Volkswagen Golf (2009–2013)

What's good

EURO NCAP 5 stars passenger protection, 4 stars child protection, 3 stars pedestrian protection. Highest score ever with 97% for adult protection, 84% for child protection, 61% for pedestrian protection and 71% for safety assist.

At New York Auto Show named 2009 World Car of the Year. A jury comprised of fifty-nine international automotive journalists from twenty-five countries around the world chose this year’s World Car of the Year.

As well as the Green Award, the Golf 2.0-litre TDI 140 SE 5dr also won the ‘under 1,425 kg kerbweight’ category at the 2009 Towcar Awards, judged by experts from What Car?, Practical Caravan and The Camping and Caravanning Club. The judges praised the Golf for its towing abilities, on road practicalities as well as being good value, yielding low CO2 and maintaining high residual values.

Useful features of Golf are that door mirror indicators repeat in a small window mirror side, and n/s mirror dips when reverse is selected to help avoid encounters with kerbs.

Golf won £16,000-£20,000 price category in Caravan Club Towcar of the Year 2010 Awards, as well as the title of Caravan Club Towcar of the Year 2010.

Euro NCAP top model for safety in 2009. Full list of top 5: First: VW Golf VI; Second: Honda Insight; Third: Toyota Prius; Fourth: Hyundai i20; Fifth equal Toyota Avensis, Volvo XC60, Opel/Vauxhall Astra.

105PS chain cam 1.2 TSI available from summer 2010. Actually feels quite okay in the Golf. Not underpowered. But unlike the 1.4, this new 4 cylinder 1.2 is belt cam, not chain cam.

Volkswagen's Golf VI Match 2.0 TDI 140 has been named the winner of the £16,000-£20,000 price category in The Caravan Club Towcar of the Year 2011 awards, retaining the title in spite of competition from ten new cars in that class.The Golf Match 2.0-litre TDI has a 140 PS common rail diesel engine, a six-speed manual gearbox, and produces impressive amounts of torque - 320 Nm from just 1,750 rpm. Despite its compact dimensions, it has a generous noseweight of 75 kg. The judges added that the Golf is a good load carrier and ‘kind to the wallet in terms of running costs'.

Golf 2.0 TDI 140 Match voted Practical Caravan and 'What Car' Up to 1,424kg 2011 Towcar of the Year.

12-11-2015: Reader performance of 2012 Golf VI 1.6TDI Bluemotion: "My (brim to brim) figures regularly record an actual 65-67MPG in long distance driving and my best is 551 miles using 33.0 litres of diesel, over 75MPG! I have found that motorway/dual carriageway cruising at 65MPH is the key to getting the optimum economy from the vehicle. The Bluemotion has several alterations to the standard 1.6TDI to improve emissions and economy but as far as I can see the very long legged gearing must be a significant factor. All the gear ratios above 1st appear raised and I estimate that the vehicle despite having only a 1.6 litre 105BHP engine has a top speed of about 65MPH in second and about 100MPH in 3rd. The car does not like to go below about 32MPH in 4th and about 42MPH in 5th."

10-10-2016: Report of 6 years and 120,000 miles excellent reliability from a Golf VI 1.6TDI subjected to 10,000 mile oil changes (every 6 months).

8-4-2017: Report of wholly successsful NOx emissions fix to 2010 Golf 2.0 TDI at 85,000 miles. No adverse effects.

8-6-2017: Positive report of NOx emissions fix to Golf 1.6 TDI. Over the last month car  travelled numerous times Warminster to Wimbledon Park - 106miles covering B Roads, A36, A303, M3, M25 and A3 using premium fuel and within the speed limits. MPG ranged from 71.4 to 77.6 mpg. Pretty good by any standards.

30-5-2018: Report of December 2010 Golf EA189 1.6 TDI BMT DQ200 DSG reaching 109,000 miles with no transmission or DPF issues, though the car has been used mainly for long distance drives of 600 miles per day.

What to watch out for

Rainwater collects in the bottoms of the doors, which have a different draining arrangement from the Mk V Golf.

With DSGs, protective software can delay the message from brake switch to ECU that brakes have been released, allowing car to enter a junction or roundabout on the fuel in the combustion chambers, then momentarily shut off mid-junction.

Since the DSG recall to replace synthetic oil with mineral in 7-speed dry clutch 'non maintenance' DSGs, a maintenance regime of an oil change every 40,000 miles has been imposed.

Between 2008 and 2012 Volkswagen produced the EA111 CAVD 1.4 Litre TSI twin charger engine for the Volkswagen Golf. This engine suffered issues with the pistons and oil rings. These included the piston rings cracking over time when 95RON petrol was used.

Another issue is the timing chain tensioner. It appears that at around 60,000 miles the timing chain tensioner fails, leaving slack in the timing chain allowing the chain to become loose and jump teeth. That can result in smashed valves and cylinder head damage.

In late 2012 Volkswagen rectified this problem by upgrading the CAVD EA111 to the CTHD engine. This was released with upgraded pistons and piston rings, oil squirters, a stronger timing chain tensioner and a few other tweaks. It is much more reliable engine and does not share the same problems as the CAVD. With minimal modifications (approx 2-3 hours) the CAVD engine can be replaced with the late model CTHD.

Golf GTI Edition 35 have the old, pre 2009 CLDG EA113 2.0 belt-cam engine not the EA888 chain cam 2.0.

2-12-1-2012: EGR cooler failed on September 2009 Golf 1.6 TDI. Volkswagen Used car warranty refused to pay but Volkswagen paid 50%.

21-7-2011: 'Knocking' noises reported in 1.4 TSI twincharger engines (supercharged and turbocharged).

23-12-2011 and 4-1-2012: Starting to hear of DPF cloggings on 1.6TDI, usually sorted by forced regeneration by the dealer free of charge.

5-1-2012: Problem reported on 16 month old Golf 1.6TDI Bluemotion with dry clutch 7 speed DSG. When moving slowly or creeping forward or backwards on an incline e.g. when reverse parking, the car will hold on the accelerator for a few seconds, but then, without warning, the transmission will completely disengage allowing the car to roll in the opposite direction. The clutch will re-engage with more accelerator but by this time it has already rolled about half a metre. The car is fitted with the “Hill Hold” and “Stop-Start” features making “two foot” manoeuvring very complicated.

27-3-2012: Faults on seven month old Golf Match Bluemotion: Bluetooth/mobile system failed four times. Rear wash wipe has failed to work intermittently. Heater/cooling system failed, dealer did a "Software upgrade". Stop/start system failed.

27-3-2012: Poor batch of headlights fitted to 2012 delivered GTI. Not only is the range of the main beam very poor, but it has a distinct shadow on main beam at about the 3 o'clock position on the offside.

9-6-2012: Another report of dry clutch 7-speed DSG failure, this on a March 2009 1.4 TSI with 34,000 miles. Quoted £4000 for new transmission, but Volkswagen picked up more than half leaving reader with a £1950 bill.

10-6-2012: Numerous complaints of water retention in the doors when parked at an angle. Suggest making sure the door drain holes are clear (they can sometimes get blocked with anti corrosion wax). Use a wooden kebab or cocktail stick as anything metal could breach the paint and lead to rusting.

4-7-2012: 210PS TFSI engines are oil sensitive and need fresh oil at least every 10,000 miles or there can be trouble with the timing chain.

20-7-2012: Sporadic reports of high oil consumption of chain cam EA113 1.8 TFSI and 2.0 TFSI engines.

5-9-2012: Rear suspension top links can start to rattle after a couple of years and need replacing under warranty.

5-9-2012: A/c compressor and exhaust sensor failed on November 2009 Golf 2.0 TDI before the car had reached 24,000 miles. Fixed under warranty.

16-12-2012: 44k mile 2009 Golf 1.4 TSI 122 required a new cam chain, indicating that longlife oil service regime is inadequate.

5-1-2013: Report of DPF failing to regenerate on 2010 1.6 TDI.

27-2-2013: Oil pump of 2009 1.4 TSI failed at 46k miles leading to a severe rattle.

7-3-2013: More short run problems reported with EGR of a 1.6 TDI 105, part paid for by Volkswagen and the dealer. These engines make sense for distance driving.

3-5-2013: Report of failure of 6-speed manual transmission of 1.4 TSI at 4 years old and 26,000 miles, always annually dealer serviced.

26-5-2013: On 2009 Golf 1.4 TSI 122, original chain failed at 43k, second change failed at 50k. Now on its third chain, tensioner, and pulleys. Along with all the hydraulic tappets now replaced, all done under warranty.

16-6-2013: UK reader reports that eight software updates were carried out on his DSG control unit and the car is transformed. No hesitation at roundabouts. moves off smoothly on hills, handles changing hill gradients without drama.

19-7-2013: Another DSG problem reported on Golf 1.4 TSI SE DSG. Roll back on starting even on level ground and juddering when cornering. Dealer replacing the clutches.

1-9-2013: Engine failure on 30k mile 2009/59 Golf 1.4 TSI purchased new and serviced on plan by Volkswagen dealer. At first, low compression diagnosed, then valves found to be burned out, then a cylinder found to be scored and problem detected at main bearings. New engine needed but offered no more than £400 discount by the dealer. Later resolved and new engine fitted.

26-10-2013: Failure of EGR reported on a 41k mile 2010 Golf 1.6 TDI Bluemotion.

13-11-2013: Two problems reported on three years 10 month old Golf 1.6 TDI 105. Lambda sensor failed four months out of warranty, bill reduced to £300. Then three injectors failed 10 months out of warranty, bill eventually reduced to £802.

14-11-2013: Oil consumption of 52k mile 2009/59 Golf GTI EA113 reported as up to 2175km/litre. Dealer prescribed a new engine.

20-11-2013: Another EGR failure on a 23k mile 4 year old Golf 1.6 TDI. Replaced by an independent and Volkswagen refused any goodwill.

25-11-2013: Total failure of Golf 1.6 TDI engine three months out of warranty. Volkswagen refused to pay anything, but reader had taken out a Warranty Direct policy that paid the maximum due of £5200.

30-11-2013: A/c compressor failure on 41k mile 25 month old Golf 1.6 TDI Bluemotion, but might be no more than the a/c electromechanical clutch.

4-12-2013: 2010 Volkswagen Golf 1.6 TDI Bluemotion fires up and runs for 5 secs then fizzles out can take 15 attemps before starting.

19-12-2013: 2010 Golf DSG started slipping into neutral in October 2013. Eventually diagnosed as a broken gear.

5-1-2014: Complaints of hiccuping 1.4 TSI DSG when the engine is cold are now being met in the UK by a change of transmission fluid from synthetic to mineral, as per the worldwide DSG recall.

6-1-2014: Due to a design fault with the tensioner, the timing chain of early Golf GTI EA113 engines can slip, resulting in valves hitting pistons and the engine self-destructing.

12-1-2014: EGR failure on a Golf 1.6 TDI, this a 30k mile 2010 Volkswagen Golf 1.6 TDI.

13-1-2014: 'Thudding' into 1st gear and occasional loss of drive reported in 37k mile 2009 Golf GT TDI DSG.

3-2-2014: Total drive failure reported on Golf 1.4 TSI DSG when exiting junction. Not the brake switch problem.

8-2-2014: Another Golf 2.0 TFSI EA113, this one a 2010, needed a new set of piston rings.

18-2-2014: 57k mile Golf 2.0 TDI bought from and cared for by the same dealer was always an oil user. Needed a new DPF early in life. Culminated in total engine failure with no oil pressure at 57k miles. Probably oil pump failure.

19-2-2014: Oil found in coolant of 22k mile 4 year old Golf 2.0 TDI.

21-2-2014: Turbo and EGR failure on 65k mile 2009 Golf 2.0 TDI. Quoted £1800 by dealer, after £180 goodwill for EGR and 10% reduction in labour charge.

10-3-2014: Mechatronics failed on 2012 Golf 1.4 TSI DSG. Taken in for repair without question and courtesy car provided. The warning of imminent DSG failure is a spanner icon that alternates with the 'current gear' indicator at the top right of the multifunction display between the tach and speedo.

11-3-2014: DMF and clutch of 2009 Golf TDI SE 110 failed at 44k miles.

17-3-2014: Loss of drive of 7-speed DSG in 20,000 mile 2009 Golf eventually analysed as failure of Mechatronics unit that was eventually replaced, but car had not had a transmission fluid change.

24-3-2014: Further complaint that when reversing uphill in a 2011 Golf Plus 1.6 TDI BlueMotion 7 speed DSG, the transmission loses drive unless the engine is revved hard at which point drive can return suddenly.

5-4-2014: Another EGR failure on 68k mile 4-year old Golf 1.6 TDI Bluemotion.

12-4-2014: One piston burned out in a 2009 Golf 1.4 TSI.

26-4-2014: A/c compressor of 2009 Golf failed, damaging other components and costing £1400 to put right.

6-5-2014: Report of brake problems with 2011/61 Golf. Dash ABS light did not light up which resulted in overheating and warping discs and having a RAC recovery.

13-6-2014: Offside rear ABS reluctor ring and wheel hub required due to corrosion on 20,000 mile Golf 1.4TSI. Cost £305 to replace.

16-6-2014: Three failures of injectors on a 2009 Golf 1.6 TDI. The first at 11,000 miles, six months out of warranty, then two more failed within a further three months and the fourth was also replaced. Customer asked to pay £330 towards the cost.

30-6-2014: DSG transmission oil change and software update carried out as TSB 34F6 on a 20k mile June 2011 Golf 1.4 TSI DSG, but afterwards reader complained that when driving off in D the 1st gear does not bite as it quickly changes up, it is like changing gear in a manual and starting off in 2nd or 3rd gear. After the initial pulling away all is then great. No other gear box issues

7-7-2014: DSG 2009 Golf 1.4 TSI 122 failed at 31,500 miles. Lost drive entirely. Mechatronics fuse blown. Any replacement fuse immediately blows.

12-7-2014: DSG of 22k mile 2009 Golf 1.4 TSI started to judder, particularly with four adults on board, despite having had a fluid change.

19-7-2014: Another owner of a Golf 1.6 TDI DSG contacted by dealer to be offered a free inspection and gearbox oil change if necessary. Volkswagen stated that there is an issue with DSG seven speed gearbox - clutch liable to disengage and vehicle may freewheel if gearbox is filled with synthetic oil. Synthetic oil can lead to an internal short circuit. If necessary they will drain and refill with a mineral oil - no charge.

16-8-2014: 46k mile 2009 Golf 1.6 DSG suffered complete loss of drive after transmission fluid change by Volkswagen dealer.

20-08-2014: Another Golf timing chain tensioner failure reported, this one on a 50k mile 2009/59 GTI. Volkswagen offered to fix for £1,300, reduced to £910 after a goodwill payment.

20-08-2014: Volkswagen agreed to replace the clutch pack and Mechatronics after a Golf 1.4 160PS DSG started to suffer second gear shudder.

30-8-2014: Direct Injected Golf 2.0 TFSI EA113 engines in GTI highly prone to coking up of inlet valves because petrol does not wash over them and keep them clean. This was later rectified in EA888 engine which has both direct and indirect injection.

31-8-2014: Another rattling timing chain reported on a 30 month old Golf 1.4 TSI bought from a Volkswagen dealer.

17-9-2014: Another DSG reported to be "rattling" on a four year old Golf 1.4 TSI DSG on extended warranty. Clutch pack replaced and continues to rattle. Reader reported that it was investigate under 'TPI 2021120/3', but judged to be "within tolerances".

14-10-2014: 34,500 mile 2010 Golf 1.4 TSI suffered a misfire. Owner charged £640 just to diagnose that it had a cracked piston ring. Volkswagen will pay for a new 'long engine', but dealer wants a further £1200 to fit it, quoting a 15 hour job.

3-11-2014: 2011 Golf 1.2 TSI 105 bought March 2014, now 28k miles, has needed a new drivers seat and complete air-con system (covered by warranty). Broke down on 1-11-2014 and advised it requires a new coil pack. Under the post 6 month warranty conditions, the part is covered, but not the labour charge.

9-11-2014: Juddering of 2012 Golf 1.4 TSI DSG cured by dealer FoC under warranty by fitting a new clutch pack.

27-11-2014: Further report of DSG 7 problems with a 2010 Golf 1.6 TDI. Car has suffered intermittent gearbox problems from early on, espedially juddering when pulling away from low revs. Clutch pack replaced under 3 year warranty. Then started clunking when changing gear. Transmission oil was changed inder the recall. Did not solve the problem. Eventually a new Mechatronics activator was prescribed. VW paid 100% of the parts and 30% of the labour leaving a £450 bill.

18-12-2014: Apparently 1.6 TDI manuals do not have dual mass flywheels so a bit of vibration feeding into the cabin is normal.

27-12-2014: EGR of 2010 Golf 1.6 TDI failed after being subjected to a regime of short runs from cold starts for 1,000 miles over 4 months.

8-1-2015: DSG of 48,000 mile 2011 Golf 1.6 TDI auto failed. Volkswagen will replace under warranty but dealer requires reasonable £575 contribution towards fitting it.

16-1-2015: Yet another Golf 1.4 TSI DSG failure, this on a 19,500 mile 2011 car.

20-1-2015: Timing chain failure of four year old 46k mile Golf 1.2 TSI. Dealer tried replacing chain but engine damage means new engine required.

21-1-2015: On 20,000 mile 2010 Golf 1.6 TDI engine light keeps coming on and engine goes into limp home mode. Lambda sensor replaced by dealer but fault persisted and became worse.

2-2-2015: Waterpump failed on 33k mile Golf GTD.

3-2-2015: EGR failure on 39,000 mile 2009 Golf 1.6 TDI. Quoted £1387.80 to fix.

12-4-2015: Jerking transmission reported on 2012 Golf 1.4 TSI DSG still under warranty. Volkswagen franchise specified software upgrede, but no mention of transmission fluid change. Might need a new clutch pack.

20-4-2015: 11,400 mile 2012 Golf R suffered suspicious failure of Haldex clutch and rear diff 300 miles after routine Haldex clutch oil change by dealer.

30-4-2015: Report of piston crown burning out in engine of 2011 Golf 1.2 TSI after 37k miles. Repair cost £2115 reduced to £500 after contributions from dealer.

7-6-2015: History of problems with 2013/62 reg Golf Plus 1.4 TSI DSG. In January 2014 the clutches were adjusted. In August 2014 the car was recalled for the DSG fluic to be changed and an internal pipe replaced. On 8 Jan 2015 at the car's second service dealer noted that the judder was "very slight". On 20 Feb 2015 car booked in to have the judder investigated again.

11-6-2015: 2009 7-speed Golf DSG lost Drive completely. Apparently on the list to be recalled for a transmission oil change even though too early to have been filled with synthatic on the line.

15-6-2015: 2011 Golf 1.6 TDI Match DSG needed new EGR valve. Now having issues with DSG such as stuck in gear 2 to 3 and driver needs to lift foot to help it to change up.

2-7-2015: 52k mile 2010 Golf 1.6 TDI needed new EGR at £575 and, of course, a replacement timing belt, tensioner and waterpump.

8-7-2015: Coil light indicating engine problem on 2010 Golf 1.6 TDI, probably the EGR.

14-7-2015: Dealer replaced Mechatronics of 2009 7-speed Golf 1.4TSI DSG mentioned 11-6-2017 Free of Charge because had been filled with "the wrong oil" in production.

5-9-2015: 3 year old Golf 1.4 TSI DSG suffering a gap when the gears are changing in the low gears this then leads to a clunk when the box changes to the next gear it is intermittent but gradually getting worse. May not have had the transmission fluid change. May be a fault with the Dual Mass Flywheel.

12-9-2015: Low compression on 47k mile 2009/59 Golf 1.4 TSI found be be caused by a cracked block.

17-9-2015: 2011 Golf 1.6 TDI DSG lost transmission fluid, first alerted by a flashing spanner over the gear indicator.

26-9-2015: Clutch and DMF of 2012 Golf 1.4 TSI failed at 33,000 miles, slightly out of three year warranty. Dealer made a goodwill contribution to the repair, bringing the cost down to £1145.

10-10-2015: Complaint that last year at 36k miles the EGR of a 2009/58 VW Golf 1.6 TDI EA189 needed to be replaced and that the same replacement EGR was needed on the reader's sister's 1.6 TDI.

5-11-2015: EPC and catalytic converter warning lights lit up on 24k mile year 2000 Golf 1.4 TSI. Dealer diagnosed need for new throttle pedal module at £490 including £100 for the diagnostics. Volkswagen agreed to pay.

28-11-2015: 2011 Golf EA189 1.6 TDI Bluemotion with full service history suffered an EGR problem and went into limp mode. Owner turned engine off for 30 seconds, warning light went off and engine has been okay since.

30-11-2015: 2011 Volkswagen Golf EA189 1.6 TDI Match used for short runs and run down the motorway "periodically" to clear the DPF lost power twice after the motorway runs and 'two loop' symbol lit up. If left for an hour car then ran fine again.

4-12-2015. 4 year old 2012 Golf 1.6 TDI required new DSG transmission. Three months into ownership in 2012 it lost drive. A replacement mechatronics unit at a cost of £1350 was put in under warranty. Then in October 2012 a few months later the gearbox was holding in first gear for too long. A software update on both the engine and gearbox control units was carried out under warranty. Then in September 2014 the car was then subject to the recall action 34F6 where the transmission oil was changed and a software update conducted.

16-12-2015: Engine failure in used privately bought 2010 Golf 1.4 TSI 160 Twincharger at 42,000 miles that had been 'LongLife' serviced. No compression in chamber 2. Engine stripped down. Revealed a broken piston head and scoring to the bore. Dealership estimated cost of repair at £5868.20. Dealer contacted Volkswagen customer services and together they offered a third of the price each, with the expectation that the owner should pay the remaining third.

18-12-2015: EGR failed on 2011 Golf 1.6 TDI EA189. Dealer quoted £1000 to replace.

8-2-2016: Coolant hose to turbo of 2012 GTI failed. The part costs £125 but dealer said it involves four hours of labour as they have to dismantle the rear part of the engine.

13-2-2016: Report of glow plug light coming on in 2010 Golf EA189 1.6 TDI at 64k miles, indicating problem with EGR valve. Car has not been in for NOx emissions 'fix'.

14-2-2016: Slipped/stretched timing chain reported on 2009 Golf GTI EA113 at 47,000 miles.

19-2-2016: Report of problem with headlights of 2011/61 Golf Bluemotion leaving an unlit area in front of the car at road level. Light up the trees and the road immediately in front of the car but not forwards. First time this complaint received.

16-3-2016: 72k mile 2010 Golf GTI failed to start after running normally. Towed to dealer and diagnosis looks like it will be "no compression following timing chain failure".

19-3-2016: EGR replaced under used car warranty on 2011 Golf 1.6bTDI Bluemotion in December 2015. Now losing coolant.

4-4-2016: Report of clearcoat over water-based solid red paint of 6 year old Golf flaking off in sheets.

24-5-2016: Problems reported with 2010 Volkswagen Golf 1.6 TDI Match from new. EGR went after a few months and was sorted under warranty. In 2015 EGR went again and Volkswagen gave some goodwill, namely free part and reader paid labour. DMF went in Summer 2015 and he had this replaced independently. Now back in garage as went in limp mode.

29-5-2016: DSG failure reported on 2011/61 Volkswagen Golf 1.6 TDI at 47,000 miles. Volkswagen fixing it for £250 dealer labour charge.

15-6-2016: Mildly noisy timing chain reported in engine of 2011 Golf 1.4bTSI at 34k miles.

17-6-2016: Report of 94k mile 2010 Golf 2.0 TDI going in for NOx Emissions Software upgrade in May 2016. Work done within a few hours, assurances made that all had gone well and there should be no noticeable difference in the car's performance. However, as soon as reader drove away from the garage, the car felt very different. The car 'juddered' in 4th & 5th gear and felt like it was about to stall unless dropped down to a lower gear.

24-7-2016: Report of tinkle from engine of 2009 Golf GTI at 42,000 miles on attempting to re-start after 6 mile run . Turned out to be failure of the chain tensioner.

5-8-2016: Report of DSG of 2012 Golf 1.6 TDI DSG failing (some internal parts had shattered).

15-8-2016: Piston ring failure in no 1 cylinder reported in engine of 2009 Golf 1.4 TSI 160 Twincharger at 28,760 miles. Volkswagen offered £1000 towards the cost of the repair.

17-8-2016: Report of Golf 1.4 TSI engine management light and exhaust light both on. Originally it started with the check oil light which after checking and adding new oil has been resolved but now this other problem. The car seems to drag its heels when trying to pull away at junctions.

27-8-2016: Report of EGR failure of 2011 Golf 1.6TDI at 26,000 miles.

3-9-2016: Report of EPC light of 2009 Golf 1.4 TSI DSG coming on a few times at 4 years old. Nothing happened drove okay. Owner took it to the dealer: £530 for a new throttle pedal assembly. Paid £130 of that.

20-9-2016: Report of loss of boost at motorway speeds from 65k miles 2010 Golf 1.4 TSI and now have an engine management warning light appear on the dash. Local independent plugged car in and reported possible turbo problems.

21-9-2016: Report of significant oil leak from transmission of 62k mile Golf.

21-9-2016: Owner of 2011 Golf 1.6 TDI (EA189) that is yet to be recalled for the NOx emissions fix told that EGR cooler needs replacing at a cost of £1000.

3-10-2016: Transmission failed on Golf 2.0 TDI, ironically just after the car has received its emissions software fix. Suffered breakage of a spring on the clutch that wore a groove in the transmission eventually causing a transmission oil leak. Volkswagen agreed to pay a percentage of the parts, but it still leaves a big bill.

28-10-2016: Curious case of 2011/60 reg Golf 1.4 Twist 80PS intermittently failing to start. Clutch depressed. Ignigion switch turned, and warning 'CLUTCH' appears on dash.

4-11-2016: Report of waterpump failing on 2009 Golf 1.4 TSI. Routinely replaced at owner's cost, but then a whistling developed from the timing chain.

5-11-2016: Reader quoted £550 to replace rocker cover and injector seals due to "leakage"

14-11-2016: Report of high pressure fuel pump of 2010 Golf 1.6 TDI failing at 62,000 miles. Metal particles found in fuel filter between pump and injectors.

21-11-2016: Report of 2009 Golf 1.4 TSI DSG having needed two clutch packs and a driveshaft replacing when in warranty and now at 9500 miles the engine is losing compression. Quoted £6000 for a new engine.

30-11-2016: Report of coolant leak from engine of 64k mile 2009 Golf 1.4 TSI.

5-12-2016: EGR reported choked on 2010 Golf 1.6 TDI DSG.

19-12-2016: Report of EGR light of 2010 Golf 1.6 TDI 105 DSG intermittently flashing on and off at 45k miles. Checked at last service and dealer said it was a bit sooty on the outside but was fine for another year or two.

19-12-2016: Report of 7-speed DSG transmission of 2010/60 reg "packing up".

19-12-2016: Rattle reported from engine/transmission of 2010 Golf 1.4 TSI manual at 24k miles. Volkswagen dealer software update did not fix it.

20-12-2016: Report of EGR of Golf 2.0 TDI failing for the sixth time and dealer has quoted £1600 to replace it. The last time it failed was just over two years ago but Volkswagen picked up the cost.

6-1-2017: First owner we heard of notified that the NOx 'fix' is now available for EA 189 1.6TDI.

12-1-2017: Report of DSG of 2011 Golf failing and owner being quoted £1950 for repair. This happened three months after the NOx emissions fix that had been carried out in October 2016.

26-1-2017: Report to Ask of EGR cooler of 2010 Golf 1.6 TDI clogging immediately after EA189 NOx emissions 'fix'.

1-2-2017: Report of mpg of Golf EA189 1.6 TDI dropping from 44mpg to 39mpg after the NOx emissions fix.

1-2-2017: Further report of EGR of Golf EA189 2.0 TDI failing after NOx emissions 'fix'.

3-2-2017: Report of Golf EA189 1.6 TDI becoming fifficult to start after NOx emissions 'fix'. Fault does not show up in dealer diagnostics.

6-2-2017: "Grating" reported from twin wet clutch DSG of 2009 Golf 2.0 TDI GT, shortly after a transmission oil and filter change.

6-2-2017: Another report of EA189 NOx emissions 'fix' to Golf 1.6 TDI Bluemotion causing problems. Car had the 'fix' two days ago and this morning had to be recovered and towed back to the garage after driving less than thirty miles since the 'fix' was applied. Had intermittent power loss and engine stalling but the diagnostics are not showing any fault.

7-2-2017: Report of Golf 2.0 TDI 140 DSG SE going in for 75,000 mile service to the dealer where owner had a maintenance plan. The service was to include replacing DSG oil and filter and changing the brake fluid. Prior to the service the car was averaging 58mpg. After the service it has been averaging 50mpg. The dealer confirmed that it had carried out the EA189 NOx emissions software fix.

8-2-2017: Report of Golf EA189 1.6 TDI going in for NOx emissions fix and starting to smoke heavily the next day. Dealer took it back. had it for three days and finally told him it's nothing they did and that the "needs the engine remapped".

9-2-2017: Report of a 2010 Golf needing a new EGR valve earlier in its life, then another just a week after going in for the NOx emissions 'fix'.

13-2-2017: Report of VW Golf EA189 1. 6TDI having EGR valve replaced in November 2016 at 59k miles. Went in for NOx emissions 'fix' on 1st February 2017 and number plate light started flashing. That was fixed and now glow plug light is flashing for the EGR valve when driving at 60mph plus.

20-2-2017: Report of 2011 Golf EA189 1.6 TDI going in for NOx emissions fix and the glow plug light came on twice with associated loss of power in the following week.

8-3-2017: Report of 2010 Golf EA189 1.6 TDI showing signs of EGR problems at 64k miles. Dealer offered diagnosis at £64 and on results of that might seek a goodwill payment. Car has not yet had NOx emissions fix.

8-3-2017: Report of numerous problems of used 44k mile 2012 Golf 2.0 TSI Bluemotion bought from a dealer: W ithin the first month the interior light and windscreen washer weren't working. these were sorted under warranty. 35 days after purchasing the car, the gearbox/clutch was changed due to the clutch pressure plate piece breaking off and making a hole in the gearbox causing a gearbox leak. Two months later, engine management light came on and is put down to EGR circuit failure.

22-3-2017: Report of cracked piston crown and failed piston ring in 36k mile 2009 Golf TSI 160. Owner told that attempting a repair could cost more than a replacement engine. Happily, the dealer and Volkswagen got together and contributed a lot of goodwill towards a fix.

22-3-2017: Report of post NOx emissions fix problems with 2012/62 Golf 2.0 TDI. Recently the glow plug light comes on while driving and car loses all power. When owner turns the engine off and back on it clears the fault and doesn't come back until he takes another 20 minute journey.

27-3-2017: Report of 47,000 miles 2010 Golf 1.6 TDI going in to dealer for NOx emission fix and owner being offered a "free health check" at the same time. "Free health check" resulted in owner being told his car had an EGR Valve fault and cost to repair wll be £1300 - £1600.

27-3-2017: Report of post NOx emissions fix 2011 Golf 1.6 TDI becoming jerky when changing gears, fuel economy has dropped, the DPF is regenerating more than ever before and the EGR is leaking water/oil.

28-3-2017: Report of failure of Mechatronics of DSG of 2009 Golf 1.4 TSI that had been serviced locally by non Volkswagen specialists and had never been submitted for replacement of its synthetic fluid with mineral fluid. Quoted £6000 to replace, which is probably more than the value of the car.

28-3-2017: Report of post NOx emissions fix problems on 2010 EA189 Golf 2.0 TDI. Engine warning lights, glow plug lights, limp home mode, EGR fault codes and DPF warning coming on.

29-3-2017: Report of Golf EA189 1.6 TDI DSG changing up to 5, 6 and 7 earlier than it did before the NOx emissions fix and then, having changed up, the engine is labouring.

3-4-2017: Report of changes to 2010/60 Golf EA189 1.6 TDI BMT after NOx emissions fix. DSG now changes up to 7th much earlier then before at around 40 mph with the engine labouring on occasions. It is also very jerky when cold and manouvering at low revs/speed and the fan continues to run on now after switch off.

4-4-2017: Golf 1.6 TDI taken for NOx emissions fix. Now stalling intermittently with loss of power.

5-4-2017: Golf 1.6 TDI taken for NOx emissions fix. Three days later engine coolant light came on (due to active regeneration). Next week DPF filter light came on. Went off after car left standing for a few days. Now three weeks after fix engine management light has been on and off and now the emissions light has come on with the engine management light.

19-4-2017: 2011 Golf 1.6 TDI DSG went in for NOx emissions. Failed the day after, losing power and engine management light came on. Limped home and back to dealer where diagnostics showed an EGR fault code.

25-4-2017: Report that after the EA189 NOx emissions 'fix' a Golf 2.0 TDI lost power while cruising on the motorway. The 'glow plug' warning light was flashing indicating there is a fault in the engine management system. The engine runs 'reasonably' well up to 2000 revs and then misfires and drops revs. Owner took it back to the dealer who fitted a new EGR FoC and all is now fine.

3-5-2017: Fault with DSG of 72,000 mile 2010 Golf 1.4 TSI. Fault identified with the hydraulic pump on the gearbox, but there are no symptoms other than the gear indicator on the dashboard starts flashing after the engine's warmed up. Fluid had been chaged from synthetic to mineral in 2014 at 46,000 miles.

22-5-2017: Another report of EGR failure in a Golf with EA189 1.6 TDI engine one month after NOx emissions fix.

6-6-2017: Complaint of Golf Mk 1.4 TSI 7-speed DSG losing all its oil from failed seal resulting in total failure of the transmission at 30,000 miles.

15-6-2017: At 150,000 miles, Mechatronics of Golf 1.6 TDI started to fail. First seemed to “slip” a gear. The emissions control lamp came on (yellow engine) and where the display shows the gear its in It showed a flashing spanner.

19-6-2017: Problems reported with 39,000 mile 2011/61 Golf 1.6 TDI DSG after the NOx emissions fix. When accelerating, car "makes a noise like a gun shot".

12-7-2017: Report of 2011/61 Golf 1.6 TDI Match Bluemotion suffering a leak from the EGR cooler which the owner's mechanic was unable to fix.

17-7-2017: Report of EGR failing on 2011/61 Golf 1.6vTDI (EA189).

28-7-2017: Report of EGR cooler of 2010 Golf 1.6 TDI (EA189) failing very soon after NOx emissions fix at a mere 31,000 miles. Owner billed £763.80.

31-7-2017: Report of radiator fan of Golf TDI coming on regularly, post NOx fix, on both short and long journeys. Back to dealer three times and still happening.

3-8-2017: Report of engine failure of 2010 Golf 1.6 TDI at 51k miles, two months after NOx emissions fix.

11-8-2017: Report of injector failure on 2011 Golf 1.6 TDI at 59,000 miles. E missions fix carried out in March 2017. Since then, fan has been working after stopping 2/3 times a week. Last week car went into limp mode and AA declared failure of injector 4.

12-8-2017: Report that after the NOx emissions fix a 2010 Golf EA189 1.6TDI went into limp mode at 31,000 miles. Needed a new EGR Cooler at a cost of £763,80.

17-8-2017: Report that Golf 1.6 TDI Bluemotion with 83,000 miles had NOx emissions fix in May 2017. Since then the EGR was replaced as a goowill gesture but car was still losing power, stalling, using more fuel, idle revs fluctuating and regenerating its DPF constantly to the extent the radiator fans were on all the time. Eventually the engine got so hot the coolant evaporated.

24-8-2017: Report of timing chain being replaced on a Golf 1.4 TSI in 2014. Owner was invoiced for a t iming chain kit 03c 198 159a, which he understood understand to be an OEM kit. Timing chain since failed again, and was replaced this week by a different garage (in a different region). The mechanic informed the owner that the timing chain which was in the car was actually an aftermarket part, and not the OEM part he had been invoiced for.

20-9-2017: Report of Mechatronics failure in DSG of 2009 Golf at 19,000 miles.

21-9-2017: Report of clutch pack failure in 2013/63 Golf DSG at around 20,000 miles. Owner quoted £3000 to fix.

31-10-2017: Report of ABS module failing and affecting the speedo and petrol gauge plus several warning lights illuminated on a 2012 Golf 1.4 TSI.

6-11-2017: Report of post NOx emissions fix problems with 2009 Golf 1.6 TDI with 60,000 miles. Since the fix in July 2017 the car has suffered faulty injectors (due to the increased workload on the injectors), then a replacement EGR valve (all at Volkswagen's expense).

10-11-2017: Report of intermittent loss of drive from 2011/61 Golf 1.6 TDI DQ200 DSG. Began in 2014 soon after purchase.

14-11-2017: Report of post NOx emissions fix 2010 Golf 1.6 TDI DSG losing power with "wildly fluctuating revs" on its way to be part-exchanged for a 2015 Golf DSG. Dealer blamed the transmission, quoting £4400 to replace it. Volkswagen offered to pay half of this.

14-11-2017: Report of all four injectors of 2010 Golf TDI failing concurrently. Owner proved it was not due to swarf from the high pressure pump and that the car had not been part-filled with petrol.

15-11-2017: Dashboard warning showing on 2011 Golf EA189 1.6 TDI DSG. Dealer says might be either fuel filter or pump.

18-11-2017: Report of 45,000 mile 2011 Golf DSG requiring a new transmission.

19-11-2017: Report of judder and power loss from 2009 Golf DSG, bought from independent trader.

10-1-2018: Report of fault light on dash of 68,000 mile 2011 Golf 1.6 TDI. Owner told it needs a new EGR at a cost of £800. Owner had not had the EA189 NOx emissions fix.

1-2-2018: Report of failed DSG on 2012 Golf bought used and owned for 13 months.

24-3-2018: Report of failed turbo on 2013 Golf 1.2 TSI.

13-4-2018: Report of transmission failure on 2012 Golf 2.0 TDI 140 Bluemotion at 33k miles. Cost £2000 to repair.

24-4-2018: Report of engine failure of 2009 Golf Twincharger 160PS, bought in March 2017 at 32,000 miles.

16-5-2018: Report of coil warning light and engine warning light coming on in dash of 2011 Golf 1.6 TDI and car going into limp mode. Owner quoted £800 for new EGR. Owner had not had the EA189 NOx emiisions fix carried out prior to this.

19-6-2018: Report of failure of DQ200 DSG of 2012 Golf 1.4 TSI Match at 38,000 miles. Dealer quoted £1600 to fix.

21-6-2018: "Jerking and stalling" reported from 7-speed (DQ200) DSG of 2010 Golf. Quoted £1900 by dealer to repair it.

25-6-2018: Report of 2011/61 Golf 1.6 TDI Bluemotion DSG going into limp mode after a flashing Engine Management warning light and solid Emissions Control light. Owner had the NOx emissions fix in January 2017.

18-7-2018: Report of Mechatronics failure of 7-speed DQ200 DSG of 2011 Golf 1.6 TDI DSG at 5000 miles. Owner quoted £2000 to replace Mechatroics.

25-7-2018: Report of a/c compressor failure on 2011 Golf Match 2.0 TDI soon after EGR failed and was replaced after the NOx emissions update. Quoted £800 to replace.

9-8-2018: Report that timing chain of 2010 Golf 1.4 TSI 122 "developed a rattle" at 56k miles. Replacing the chain assembly would have cost £1653.32. But Volkswagen UK paid 100% of the parts and 70% of the labour. Volkswagen Used Car Warranty department picked up the rest of the bill.

14-8-2018: Report of juddering on acceleration from 2010 Golf 2.0 TDI.

14-8-2018: Report of timing chain slipping in 2001/61 Golf 1.4 TSI GT. No warning lights. engine running well. Then would not re-start. AA towed it to an independent garage who said the chain has slipped three sprockets.

18-8-2018: Report that 100k mile 2009 Golf 2.0 TDI broke down because the lead from the alternator to battery was routed between the boost pipe and oil cooler and over time had rubbed through. Re-routed to avoid rubbing.

18-1-2019: Report of 'known fault' with the piston rings of a batch of 2009 Golf 1.4TSI. Reader bought one in November 2009 and in 2016, at 28,760 miles the engine developed a fault with the splitting off of the ring on the side of the first piston, which owner only noticed when there was a loss of compression. Fortunately, this had not scarred the piston chamber nor deposited any debris into the engine compartment and, on recommendation, a repair to change all the pistons was effected. The invoice for this was just under £3000, which on settlement was reduced to just under £2000, on the part of the dealership as customer loyalty/goodwill.

29-1-2019: Report of problems with DSG of 2013 Golf 1.4 TSI DSG at 49,000 miles. When owner tries to drive it a wrench/spanner symbol appeared she had to use shift ‘gears’ manually. It went from 1 and then jumped to 3 with no reverse.

28-2-2019: Report of DQ200 6-speed wet clutch DSG failing in a 2010 Golf 2.0 TDI 140 at 53,000 miles. Quoted £5000 to replace that is more than the value of the car.

29-4-2019: Engine failure reported in 2010 Golf 1.2 TSI 105HP at 41,000 miles. Probably either the timing chain or the timing chain tensioner.

1-5-2019: Report of rising oil level in engine of 2012 Golf 2.0 TDI 140 at 107k miles. Historically no DPF issues as mainly steady long distance motorway journeys and have never seen the DPF dashboard light.

8-6-2019: Report of transmission casing crack in 2012 Golf GT TDI at 57,000 miles causing oil seepage onto the clutch and consequential clutch slip. Welding will not stop the leak and if "liquid metal" doesn't a replacement transmission will be required at £1800 for a reconditioned unit.

13-6-2019: Report of problem with Golf 1.4 TSI with DQ200 DSG transmission purchased second hand. Engine management light came on. Owner took it back and dealer replaced the mechatronic unit. Now, three weeks later the same issues are reoccurring, namely the gearbox is skipping the odd gears and jumping from 2-4-6 and it eventually loses power.

24-7-2019: Report of 2011/61 Golf 1.2 TSI needing an engine rebuild after timing chain slipped and turbo failed.

29-8-2019: Report of coolant loss from engine of 40,000 mile 2011 Golf 1.4TSI.

29-8-2019: Report of 2012 Golf 1.4 TSI 122 DQ200 7-speed DSG seeming to stick in 2nd or 1st gear when braking to a stop.

30-8-2019: Report of injector failure on 2010 Golf 1.6 TDI 105 at 45,000 miles. One injector had failed soon after the NOx emissions update (which increases the number of injection cycles to counter soot build-up).

18-9-2019: Report of injector failure on 2012 Golf 1.6 TDI.

7-10-2019: Report of three replacement resistors to heater fan motor of 2009 Golf failing. Likely to mean a fault with the heater fan motor.

12-2-2020: Report of 58,000 mile Golf automatic requiring new DQ200 DSG transmission and a fuel injector the total cost of which exceeded the value of the repaired car.

18-2-2020: Report of rusting around hatchback badge which doubles as door latch handle of 2012 Golf at 40,000 miles. Water collects in it and it has no drain tube. Volkswagen's solution was a complete new hatchback at a cost of £1250, though Volkswagen would pay 50% leaving the owner to pay £625.

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14-12-2009: Official VOSA recall R/2009/110/37E8 of VAG cars with 6-speed dual wet clutch DSG transmission built 1-9-2008 to 31-8-2009 because "In rare cases an incorrect interpretation of the clutch temperature can occur which results in the clutch opening unexpectedly with loss of drive." Remedial action was to update/reprogramme gearbox Mechatronic control unit.

14-11-2013: Report that 1.6 million vehicles cars will be fixed for the DSG problem. The solution Volkswagen has found is to change the synthetic oil in the DQ200 automatic to a mineral one. According to the official statement, synthetic oil is responsible for causing short circuiting. This problem is especially bad in countries with humid and hot environment and where stop and go traffic is seen. But Volkswagen wants to fix every DQ200, no matter the location, to "continue to ensure customer satisfaction".

20-6-2017: R/2017/189: Volkswagen Golf: ABS/ESC SYSTEM MAY FAIL On vehicles with ABS/ESC the earth connection may be interrupted. This may cause failure of the ABS/ESC system. On affected vehicles install new software. Where necessary a new ABS/ESC control unit will be fitted. Build dates: 2-6-2008 to 1-6-2010. VINS: WVGZZZ1TZ8W133012 to WVGZZZ1TZ8W133012; WVWZZZ1FZ9V000045 to WVWZZZ1FZAW561502; WVWZZZ1KZ5W113505 to WVWZZZ1KZAW561502; WVWZZZ13Z9V001329 to WVWZZZ13ZAV417077.

7-3-2018: R/2018/062: Volkswagen Beetle, Eos, Golf, Jetta, Passat, Scirocco, Sharan, Tiguan, Touran: On vehicles with diesel engines and stop/start system, the starter motor may be permanently activated because the return spring in the solenoid switch is bent or broken. If the permanent current supply to the starter motor is not noticed, overheating of the component with local scorching damage and a vehicle fire is possible. FIX: Recall the vehicles that are likely to be affected and replace the solenoid switch. BUILD DATES: 1-3-2011 to 30-11-2011. VINS: WVWZZZ16ZBM100164 to WVWZZZ16ZBM130266; WVWZZZ13ZBV034137 to WVWZZZ13ZCV009398; WVWZZZ1FZBV013207 to WVWZZZ1FZCV009587; WVWZZZ1KZBM692205 to WVWZZZ1KZCW500862; WVWZZZ3CZCP002191 to WVWZZZ3CZCP000031; WVWZZZ16ZBM100164 to WVWZZZ16ZBM130266; WVWZZZ7NZBV032922 to WVWZZZ7NZCV009132; WVGZZZ5NZBW103889 to WVGZZZ5NZBW124589; WVGZZZ1TZBW087337 to WVGZZZ1TZCW002324; WVWZZZ3CZBE360689 to WVWZZZ3CZCE523000.

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