Kia Rio DPFs - Project C

Does anyone know when kia started fitting dpfs to the Rio? Would it have been 2009?


Kia Rio DPFs - SLO76
The second gen Kia Rio 1.5 CRD doesn't have a DPF. The later third gen (1.1/1.4) does from launch in 2011.
Kia Rio DPFs - Project C


Kia Rio DPFs - skidpan

Only the very last Mk 2 Rios had a DPF i.e those built to 2011 model year spec.

Kia, like all manufacturers had to fit DPF's by law to any car registered from 01 January 2011 but you will find that the casr with DPF's fitted started shipping into the country from September onwards.

With the Rio it should be easy to spot if you have access to view the V5C. If it says Euro 4 emmisions it has no DPF, if it says Euro 5 it has a DPF.

Kia Rio DPFs - SLO76
Wrong skidpan. They could sell cars that were already in country for up to a year after this date. This was to give manufacturers time to clear stock. They didn't reengineer the 1.5 to take a DPF for the sake of its last few months on sale.

7.2. Where a manufacturer has not placed on the market all vehicles complying with a previous emission standard (Euro 4 or Euro V) by the date from which the new limits (Euro 5 and Euro VI) apply, paragraph B of Annex XII of the framework Directive 2007/46/EC on vehicle type-approval permits Member States to apply “end of series” derogations to enable those vehicles to continue to be registered and to enter into service for up to 12 months from the date of implementation of a new standard. The purpose of this provision is to ease to the management of stock in the transition to new emissions

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Kia Rio DPFs - RT

Be wary - Hyundai/Kia fitted a Catalyst Particulate Filter (CPF) to some Euro 4 diesels - CPF is just their name for DPF !!!

They started calling them DPFs on the Euro 5 models.

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