KIA Picanto Chilli - Brakes creaking/grinding Noises. - hardy

Been told that this is a system problem which will always exist as automatic car feel been fobbed off as did NOT happen on demo car I tried.

Brakes on all 4 wheels have been stripped off by dealer and problem still exists of creaking when starting off and after braking plus grinding noise when applying brakes.

Any advice to sort out as dealer does not know how to ?

KIA Picanto Chilli - Brakes creaking/grinding Noises. - SLO76
It is normal to get creaking from the brakes on an automatic as you are holding it using the brakes against the transmission creep.

As for the grinding. Is it used for local running and frequently left sitting for days at a time?
KIA Picanto Chilli - Brakes creaking/grinding Noises. - skidpan

The brakes on our Ceed were the noisiest of any car we have ever owned after the car had stood for what I would consider a short time i.e. overnight. They would be red rust, most other cars take several days to get like this. But after 5 years it was still on the original pads and discs and they worked just fine. After a few applications the noise went so clearly nothing wrong, just a strange material choice.


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