Company car operators believe technology will end speeding

Published 01 May 2014

Most fleet operators are certain technology will bring an end to speeding, a poll on a comparison website has revealed.

Asked whether technology bring an end to speeding, more than half (56%) of respondents on said yes.

Reported in trade publication Fleet News, Kjell Anderton, a TrackCompare director, said: “After years of uncertainty, there are now clear signs of increasing acceptance among fleet operators that technology will eventually end speeding.

“However, we were surprised by some comments. One respondent told us the only way to beat speeding was to increase speed limits, and a number of others said they knew little about the subject.”

Existing technology capable of tackling speeding includes:

• Speed limiters. These devices prevent drivers from exceeding the 70mph limit, and can also be set at lower limits

• Telematics. This popular GPS technology shows which drivers regularly speed and when 20mph and 30mph limits are broken

• Intelligent speed adaptation. ISA uses GPS to inform, warn and discourage drivers from exceeding the speed limit on the road they are travelling

The survey ran from April 16 to April 29.

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