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GD Designs Rochdale LTD Reviews (17) . I would rate 10 out of 10. Paula Bebb

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GD Designs is another Vance Miller clone.

Followers of this much-maligned ker-ching manufacturer might appreciate the following recent news:

The authorities have been catching up with the advertisers of the business; maybe some of them are even the very spammers on this forum.

The great man himself has relocated to the Far East, apparently - beyond the reach of UK courts.

GD Designs Rochdale LTD Reviews (17) - Gibbo_Wirral

Nice find FP. I've seen this company spam a couple of other forums today.

GD Designs Rochdale LTD Reviews (17) - DONT USE GD DESIGNS!!!
Recently had a kiitchen delivered by GD designs in richdale and it was absolutely shocking, cheap isn't the word! It was clearly Chinese as the boxes had Chinese writing on yet I was told they were made in the U.K. by the same company B&Q use.

Every panel was damaged and trying to call the company to sort the issues was hopeless, it takes days to get through to anyone and then they are abusive and I was told that I can't have a refund and was told " what do you expect it's Cheap" before having the phone put down on me.

I've had to cut my losses and buy a new one. Let's just hope this absolute sham of a company gets shut down before more people get ripped off!

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GD Designs Rochdale LTD Reviews (17) - Mat1986

I'm a k****** fitter who has worked for Gd designs. They are an absolute tax evading shambles. They are really helpful until you pay the balance then they are rude, nasty or just ignore calls. They demand you pay the delivery driver cash. They refuse any kind of refund once you see the disgusting quality. They make you pay the fitters only in cash and then take nearly half in commission in cash off of them. I've seen customers waiting for a fitter for 2 months after delivery only to find half of it is missing and will take weeks to come into stock. Do not buy from this company! They will charge you 150 quid for the design alone. 250 quid for delivery. They will knowingly send half of the k****** to get full payment and then leave you in turmoil for weeks on end. I never came across one single happy customer once. The quality of the project is non existent

The designers show a completely different product to the one that's delivered. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!

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