My Nextbase 412g lasted about 14 months and then just stopped working. Nextbase of course don't want to know so had to put it down to experience. Buying a Nextbase is a matter of luck it seems, at this price don't risk it. Have now bought a Mio which is in a different class.
- Blazo
I don't understand why the main unit takes 12V? Surely it could run on usb (<5V)? I only have one cigarette lighter socket and my sat nav needs usb power. If this also ran on usb I could simply get a neat splitter, but a 12V cigarette splitter is massive.

Trying to pursuade the wife to get a camera, but they are all MESSY and don't want a trip to an auto electrician to hardwire. Have a couple of bicycle cameras that have run off batteries for 3 years and are not much bigger.

Why do they all need "real time" power?
- RickM67
Actually, it does run on 5v/USB power. That's why it works when plugged into a PC. When installed in a vehicle you are using a 12v - 5v convertor. In theory, Nextbase could supply a 4m long USB lead as well as the 4m lead with cigarette socket adaptor but dash cams really do need to be hardwired so you don't have to remember to plug it in when you drive. (A lot of 12v power sockets remain live even with ignition turned off). And if you don't want to hard wire the dash cam a cigarette socket adapter maybe harder wearing than a USB plug. There may also be better electronics in Nextbase's power leads than some cheap USB power adapters.

Using an external power supply helps keeps costs down and is MUCH more practical than having to worry about charging built in batteries.

(I also have a Contour Roam 2 helmet/action camera which I used when working as a motorcycle courier. This had upto 3 hours battery life but obviously couldn't leave it switched on all day - which made it not very practical for all day riding).

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