A third of fleets 'would consider' autonomous cars

Published 21 June 2014

Around a third of fleet operators would consider using self-driving vehicles, a week-long survey by a comparison website has discovered.

Asked whether they would consider self-driving vehicles for their fleet; one-in-three (32%) respondents said yes, while 68% said no.

The question was prompted by the recent launch of Google’s latest self-driving electric car.

TrackCompare director Kjell Anderton said: “Altlhough some people left light-hearted comments, this poll was taken remarkably seriously by the vast majority of respondents.”

One respondent said: “I definitely would consider them; I would even consider buying them.”

Meanwhile, another wrote: “Yes, it’s cheaper and safer than a regular car. Aircraft use similar technology, so why not?’”

Another said: “A three-point turn would turn into a 50-point turn. I don’t think they’d be a good idea, not for fleets anyway. For social and pleasure use, maybe.”

According to supporters, the benefits of self-driving vehicles range from safer roads and no crashes to reduced congestion and pollution.

Opponents maintain traffic and urban sprawl would be made worse by the vehicles because, without the need to drive, commuters could choose to travel further.

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