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Hello all, I was hoping for some advice/opinion on what could be the issue with my Meriva '04 Semi-Auto Easytronic as it's been giving me a lot of trouble recently.

The problems started early one morning a week or so back when it was freezing. I left work at 5am to go home, when I tried to start my car it wouldn't turn over at all. Power was going to the car via the battery but the engine was competly dead and not a sound was coming from it except a clicking sound as if the starter was failing every other attempt or so. I also heard a clicking sound from the passenger side. I though it might be down to the cold weather so I left it alone after a couple more attempts. I had to remove the key and reinsert several times and to get it to finally start which it did. At the time I wasn't paying attention to the dash so I'm not sure if the F or engine light came up but it got me home perfectly fine and I even drove around for a few days after that with no issue. I though perhaps this car dosen't like the cold/damp and left it at that.

That was until yesterday when I had to leave for work in the evening. I tried to start the car but it was giving me the same problems, after trying the aforementioned method to get it started it did but I heard a creaking/ticking sound from the passenger side and it felt as if the engine shuddered and wasn't right somewhere. I reversed the car out of my driveway but when I went to go foward it wouldn't move at all, as if it was limping. It slipped into reverse easily enough but I couldn't get it back over my drive at all, it kept revving and just wouldn't get up the 5 degree slope of my drive. I actually had to get out and push it back up again.

I haven't tried to drive it out again but it's still doing the weird sometimes start sometimes won't thing. I checked the dash and it's showing a solid F, sometimes it's a flashing F or a flashing N. I did some poking around and found out about the pedal test, which I did and it's giving me code 1700 which is appaerntly a generic code? Unless I'm missing something. I am debating on getting the AA man to come down to see if he can get a computer hooked up and see if he can get more comperhensive codes for me. I've got a bad feeling that the gearbox is screwed but I'm hoping if anyone has any insight as I'm not use to these automatic/semi-auto cars at all.

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Vauxhall Meriva - Vauxhall Meriva '04 - Failure to start and F code - hardway

Pedal test is unreliable on these as you've found out.

Only trust Vaux tech II or similar,

But the first thing I always check on thes is all brake lights are working,

If one is out or faulty it dissables the starter relay.

And do not forget the high level lamp if fitted.


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