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I am planning on buying a Vw Tiguan 2016 MK1. I was planning on buying a Sport 2.0TDI with heated leather seats, sat nav, Bluetooth. But the garage is also offering a R-line model for €2000 extra. Can you please tell me is it worth spending the extra money and will I see the benefits when I trade the car again down the line.

Here's the link of the r-line m.carzone.ie/used-cars/volkswagen/tiguan/765405410...1


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Do be aware that the R-Line model comes with stupidly big wheels (20") and 'sports suspension' that will destroy any ride comfort and be VERY expensive for tyres. (£250 plus per corner, 255/40 R20 runflats)

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I had to make a similar choice when I ordered my Touareg (Tiguan's big brother) - I opted for an SE on air suspension - and judging by the R-Line on steel springs I had as a courtesy car there's quite a difference in ride quality - and I managed to kerb both nearside wheels!

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As already mentioned the R-line has firmer suspension and unnecessarily wide wheels which will have a negative impact on both ride quality and your wallet. I'd go for this standard car for comfort sake.

I'm assuming you do enough mileage to warrant a DPF equipped diesel?
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Thanks for all the feedback... Well I'd do nearly 20'000 miles a year. I currently have a Nissan juke n tec 2014 but just find it a bit small inside.


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Tiguan is a nice car in my opinion but has little more space inside than the Golf it's based on. Drives well if you avoid the big wheels etc but plenty of complaints about modern VW's on Honest John. www.honestjohn.co.uk/news/new-cars/2016-12/top-10-...5

I've a co-worker who's owned one for a couple of years and a Seat Toledo 1.6 TDi SE and has nothing negative to say about either plus I've suffered few problems with any VW's I've sold but the Polo we run as a second car has been a bit of a pain with minor issues.

DPF problems are common as are issues with that pointless electronic parking brake.
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It's also worth looking at the Skoda Yeti, which will do a similar job for less money.


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