VISA - not the credit card - Kia Ora

It seems I may need a visa in future to go to Europe. My thought is why would I want to go to future Europe. The whole place will be an open sewer shortly.

Good luck Europe.

VISA - not the credit card - FP

"My thought is why would I want to go to future Europe. The whole place will be an open sewer shortly."

I will certainly still want to visit Europe. I shall in fact be doing so on Tuesday, as my wife's family is there. And I shall still want to enjoy the wonderful architecture of the dozens of cities that I haven't been to yet. I shall still want to experience the landscapes and seascapes that are different from the UK. I shall still want to practise my rather rusty French and German. I shall still want to visit the museums and galleries that house so much of our common culture. I shall still want to sunbathe on warm beaches, as I did on Crete earlier this year, and as I shall do on Tenerife next February. I shall still want to eat Greek, French and Italian food.

The question is, why would anyone NOT want to visit Europe? Nothing is going to change for the visitor in the immediate future. I have no idea where KO gets the "open sewer" idea from, unless from the pages of the more lurid tabloids. If there's a requirement for a visa, I'll get one.

And, by the way, I did vote to leave the EU, but it was not out of hatred for Europe, for sure.

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VISA - not the credit card - Avant

There are plenty of countries outside the EU for which you don't need a visa. I think it's most unlikely that we would need one for European countries when we're outside.

VISA - not the credit card - Wackyracer

Visa's are not a reason to stay away. If you wish to travel to a country that requires it, then just obtain one. Obtaining a Russian Visa is a pain now but, still not that difficult and I still go there. It just costs a bit more and a day of my time going to London for the Visa application as they now require fingerprinting.

VISA - not the credit card - Vitesse6

"Open sewer" What absolute nonsense. France has better roads, a better health care system, every little village seems to manage to provide parking at no cost and clean public toilets. I could go on but to little point. The French people I have spoken to recently were as shocked as I was about the referendum result, as one put it to me "why do our friends, allies and liberators want to leave us?"

VISA - not the credit card - concrete

Well put FP. I really like certain parts of Europe, we intend to carry on (especially we now have a lovely caravan) visiting Europe. Nothing has changed for me. Like you I voted to leave but on the grounds of pure democracy. If the searchlight of public scrutiny was shone into the inner workings of the EU commission and the likes of the Kinnocks, Junckers, Tusk etc etc were required to stand for election then I doubt this thread would exist. As a basis for a true democracy the statement: No taxation (or any other form of government) without representation, AKA the United States of America when they kicked out King George and the British aristocracy.

As for Visas', then if one is required, that's it, simply get one. I have worked in Germany, Holland and much further afield and most societies have a lot to commend them. Very few 'open sewers' these days, even in so called third world countries. Having worked extensively the length and breadth of the UK I am also astonished at what a really beautiful country we live in. For the past 15 years or so we have taken two, one week breaks in the UK and have visited many areas, all of which have their charms. We shall continue this as long as we can and I bet we only scratch the surface.

We have friends too in France and Germany. The French just shrug and say ' the British are crazy' but they admire us for what we did and harbour a sneaking suspicion that there may something in what we say about the EU. The German friends are very honest and say this will damage Germany eventually, if it leads to, as they suspect it might, to an unravelling of the Euro, which is basically Germanys' entry into larger markets without the worry of a strong domestic currency. All good and compicated stuff this referendum. The whole point I have made to them is, it is not about Europe or our European neighbours. It is about the EU and the unelected body that run it. They see that, but are not keen to react to it.

Cheers Concrete

VISA - not the credit card - FP

Head - the - on - the - nail - hit.

Well said, Concrete. Like you, I said no to the EU. I did not say no to Europe.

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VISA - not the credit card - alan1302

"why do our friends, allies and liberators want to leave us?"

Becuase the EU is a huge beuracratic money pit. We want to leave the EU not Europe...they should come and join us.

VISA - not the credit card - Kia Ora

OK great so everyone disagrees with my open sewer future Europe. So why are there already ghettos of homeless Africans setting up camp on the streets of Paris?

By all means go to but mind you don't step in faeces, urine and every other bodily fluid you can think of.


VISA - not the credit card - FP

I get the impression, KO, (from this and other posts) that you have an agenda - and I don't like it.

If you want to find squalor almost anywhere in the world you can - in the Jungle of Calais, under the bridges of London, the suburbs of Bradford, the beaches of Greece.

The idea that if you visit Paris you will be stepping into something nasty if you don't watch out is absurd. You would have actively to seek it out. It is not a typical part of the tourist's experience, any more than it is if you visit London.

Your tendency to exaggerate is seen in the phrase "faeces, urine and every other bodily fluid you can think of". What exactly do you mean? You have evidence of faeces, urine, bile, blood and so on (yes, I know what you want us to think) being nearly trodden in by tourists?

It's scare-mongering and probably worse than that.

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VISA - not the credit card - Paul_1

I'm not sure about this VISA thing. Do you really think visa will be required to visit Europe?

You'll hardly need a visa to visit Ireland?

VISA - not the credit card - focussed

I have lived in NW France for seven years. The French are proud of Paris as it is their capital - but very few want to go there unless they have to.

The average French people regard Parisians as arrogant and snooty, if you park your Parisian registered car in some small french towns you are liable to have it keyed and the wipers tied in a knot - or worse.


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