Volvo C70 (2010–2013)

Model History

September 2009

Facelifted C70 unveiled

The facelifted Volvo C70 was launched at the Frankfurt Motor Show September 2009 with a redesigned exterior and interior along with a choice of four engines. Production from November 2009 with deliveries from early 2010

The front of the new C70 takes inspiration from the S60 Concept that was unveiled in early 2009, thereby making the C70 more closely aligned with the design of the larger cars in the Volvo range. The front wings have been redesigned to give the nose a more distinct wedge-shape.

There are new headlamps which now have a more pronounced upward orientation, whilst more detail has been added around the fog lamps and the lower grille. A dramatic Flamenco Red Pearl colour has been introduced. The rear, high-tech LED lamps, as found on the XC60, are the most noticeable addition and the lamp unit is now clearly integrated with the oval that frames the new C70's rear panel.

The interior has also been given a refresh to create a more comfortable and luxury feel. The instrument panel has been redesigned to give it a wider, sleeker look with improved finish. The surface of the panel has a new texture that enhances the quality feel. The seats have been upholstered in a new, softer hide offering all occupants a greater level of comfort.

Advanced engine and exhaust filtration means Volvo's engines combine high performance with low environmental impact. The Volvo C70 is available with the following petrol and diesel engines. The preliminary fuel consumption and CO2 emission figures apply to models with a manual gearbox running in the combined driving cycle.

2.4 D5: 180bhp/400Nm, 42.8mpg, 174g/km CO2

2.0D: 136bhp/320Nm, 47.1mpg, 158g/km

T5: 230bhp/320Nm, 31.7mpg, 209g/km

2.4i: 170bhp/230Nm, 31.4mpg, 215g/km

The Volvo C70 transforms smoothly from a coupe into an open convertible in just 30 seconds. At the press of a button, the three-part steel roof folds quickly and silently away, disappearing neatly into the boot. It has also been engineered as one of the safest convertibles on the market with regard to both preventative and protective safety. The car has an advanced body structure and several solutions that are unique to convertible cars and the lack of a fixed roof has been compensated by structural reinforcements.

The Volvo C70 features sturdy metal roll bars that extend up behind the rear seat passengers to create added protective space should the car roll over. These bars, which are part of Volvo's Rollover Protection System – ROPS – are activated by a gyro-sensor. Since the Volvo C70 has a glass rear window, the bars force through the glass if the roof is in place and so have been fitted with small hardened metal spikes that break the glass to guarantee protection.

One important part of the side-impact and rollover protection is the inflatable curtain, IC, which is installed in the doors as there is no roof rail to fit it to. The curtain has an extra-stiff design so the curtain can remain upright and help protect the head effectively even if the window is open. The curtain also deflates slowly, helping to provide added protection should the car roll over.

In addition to the inflatable curtains on either side, the front seat occupants also have side-impact airbags. The size of these bags is dimensioned to protect both the chest and hips. The IC interacts with the belt pre-tensioners to offer the best possible protection for front seat occupants in the event of an accident. All four seats come with safety belt pre-tensioners.

May 2010

New five-cylinder 2.0-litre turbodiesel from the all-new Volvo S60 made available throughout Volvo Cars' model range and replaces the familiar four-cylinder 136 PS unit in the C30, S40, V50, C70, V70 and S80. All new engines are available to order now.

The new five-cylinder 2.0D diesel is, in principle, the same engine as the well-established 2.4-litre diesel, but its displacement has been reduced with a shorter stroke to optimise fuel consumption. The injection system also has a different type of piezoelectric fuel injector compared with the D5 engine. These injectors minimize fuel consumption with their exceptionally rapid and precise injection pulses under high pressure to promote extremely efficient combustion.

As part of Volvo's new engine naming and to simplify Volvo's engine badging, all new engines, including the new five-cylinder 2.0D, will be badged depending on the power output. For example, the 150bhp version of the new 2.0D in the C70 is named D3 and an uprated 177bhp version of this same engine is labeled D4.

Both emit only 154g/km of CO2 and offer 47.9mpg. The D3 and D4 are available in both manual and automatic transmissions. The 2.4i and D5 are no longer available in the C70.

Another facet of Volvo's 2011 Model Year update is a change in the specification hierarchy with the introduction of the ES trim level. The ES replaces the S specification and includes all the features and safety systems you would expect from Volvo.

November 2011

Volvo announced the arrival of the new Inscription edition of the C70. The new Inscription edition blends distinctive exterior details such as the painted grille and black 18-inch wheels with exclusive interior features, including Sovereign Hide upholstery and a leather-covered dashboard.

The Volvo C70 Inscription is available from £33,855 on the road for the D3 SE Inscription and can be ordered from mid-November with first deliveries in February 2012. Worldwide production volume is limited to 2,000 units a year.

The Inscription can be combined with both five-cylinder 2.0-litre diesel engines offered in the UK: the D4 (177 hp/400 Nm) and D3 (150 hp/350 Nm). It is available in three colours: Black Stone (Solid), Black Sapphire (Metallic) and Ice White (Solid) and also benefits from exclusive 18-inch black Midir alloy wheels with black detailing and polished spokes and outer rim.

At the front of the Inscription edition, the high-gloss paint on the grille and the LED Daytime Running Lights are both surrounded by contrasting chrome, giving this C70 a distinctive "face".

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