what it's worth. My review of them Which I'm posting wherever I can which describes my experience last month:

Let me tell you a story. Once upon a time there was a careful owner with a 2006 Renault Clio, with v low mileage at 52k. Some minor scratches to body work in good condition for its age, book value £800-£1000 dependant on condition etc. Had for 6 years with no issues, full MOT history, V5, all service stamps present and loads of receipts/invoices for work done and tyre changes etc. Good news so far, but stick with me for a very UNHAPPY ending.

Recently WeBuyAnycCar (WBAC) valued it at a Milton Keynes branch. The vehicle was inspected in person by the staff, I pointed out ALL marks and the vehicle was running as it was still very much in use. Gave him all information needed to provide an accurate valuation. Note: HE entered all details on to their website with me there. The vehicle is a category D which devalues it from list price to around £600, again dependant on history, mileage, condition etc and (N.B. important plot point coming up ) I informed the guy of this and it was taken into account in their valuation.

Valuation - £415 pounds, which was acceptable as I didn’t want the hassle of selling privately. Yes their very slick adverts focus on this; “Value your time over a few* extra quid?...” We’ve all seen them right? Price guaranteed, right? WRONG. (Also will be a LOT* extra quid).

Fast forward a week. I’ve found a car I want to buy it’s in a different part of the UK, I make an appointment with the local WBAC branch and go to drop off my Clio.

First off I’m kept waiting for 15 minutes, then after several disgruntled customers in front of me in the queue leave, unhappy with their valuation or offers, it’s my turn.

Doing research online I was prepared for them to try and talk me down and not give me what they’d ‘guaranteed’, hence my original precaution of going in person with said vehicle to Milton Keynes and providing ALL documents for this appointment along with the emailed quote which I printed out with reference number.

There followed the most elaborate example of “Computer says NO” you can imagine. Talk about bare-faced. Anything but honour their ‘guaranteed’ valuation. Mysteriously when they entered my details now they couldn’t find my quote, despite Ref. Number, and now could only offer me just over £270. Every excuse was offered;

You didn’t enter your car details properly online– I didn’t enter the details

You cant have described the condition accurately - WBAC inspected/described it themselves

Oh, it’s only valid for 7 days –YES this is day 7, IT’S STILL VALID

Finally; he cant have inputted that it was a Category D – He DID I watched him. On one of YOUR computers. That’s his job, he does it all day, every day.

So when they say it’s a ‘guaranteed’ valuation they are lying, it’s NOT. I had a valuation from Evans Halshaw for £420, also did a valuation myself online which gave me an accurate price for my car. When people make appointments to sell in a different location from their address WBAC know it’s safe to assume the customer will be buying a new car there and therefore need to sell a vehicle to be able to drive away a new one. They feel they have the upper hand and that you will have to give in and accept a lower value. It is COMPANY POLICY to ensure valuations are lowered to at least 25% less than that ‘guaranteed’.

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Volvo V40 - Best place to sell my car - SLO76
I'm not excusing them not honouring the guarantee but to be fair to WBAC they're in the business to buy and resell retailable stock. If you approach them with a nice retailable car they'll offer reasonable money but you have to resist attempts to knock you down when the car is assessed, it is s negotiation same as any other sale.

I flogged a relatives 2yr old Fiesta 1.0T Titanium to them a couple of years back. Price on website was £10,200 after accurate description, which was more than I'd get selling it myself. Full of doubt I took the car to them for assessment and yes they did try to talk me down for a couple of minor stone chips but in the end it was prime retail stock and we got the full £10,200 initial valuation. Considering she'd only paid £11,000 for it 6mths before from a Ford main dealer this was a fortune for it.

They'll offer peanuts for something that is too old or too tatty to retail or anything that's been a write off because no one will want it at the other end.

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Volvo V40 - Best place to sell my car - veloceman
Same here.
A few years ago I sold 58 reg Vectri CDti Sri that was 16mths old at the time to WBAC.
Best px offer I got was £8,800 they offered me £9,400. The car was mint so couldn't beat me down.
Also so desperate for my car they also waived all their fees.
Very happy.
I only paid £10k for it 6mths earlier. (Sold due to divorce).
I've had some really smart motors in my time but I really liked it. 150bhp and 55 mpg.
Not so impressive now I know but an honest fun car.
Volvo V40 - Best place to sell my car - expat

Print out an honest description of the car and a realistic price and tape it onto the back window with your phone number. Costs nothing and it has worked for me a couple of times. You can't be in a rush this way. It could take several weeks and you can't tell a potential buyer that you want to keep it for another week till your new car gets delivered. If you can put up with those inconveniences this method can work well. Not recommended for ladies to do unless they have a man with them when the potential buyer comes round. It is sad the world is like this but that is the way it is.


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