Ford Mondeo Mk3 - Ford Mondeo Mk3. Water in footwells - John Hills

I have read much archived comment and advice concerning the ingress of water into the passenger footwell. I have suffered this problem, seriously twice , since December. Initially I checked the pollen filter cover which seemed o.k so I assumed it was a result of being obliged to drive through deepish water and so I dried the area with copious numbers of "Daily Telegraph" thinking all was well. The recent snow proved me wrong for once again the footwell was saturated and I could see water drippng from behind the facia. I once again removed the pollen filter to discover the drain facility, a rectangular section channel from the drain holes secured to the underneath of the cover, had come adrift. This obviously allowed draining water to drop immediately into the car. This channel is secured to the cover at manufacture by either thermo-plastic welding or some adhesive. I cleaned and dried the surfaces the secured the channel in place with Superglue. I am hoping for the best.


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