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- Pete Boy
The reviews for the Nextbase 312GW dash cam look solid. Only disappointing thing by the looks of it was the internal battery life for photo mode -

Still love the idea of that magnetic mount though, as I've had a few dash cams in the past that have been very trick to dismount!
I have had my 312gw since Jan 2018 and have been impressed by the image quality, that said I noticed quite quickly that the low light footage is rubbish.
The images produced by this camera under low level lighting is not worth recording and therefore renders the cam to nothing more than excess luggage. I contacted NB and they asked that I make adjustments to the positioning and that I removed the polarizing filter bought for 20quid ( another waste of cash ) to allow as much light as possible into the lens. In short these changes did not work and the technician from NB told me that my expectations were unrealistic.
My advice is that if you have one of these cameras do not expect it to provide any kind of usable footage after dark or even in low light conditions.

I am disappointed with the cameras peformance but even more disappointed with the customer service response.

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