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I can't say I've noticed it before but this morning I can't read half the messages posted as adverts have invaded the right hand side of the page. The columb covers about a third or the underlaying text and can't be shifted? I've tried altering the page size but no joy .... any ideas?


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I don't have this problem, but, though the site itself may have changed, the solution is likely to be your browser.

I'm using Opera with adblocking switched on and also Ghostery. The result is very little intrusive advertising.

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I just use the iphone app... no adds.
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Similarly, I use Firefox with Adblock Plus to remove unwanted ads, some of which here and on the DT nearly ruin my browsing experience on my tablet computer (such features don't work anywhere near as well as on my PC) by slowing it down to a crawl. Its the 'moving ads' (movie clips or similar you can't stop - huge resource consumption) that really pee me off - no need, and they often get really annoying.

I could put up with a few static pics advertising relevant stuff (especially ones that don't use cookies to track where I've just been on the site/elsewhere, thinking that's the product I'd like to buy), but not the 'in the face' stuff. Websites need to get the balnce right, and most don't in my view.

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Since the DT inhibited access with adblocker I found it unreadable, so now don't bother.

I appreciate these sites need ads for income, but once they become intrusive I move on.

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Ads are generally not intrusive for me.

One quirk is that when I use my iPad on the home page of this site its OK if I plod along slowly. But if I try to use the touchscreen quickly then I find the thing I try to click on seems to move at the last instant and instead I click accidentally on a click ad. Usually its the Hyundai one.

Small price to pay for this "free" site and, if its part of the design that the site does this, its no big deal. Quite clever actually.

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Yup, BIG HJ adverts here too. Prevent me from reading the posts. Can't move them out the way.

I know this gets mentioned every so often and I know the answers.... but I can't actually read the posts that people have gone to the trouble of posting... and which the site has gone to the trouble of providing.

I imagine this'll get sorted. If it doesn't then that's a bummer. I've been on this site for fifteen years. I hope this doesn't become such a nuisance as to change all that.

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EDIT.. double post.

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If you need help with this sort of problem please Email

this website - Adverts covering the screen - KB.

Thanks, Avant. I will but is this only affecting a minority? Perhaps it'll pass of its own accord.

I realise what purpose adverts serve but this is big strip of text and images all related to HJ's site ... it appears as I scroll down a thread and obscures about 30% of the text of the posts (on the right hand side). And you can't get shot of it. I seems it appears part way down a thread - not at the top but halfway down the thread then right down to the end of the thread.


I now see it's not on all threads. However, as an example, it plagues the thread entitled "Which of these cheap 90's cars as my first car?"

What's happening is the usual strip of adverts on the right is overlaying itself on to the text.

Maybe it's just a glitch and won't persist.

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this website - Adverts covering the screen - Avant

I try to check all the threads and I think it may just be that one, where for some reason the text margins are much wider than in any other thread.

I've no idea why - sorry - but software can be incredibly stupid sometimes.

If you do Email Kalpesh, you could mention that it's this thread in particular.

this website - Adverts covering the screen - KB.

Having had a good poke round other threads it does now look like it's a glitch on that thread. I won't keep on or trouble the contact you gave but ta for the advice.


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