So you passed your driving test first time. Years ago. Your record of no accidents speaks for itself. But you have a company car and your employer wants you to undergo a driving assessment with a view to further training. Is this fair?

The short answer is ‘yes’. You are driving around in one of your employer’s assets and there are many reasons why your company needs to ensure people driving its vehicles perform to an acceptable standard on the road.

Although your company car will be insured, and your employer might enlist the services of a company specialising in accident management to keep things moving after the car is damaged, there is still cost and inconvenience after a crash. Therefore, your employer would be justified in having a strategy in place to minimise the risk of an accident.

Even minor damage takes its toll on a vehicle, and when it comes to de-fleeting time, the vehicles owner – whether your employer or a contract hire company – would want to ensure its value is maximised. Your employer would want to keep costly repair and refurbishment to a minimum, and if a lease vehicle, reduce the risk of end-of-contract charges.

Your company covers the cost of your fuel, so it is understandable if it wants to ensure its drivers are getting the best possible fuel consumption from the vehicle. Some driver training specifically addresses how to use vehicle performance more efficiently.

In most cases, driver training will take place in the form of an online assessment which asks people who drive on business a number of questions, ranging from annual mileage and the type of driving to how you drive and would react in certain situations. After this, your employer will be able to judge the level of risk posed by each driver and determine the type and frequency of further training.

An employer has a duty of care to all employees, and if things go wrong it is possible that directors could end up on trial for accidents involving employees. Assessments and training are beneficial to those required to drive on business as well as helping maintain a culture of safety at work.




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