Ford Mondeo (1996 – 2000) Review

Ford Mondeo (1996 – 2000) At A Glance


+Facelift of original. Criticisms of original very good Mondeo overcome, fine combination of ride, handling, performance, economy, and cheap maintenance.

-Limited cockpit storage for odds and ends. Four-speed autos are short-lived. Manual clutches expensive to replace.

When you first drive the new Ford Mondeo it feels fantastic. Then it gets better. Quite simply, it out-classes everything else in its class, and most of the next class as well.

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Is a Ford Mondeo ST220 a good investment?

"I run a 2004 Ford Mondeo Ghia X 130 diesel currently and like the spec, reliability and comfort on long distances. Is the ST220 a practical buy to replace this and have a bit more fun in? I do about 4000 miles a year. I think prices are at the bottom and won’t go much lower but would value your view please on whether a buy now is ‘sensible’, what to look for mechanically and what values may do."
I think the biggest challenge will be finding a good example - there aren't many left and there are quite a few rough ones about. If you can find a tidy Ford Mondeo ST220 that's clearly been loved, it'll certainly be a bit more fun than your Mondeo Ghia X (provided you can put up with the harsher ride quality). A full service history is a good sign, as is premium tyres and tidy bodywork. An ST220 will never be a serious investment but, find a good one at the right price, and you shouldn't lose money.
Answered by Andrew Brady

Why am I suddenly getting poor economy from my car?

"I recently purchased a 2004 Mondeo 2.0 LX auto, 175000 miles, and am only getting 22-24mpg around town when I was expecting 30mpg. The owner's manual suggests a range of 395 miles; I'm getting barely 300 miles. I have changed the oil and all the filters, plus spark plugs. Tyres have good tread, wearing evenly, and are at correct pressures. I am using premium petrol, only. The engine runs very well, with no hesitation under load. No leaks, or petrol smells noted. What do you suggest I try next?"
Fuel consumption has a huge number of variables that can affect the outcome, and particularly with an older car, even if it is kept in immaculate condition the years of service can take their toll on how a vehicle performs. Looking at the official fuel consumption figures for your car, the urban figure is 22.4mpg - which is exactly what you appear to be getting - while the combined figure is 31.0mpg, which incorporates some higher speed driving. We suggest you reset the trip meter and take the car on a steady 30 minute drive on a dual carriageway or motorway. If it returns a figure of over 30mpg for this journey it would suggest there is no problem. It's worth remembering that the Mondeo is quite a large car, a 20-year-old design and has a naturally-aspirated engine with a torque converter gearbox, so even if it were brand new it would still be a relatively thirsty machine.
Answered by David Ross

How much is my Ford Mondeo worth?

"I own a 1999 Ford Mondeo 1.8 diesel Ghia. it has around 120,000 miles on the clock and has been the most reliable car I have ever owned. I live in the London Borough of Bromley where ULEZ is probably going to be introduced next year. My question is: will it be sellable - has it any value, should I sell it now with an MoT and if so how should I go about it?"
First-generation Ford Mondeos are becoming quite collectable now as there are very few left. But the value of your car (and the level of interest among modern classic enthusiasts) will depend on its condition. I'd suggest speaking to one of the many Ford owners' clubs or online forums. Mint examples will command upwards of £2000 while those with body and mechanical problems will be closer to £700.
Answered by Dan Powell

What's the best way to start my standing 1996 Ford Mondeo?

"My 1996 Ford Mondeo been standing for three years. What is the best way to approach starting it again? I've fitted a new battery but it didn't start. The previous owner said it needed a fuel pump and I'm not sure what's the best way to proceed."
The first thing you'll need to do is check for leaks underneath the car - this will give you an idea of what's perished/leaking and what isn't. If you just want to get it running, then you'll need fresh fuel, a fully-charged battery, and a fair wind. Even though it's only been standing a few years, you could be at the mercy of a few things like a stuck clutch or that failed fuel pump. If it was a non-runner when you bought it, then I'll hazard a guess that the car needed more than a new fuel pump. You don't say whether it's a petrol or a diesel - if it's the latter, you'll probably need to bleed the system to get it going. If you're a bit out of your depth, then call in some help.
Answered by Keith Moody
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