Two thirds of drivers oppose stealth cameras

Published 23 March 2014

A poll of professional drivers has found more than two thirds oppose stealth speed cameras.

The new cameras, which have been proposed by the Highways Agency to enforce the 70mph motorway speed limit, are likely to be painted dull grey instead of the usual bright yellow.

They will be positioned on busy sections of the most important motorways, including the M1, M6 and M25.

Previously, speed cameras have been used to enforce variable speed limits on stretches of motorway undergoing repairs and alterations.

The new cameras are designed for use on ‘smart’ sections, where traffic flow is controlled by a variety of methods.

According to the Highways Agency, ‘smart’ motorways prevent traffic jams and assist flow by controlling speed limits and opening hard shoulders when required.

However, critics claim the cameras are aimed at increasing income through fines and not at improving road safety.

Kjell Anderton, a TrackCompare director, said: “There’s no doubt most professional drivers believe the cameras will be introduced simply to help the government raise additional funds.”

The TrackCompare online poll ran for ten days, with visitors being asked if they supported the introduction of new ‘stealth’ speed cameras, 70% said no.


BILLY LEWINS    on 27 March 2014

Let's start with the errors:
HADECS cameras have been enforcing variable and NSL limits on the motorways for years; they are not and have never been restricted to enforcing variable limits in repairs and alterations.
HADECS cameras have always been painted dull grey and have never been yellow.
The cameras are not there to raise additional funds, the whole system will cost £100M's and will cost £millions/year to run so don't forget those costs in claiming the 'additional funds' baloney. The purpose of the cameras is to regulate the flow of traffic by way of speed enforcement. Some and perhaps all of the costs will be met by the motorist but only those who have broken the law.
The cameras are not stealth cameras, the cameras being replaced were located out of view behind signs, the new ones are in plain view. How is that stealthy?
Now we are on the right road let's discuss the premise of the article. It is clear from the massive ignorance in the systems both old and new that these professional drivers and the journalist running this page have little idea of what they write and express opinion upon so the view they have that they don't support the "stealth cameras" is completely unfounded...either that or they do know the facts and have chosen to ignore them and to print this bunkum.
What a shame an otherwise reasonable and useful motoring column is spoiled and let down by either ignorance or bias.
Please try harder, your reader deserves better.

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