Volvo C30 2007 Diesel - Whirring noise - scot22

I will be taking the car in to the garage for check and any necessary work but would like some ideas before going.

I have become aware of a 'whirring' (fairly faint) from the engine when driving. If I depress the clutch it stops. Any suggestions of cause appreciated.

Volvo C30 2007 Diesel - Whirring noise - SLO76
Sounds like the clutch release bearing to me.
Volvo C30 2007 Diesel - Whirring noise - scot22

Thanks that's much appreciated. Is this a big/expensive job ? Is it urgent as I need to drive about 60 miles before I get it booked in ? Obviously I realise you can't give a definite answer without hearing/seeing the car.

Thanks again

Volvo C30 2007 Diesel - Whirring noise - skidpan

Should not fail immediately if its only just started making a noise but needs sorting sooner rather than later.

Its a gearbox out job so lets call it a major. While its out its daft not to get the rest of the clutch replaced as well, very little extra labour time. Problem is these engines have DMF's and they tend to fail eventually, sods law says just after a clutch change and its gearbox out, clutch offagain to sort.

You need to get some quotes.

And don't be tempted to buy a cheap kit yourself and then get a garage to fit it. If the parts go wrong the garage will want paying to do the job again with you trying to get the parts supplier to stump up the labout bill. It might cost a few pounds extra but just let the garage supply and fit whatever is required.

Volvo C30 2007 Diesel - Whirring noise - scot22

Cheers Skidpan - ouch ! I agree very much with last paragraph. Hopefully if someone is in tomorrow I'll get it checked straight away otherwise Tuesday.

Needing to go across the country on Thursday so hopefully, since I use them, the garage will be accommodating.

Had a new clutch about 4 years ago : as you say with DMF it cost a lot. Engine on 75,000.


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