ANPR cameras - MOT check - oldroverboy.

A friend has just realised he had forgotten his MOT, due sept 2016 and taken it to be mot'd today.

He was amazed not to have been stopped/fined as he lives near watford and M1/M25/ and routes to eye in suffolk frequently.

Is Anpr overated?

ANPR cameras - MOT check - RobJP

I think it's only connected to the insurance database or to the police stolen vehicle database. I've known of plenty of cases where MOTs have been carried out but not updated for a few weeks.

One of the cases involved a friend of mine who was part-ex'ing a car in. The MOT had been carried out 2 weeks beforehand, but was still showing up as not done on the database at the anticipated date of handover

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ANPR cameras - MOT check - brum


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