Volkswagen Golf (2009–2013)

What's good

EURO NCAP 5 stars passenger protection, 4 stars child protection, 3 stars pedestrian protection. Highest score ever with 97% for adult protection, 84% for child protection, 61% for pedestrian protection and 71% for safety assist.

At New York Auto Show named 2009 World Car of the Year. A jury comprised of fifty-nine international automotive journalists from twenty-five countries around the world chose this year’s World Car of the Year.

As well as the Green Award, the Golf 2.0-litre TDI 140 SE 5dr also won the ‘under 1,425 kg kerbweight’ category at the 2009 Towcar Awards, judged by experts from What Car?, Practical Caravan and The Camping and Caravanning Club. The judges praised the Golf for its towing abilities, on road practicalities as well as being good value, yielding low CO2 and maintaining high residual values.

Useful features of Golf are that door mirror indicators repeat in a small window mirror side, and n/s mirror dips when reverse is selected to help avoid encounters with kerbs.

Golf won £16,000-£20,000 price category in Caravan Club Towcar of the Year 2010 Awards, as well as the title of Caravan Club Towcar of the Year 2010.

Euro NCAP top model for safety in 2009. Full list of top 5: First: VW Golf VI; Second: Honda Insight; Third: Toyota Prius; Fourth: Hyundai i20; Fifth equal Toyota Avensis, Volvo XC60, Opel/Vauxhall Astra.

105PS chain cam 1.2 TSI available from summer 2010. Actually feels quite okay in the Golf. Not underpowered. But unlike the 1.4, this new 4 cylinder 1.2 is belt cam, not chain cam.

Volkswagen's Golf VI Match 2.0 TDI 140 has been named the winner of the £16,000-£20,000 price category in The Caravan Club Towcar of the Year 2011 awards, retaining the title in spite of competition from ten new cars in that class.The Golf Match 2.0-litre TDI has a 140 PS common rail diesel engine, a six-speed manual gearbox, and produces impressive amounts of torque - 320 Nm from just 1,750 rpm. Despite its compact dimensions, it has a generous noseweight of 75 kg. The judges added that the Golf is a good load carrier and ‘kind to the wallet in terms of running costs'.

Golf 2.0 TDI 140 Match voted Practical Caravan and 'What Car' Up to 1,424kg 2011 Towcar of the Year.

12-11-2015: Reader performance of 2012 Golf VI 1.6TDI Bluemotion: "My (brim to brim) figures regularly record an actual 65-67MPG in long distance driving and my best is 551 miles using 33.0 litres of diesel, over 75MPG! I have found that motorway/dual carriageway cruising at 65MPH is the key to getting the optimum economy from the vehicle. The Bluemotion has several alterations to the standard 1.6TDI to improve emissions and economy but as far as I can see the very long legged gearing must be a significant factor. All the gear ratios above 1st appear raised and I estimate that the vehicle despite having only a 1.6 litre 105BHP engine has a top speed of about 65MPH in second and about 100MPH in 3rd. The car does not like to go below about 32MPH in 4th and about 42MPH in 5th."

10-10-2016: Report of 6 years and 120,000 miles excellent reliability from a Golf VI 1.6TDI subjected to 10,000 mile oil changes (every 6 months).

8-4-2017: Report of wholly successsful NOx emissions fix to 2010 VW Golf VI 2.0TDI at 85,000 miles. No adverse effects.

8-6-2017: Positive report of NOx emissions fix to VW Golf 1.6 TDI. Over the last month car  travelled numerous times Warminster to Wimbledon Park - 106miles covering B Roads, A36, A303, M3, M25 and A3 using premium fuel and within the speed limits. MPG ranged from 71.4 to 77.6 mpg. Pretty good by any standards.

30-5-2018: Report of December 2010 VW Golf EA189 1.6TDI BMT DQ200 DSG reaching 109,000 miles with no transmission or DPF issues, though the car has been used mainly for long distance drives of 600 miles per day.

What to watch out for

On early production, Bluetooth only works with a handful of mostly obsolete Nokia and Siemens phones. Could be made to work by fitting a VW/Skoda part, number is 1Z0035729C. It is identical to the old interface and accepts the same plugs. On the central screen of the car it reads SKODA BT. The hands-free works perfectly with all relevant lists showing, such as Phone Book and Missed, Received and Sent calls. It can be fitted by Ed Cameron of Drivetalk. The part itself can be obtained from SatNav Systems in London ( Total cost of obtaining and fitting £569.25

Serious shortage of 1.4 TSI 122 engines led to the car being offered in Germany with the 160PS 1.8 turbo at a 600 discount during August/September 2009.

Some owners don't like the DRLs. Obviously their function is to warn other drivers, riders and pedestrians of your approach. But if you want to switch them off: 1) Insert key in ignition - don't turn at all. 2) Turn headlight switch to "0" position. 3) Move indicator stalk to 'left' position and pull towards you in flash position 4) Turn ignition on, but not the engine. 5) Wait at least 4 seconds and you will hear 3 bleeps, operation complete - DRL's deactivated. To switch the DRLs back on again you follow the same procedure used to turn them off, but switch the indicator to the 'right' position.

Rainwater collects in the bottoms of the doors, which have a different draining arrangement from the Mk V Golf.

Some reader criticism of fuel economy of 1.6TDI. Can be difficult to achieve the EC figures. Also with 1.6TDI, high idle stall speed can necessitate a lower gear than many drivers want to use when turning into a side street, for example 2nd instead of 3rd or 1st instead of of 2nd.

With DSGs, protective software can delay the message from brake switch to ECU that brakes have been released, allowing car to enter a junction or roundabout on the fuel in the combustion chambers, then momentarily shut off mid-junction.

Since the DSG recall to replace synthetic oil with mineral in 7-speed dry clutch 'non maintenance' DSGs, a maintenance regime of an oil change every 40,000 miles has been imposed.

1.2, 1.4 and 1.8TSIs manual petrol and diesel models have LUK dual mass flywheels. 2.0TSIs have Sachs dual mass flywheels.

Golf GTI Edition 35s have the old, pre 2009 CLDG EA113 2.0 belt-cam engine not the EA888 chain cam 2.0. The seats in an Edition 35 are almost impossible to sit in for someone less than 6 feet tall because the backrests turn inwards at shoulder height for anyone of 5' 7" to 5' 10".

The chain cam EA888 engine in the Golf VI GTI is widely criticised as badly engineered ('Autocar' 23-10-2019 Page 77.) They suffer worn piston rings, burned valves and failing timing chains. This was not corrected until the Golf VII GTI and concurrent Audis, Leons and Octavias which is exhaust manifold in head with direct as well as indirect injection to make sure the inlet valves are washed with petrol to prevent carbon forming on them.

'Adaptive Chassis Control' on 1.8 TSI can dampen throttle response significantly when pulling out of side roads or entering a roundabout. Until a software fix is available, best to drive in 'Sport'.

Reports of alarms going off in the middle of the night, cured by a dealer software update.

Mechatronic unit problems with DSG/S-tronic can cause an initial delay when setting off followed by a sudden surge. A replacement Mechatronic unit cures this. See . In the USA, VAG has been forced to increase the warranty on the DSG/S-tronic to 10 years.

Reports of very high early oil consumption of 1.2 TSI 105.

2.0 TFSIs suffering "coil pack failures", but the fault appears secondary to oil leakage into the packs.

2-12-1-2012: EGR cooler failed on September 2009 Golf 1.6TDI. VW Used car warranty refused to pay but VW paid 50%.

4-7-2009: The 2.0-litre TDI 110 PS engine is no longer available to order in the Golf VI.

4-9-2010: 35k mile 2010 Golf 1.6 TDI DSG-7 estate recalled under 34F6. Went in two weeks ago and came back sounding awful. After a short time it would pause between changes, then only respond with the sequential shift. Then it worsened, with only reverse, 2, 4 and 6 available, it was shifting second to fourth and so on. Dealer then said it needs a new box. Volkswagen is paying but there is a long wait because there are no boxes in the UK. Dealer's attitude excellent however.

17-7-2011: Misfires seem to be developing on 1.4 TSIs and injectors seem to be blamed. Links: / /

21-7-2011: 'Knocking' noises reported in 1.4TSI twincharger engines (supercharged and turbocharged). Seems that the knock sensors have been incorrectly calibrated for the prevalent fuel, whuch VAG says should be at least 95Ron. Recalibrating may work but numbers of engines have failed both in the UK and in Europe. Seems that supercharged/turbocharged injection system can wash off lube oil leading to piston failure.

23-12-2011 and 4-1-2012: Starting to hear of DPF cloggings on 1.6TDIs, usually sorted by forced regeneration by the dealer free of charge.

5-1-2012: Problem reported on 16 month old Golf 1.6TDI Bluemotion with dry clutch 7 speed DSG. When moving slowly or creeping forward or backwards on an incline e.g. when reverse parking, the car will hold on the accelerator for a few seconds, but then, without warning, the transmission will completely disengage allowing the car to roll in the opposite direction. The clutch will re-engage with more accelerator but by this time it has already rolled about half a metre. The car is fitted with the “Hill Hold” and “Stop-Start” features making “two foot” manoeuvring very complicated. The Dealership initially replaced the gearbox in November 2011 after several consultations with VW UK. The problem was still present on the new box and on a demonstrator car provided by them.

23-1-2012: Complaints from the USA and Canada of iced up Intercoolers on TDIs, even in Texas: You Tube film This can result in poor running, engine stalling/quitting, hard or no start conditions, and even 'hydrolocked' motors when a large amount of water and/or the foamy water-oil mixture is drawn into the TDi engine as a large slug. Once 'hydrolocked,' repeated attempts to turn the motor over can result in internal engine damage (such as bent connecting rods/water in the engine oil, etc.) and also potentially result in a fire as the starter motor wiring apparently overheats. Pictures of this 'foam' can be seen in selected posts within this thread: Another ICED UP INTERCOOLER See Post # 1988 (page 133) (many pictures) VW has sometimes provided owners an upgraded/updated intercooler system in an effort to combat this issue. The first redesign is apparently having mixed results and reportedly a second redesign is underway. 2012 TDI Jetta Engine froze when trying to start

5-3-2012: History of problems with 09 reg VW Golf 2.0 TDI, manual bought on 30.4.2010 with 13,520 miles from Vindis, St Ives for £11,995. Broke down on three occasions before fault on 21.1.2011 was rectified 1. A1 Slip road at St Neots - no fuel pressure 2. Farnham, Surrey, vehicle towed to Vindis St Ives - advised no fault could be found. Advised safe to drive. 3. High St, Huntingdon - RAC/ VW breakdown engineer who attended St Neots breakdown, delivered car to Vindis, St Ives. Engineer was not satisfied with it and reported not safe to drive. 21.1.2011 Carried out guided fault finding and found poor connection in the fuse box under bonnet. removed and replaced. (mileage: 20,468) 9.2.2011 Investigate clutch feels heavy, removed gearbox, found clutch to be worn due to clutch slave cylinder not releasing fully. Replaced clutch kit. (mileage: 20,828) 22.09.2011 Investigate emissions light, removed and replaced dpf sensor. (28,720) 27.2.2012 Called Vindis St Ives to report exhaust system light on dashboard. advised that they could not book vehicle in under 7th March and I was to call another Vindis Garage for earlier Date - Cambridge or Bedford. 22.2.2012 Booked appointment for exhaust system light illumination. Also carried out recall 23k2 - weight for pressure pipe at Vindis Cambridge (mileage not recorded). Ordered parts for works to be carried out on 2.3.2012 2.3.2012 Replaced egr cooler and ignition switch at Vindis Cambridge (mileage 31,343) Noticed that the light unit to rear of drivers side is full of condensation.

27-3-2012: Faults on 7 month old Golf Match Bluemotion: Bluetooth/mobile system failed 4 times. Rear wash wipe has failed to work intermittently. Heater/cooling system failed, dealer did a "Software upgrade". Stop/start system failed.

27-3-2012: Poor batch of headlights fitted to 2012 delivered GTIs. Not only is the range of the main beam very poor, but it has a distinct shadow on main beam at about the 3.0'clock position on the offside.

9-6-2012: Another report of dry clutch 7-speed DSG failure, this on a March 2009 1.4TSI with 34,000 miles. Quoted £4,000 for new transmission, but VW picked up more than half leaving reader with a £1,950 bill.

10-6-2012: Numerous complaints of water retention in the doors when parked at an angle. Suggest making sure the door drain holes are clear (they can sometimes get blocked with anti corrosion wax). Use a wooden kebab or cocktail stick as anything metal could breach the paint and lead to rusting.

4-7-2012: 210PS TFSI engines are oil sensitive and need fresh oil at least every 10,000 miles or there can be trouble with the timing chain.

20-7-2012: Sporadic reports of high oil consumption of chain cam EA113 1.8TFSI and 2.0TFSI engines. Apparently VAG considers 1,000 miles a litre to be "normal" oil consumption for these engines. The reason is probably filling the engines with synthetic oil on the production line and owners not revving the engines sufficiently to bed in the oil rings.

7-8-2012: Surprising number of minor but irritating 'mythbusting' faults with new Mk VI Golf bought from VW dealer in Lincoln: scratched radio touch screen, loose cables in engine, crooked gear knob, rear washer jet leak, ineffective windscreen wipers, rattling rear seat-back, rattle from dash. All eventually fixed apart from rattling seat. Questionmark whether, had it not been a Golf, these faults would have been such an issue.

5-9-2012: Rear suspension top links can start to rattle after a couple of years and need replacing under warranty.

5-9-2012: A/c compressor and exhaust sensor failed on November 2009 Golf 2.0TDI before the car had reached 24,000 miles. Fixed under warranty.

16-12-2012: 44k mile 2009 Golf 1.4TSI 122 required a new cam chain, indicating that longlife oil service regime is inadequate.

5-1-2013: Report of DPF failing to regenerate on 2010 1.6TDI, but no details (probably too many short runs from cold).

11-1-2013: Warranty on 7-speed dry clutch DSG extended to 5 years or 150,000 kilometres in Russia and China. Followed by recalls in Australia, Singapore and Malaysia. Problem is with the Mechatronics unit, replaced in the Singapore/Malaysia recall. The transmission reportedly makes strange noises heard inside the car when shifting from 4th to 3rd, 3rd to 2nd and 2nd to 1st. Outside the car the noise is a metallic and repetitive sound, made when the car goes over speed-bumps. reports that an angry group of French VW owners claim that Seat, Skoda and Audi drivers are also reporting the same problems.

27-2-2013: Oil pump of 2009 1.4TSI failed at 46k miles leading to a severe rattle.

7-3-2013: More short run problems reported with EGR of a 1.6TDI 105, part paid for by VW and the dealer. These engines make sense for distance driving. Not for rerpeated short runs from cold.

9-4-2013: Report of timing chain tensioners of 29k mile 2010 GTI EA113 failing and wrecking engine 1 month out of warranty. Assumed to have been on inappropriate Longlife Oil service regime.

3-5-2013: Report of failure of 6-speed manual transmission of 1.4TSI at 4 years old and 26,000 miles, always annually dealer serviced.

26-5-2013: On 2009 Golf 1.4TSi 122, original chain failed at 43k, 2nd change failed at 50k. Now on its 3rd chain, tensioner, and pulleys. Along with all the hydraulic tappets now replaced, all done under warranty.

11-6-2013: Recall of 25,000 VWs fitted with DSG transmissions in Australia.

16-6-2013: UK reader reports that eight software updates were carried out on his DSG control unit and the car is transformed. No hesitation at roundabouts; moves off smoothly on hills; handles changing hill gradients without drama: drives like an automatic. Only remaining niggle is that when driving very slowly (as when entering a roundabout) and then deciding to accelerate briskly, it just bogs down a little very briefly in second gear. But there is no doubt it is going to go.

21-6-2013: Swapping 225/45 R17 tyres to 215/50 R17s greatly improves the ride quality without significantly affecting the gearing.

21-6-2013: Swapping 225/45 R17 tyres to 215/50 R17s greatly improves the ride quality without significantly affecting the gearing.

19-7-2013: Another DSG problem reported on a less-than-3-years-old Golf 1.4TSI SE DSG. Roll back on starting even on level ground and juddering when cornering. Dealer replacing the clutches.

24-8-2013: "Low compression defect on engine cylinder no.1 causing engine misfire/poor running" diagnosed on 36k mile 2009 Golf 1.4TSI bought from VW specialist in January 2012. Eventually established that the lining of No. 1 Injector had disintegrated and the engine was therefore, beyond repair. This began on 12th August. VW offered a new erngine and dealer wanted to charge £1,400 for fitting it but VW and the dealer were eventually persuaded to swallow the whole cost. Car finally returned fixed on 14-9-2013.

1-9-2013: Engine failure on 30k mile 2009/59 VW Golf 1.4TSI purchased new and serviced on plan by VW dealer. At first, low compression diagnosed, then valves found to be burned out, then a cylinder found to be scored and problem detected at main bearings. New engine needed but offered no more than £400 discount by the dealer. Later resolved and new engine fitted.

6-10-2013: Seem to be a number of a/c compressor failures at 2 - 3 years old.

7-10-2013: This information applies to a Skoda Octavia 1.4TSI DSG, but could equally apply to any VAG car fitted with the 7-speed double dry clutch DSG or 's-tronic' transmission: "Within weeks of buying the car it developed a vibration and slight loss of power on changing from first to second gear when the gearbox was hot on long runs or a lot of town driving. The dealer re-programmed the box twice, both times the fault came back. The gearbox was re-programmed twice more. It still had the fault and neither the manufactures and the dealer could not come up with a solution, so I had to live with it. Towards the end of the warrantee period I complained again and a meew Mechatronics unit was fitted. Again the fault was back within weeks. It turned out that VAG sent out a TSB on about 13-6-2013 describing the fault exactly and it is caused by the clutch pack. VW Group will put something towards the cost of replacing it and the customer stand the rest. In my case, VW Group took the full costs. The problem is caused by one of the clutch plates warping when hot although it has done it once on me when the clutch was cold with a major loss of power. I understand new clutch packs have been modified."

26-10-2013: Failure of EGR reported on a 41k mile 2010 Golf 1.6TDI Bluemotion. Cost £698.98 to be replaced by an independent. VW refused to pay because the work had been done by an independent.

13-11-2013: Two problems reported on 3 years 10 month old Golf 1.6TDI 105. Lambda sensor failed 4 months out of warranty, bill reduced to £300. Then 3 injectors failed 10 months out of warranty, bill eventually reduced to £802.

14-11-2013: Oil consumption of 52k mile 2009/59 VW Golf GTI EA113 reported as up to 2,175km/litre. Dealer prescribed a new engine.

20-11-2013: Another EGR failure on a 23k mile 4 year old Golf VI 1.6TDI. Replaced by an independent and VW refused any goodwill.

25-11-2013: Total failure of Golf VI 1.6TDI engine 3 months out of warranty. VW refused to pay anything, but reader had taken out a Warranty Direct policy that paid the maximum due of £5,200.

30-11-2013: A/c compressor failure on 41k mile 25 month old Golf 1.6TDI Bluemotion, but might be no more than the a/c electromechanical clutch.

4-12-2013: 2010 VW Golf 1.6TDI Bluemotion fires up and runs for 5 secs then fizzles out can take 15 attemps before starting. Suspect fuel filter.

19-12-2013: 2010 Golf DSG started slipping into neutral in October 2013. Eventually diagnosed as a broken gear. But VAG parts ordering problem for DSGs has led to the car being off the road October to December and no prospect of it being fixed until mid January. However, VAG is looking after the owner by keeping him mobil and has reduced the bill for the failure from £1,500 to £540.

27-12-2013: VW Golf VI DSGs recalled in France for transmission fluid change but French reader reports loss of drive since then. VAG Technical Product Information 2026097/1 reads as follows: Bulletin 2026097/1 issued 25.08.11. Transmission – Vibrations, jerking and clattering when changing 1 – 2 while accelerating. 1.4 TSI / 7Spd DSG. Customer’s remarks. Juddering/Clattering in 2nd gear for 2 seconds accelerating through 5 – 10kph or when changing 1st to 2nd at low speed or when reversing. Occurs once the car has warmed up. Reason:Drop of friction value of multiple clutch. Current situation: Currently no effective repair possible. Replacing the multiple clutch does does not effectively fix the complaint. There is no parts damage. Working on a solution. Complaint not caused by the two-mass flywheel. Postpone repairs until a solution is available. Article about Internal Bulletin 2026097 here (in French) This is a translation: The owners of Volkswagen cars equipped with an automatic DSG7 not invade the roads, but the forums and social networks. Most of those who complain bought a car built in 2009 or 2010. they complain, but what? Obviously, there would be a structural defect at the gearbox DSG7. The problems faced by motorists are diverse. ” When I climb a hill, the engine chatters when I’m in 2nd gear. Seems like I’m stuck, and the power is not there anymore , “explained a surfer. ” When I go on pavement, there is a real rattle. Which is more annoying is that I can no longer mount a strong side as my garage slope for example , “said another witness . Having received these explanations, we sought to learn more, and there is clearly an internal memo from Volkswagen note TPI 2026097 . We hit this reference in Google, and then, surprise: the entire forums are flooded with messages from people who drive a vehicle equipped with a VW DSG7 box. They use different models: Polo, Golf, Touran, etc. … But all meet the same concern: the car “grazes” second … More on DSG problems and VAG fixes by Googling << Recall 24V9>> and <<Campaign 37G7>> Between the end of May 2011 until early November 2012 VW was putting mineral oil (G052512A2 which is the same oil they are putting in recalled vehicles now) in their 7speed DSG. That's why 2012 owners don't seem to be part of the recall but 2013 owners are. Also before the 30th of May 2011 VW was using the synthetic oil (G052171A2) they are now switching out which is why owners with vehicles from before were under the 35C1 recall for new Mechatronic and automatically got mineral oil added. This means that while 2012 Mk VIs were not subject to the recall, early 2013 MK VIIs are.

5-1-2014: Complaints of hiccuping 1.4 TSI DSG-7s when the engine is cold are now being met in the UK by a change of transmission fluid from synthetic to mineral, as per the Worldwide DSG recall.

6-1-2014: Due to a design fault with the tensioner, the timing chain of early Mk VI Golf GTI EA113 engines can slip, resulting in valves hitting pistons and the engine self-destructing. Later GTIs, from around 2011, had a modified chain tensioner.

12-1-2014: Yet another EGR failure on a Golf 1.6TDI, this a 30k mile 2010 VW Golf 1.6 TDI. First symptom 19- 13-1-2014: 'Thudding' into 1st gear and occasional loss of drive reported in 37k mile 2009 VW Golf GT TDI DSG. Probably overdue for its fluid and microfilter change. A 2009 would have originally been filled with mineral based fluid, not the synthetic fluid that caused trouble in hot countries.

3-2-2014: Total drive failure reported on Golf VI 1.4 TSI DSG when exiting junction. Not the brake switch problem. No drive at all, so reads like the 2012/2013 synthetic ATF problem knocking out and fusing the Mechatronics that has been the subject of the worldwide recall.

8-2-2014: Another Golf 2.0 TFSI EA113, this one a 2010, needed a new set of piston rings.

18-2-2014: 57k mile Golf 2.0 TDI bought from and cared for by the same dealer was always an oil user. Needed a new DPF early in life. Culminated in total engine failure with no oil pressure at 57k miles. Probably oil pump failure.

19-2-2014: Oil found in coolant of 22k mile 4 year old Golf 2.0 TDI.

21-2-2014: Turbo and EGR failure on 65k mile 2009 Golf 2.0 TDI. Quoted £1,800 by dealer, after £180 goodwill for EGR and 10% reduction in labour charge. Oil feed pipe to turbo should also be replaced. (In fairness, this sort of failure is also very common on Ford/PSA 1.6 TDCI/HDi 110.)

10-3-2014: Mechatronics failed on 2012 VW Golf 1.4 TSI DSG. Taken in for repair without question and courtesy car provided. The warning of imminent DSG failure is a spanner icon that alternates with the 'current gear' indicator at the top right of the multifunction display between the tach and speedo.

11-3-2014: DMF and clutch of 2009 Golf VI TDI SE 110 failed at 44k miles. Despite having been purchased 8 months and 10k miles previously from a VW dealer, the 'Das Welt Auto' warranty did not apply. Quoted £1,400 to replace with no goodwill.

17-3-2014: Loss of drive of 7-speed DSG in 20,000 mile 2009 Golf eventually analysed as failure of Mechatronics unit that was eventually replaced, but car had not had a transmission fluid change.

21-3-2014: Ancillaries belt came off 2.0TDI engine of 43k mile 2010 Eos (same engine as Golf), wrapping itself around the timing belt and causing severe engine damage. It appears that the design of the ancillaries belt tensioner was later modified. Early ones (as originally fitted to the 2010) had an exposed spring, whereas in later tensioners the spring was encased, presumably to prevent foreign bodies from getting into the spring and affecting its function.

24-3-2014: Further complaint that when reversing uphill in a 2011 Golf Plus 1.6 TDI BlueMotion 7-speed DSG, the transmission loses drive unless the engine is revved hard at which point drive can return suddenly.

24-3-2014: Satnav of 3.5 year old Golf TSI completely failed. Swiss dealer quoted 1,400 Swiss Franc to repair.

5-4-2014: Yet another EGR failure on 68k mile 4-year old Golf 1.6 TDI Bluemotion. Quoted a ridiculous £1,000, but job done dor a sensible £259. The component itself can be bought from a parts factor for £180.

12-4-2014: One piston burned out in a 2009 Golf 1.4 TSI that may have been the result of an inherent fault or may have been due to the negligence of a dealer who left the remains of a seal in the engine when chaiging the oil and filter. The repair bill wass more than £2,000.

26-4-2014: A/c compressor of 2009 Golf failed, damaging other components and costing £1,400 to put right.

6-5-2014: Report of brake problems with 2011/61 Golf. Dash ABS light did not light up which resulted in overheating and warping discs and having a RAC recovery. Reminiscent of the ATE/Teves troubles with the Golf Mk V.

19-5-2014: Another report of Golf 1.4 TSI DSG Mechatronics failure, this time from Malaysia on a 63k kilometre 2011 car. Now No 4 cylinder lacking compression, indicating the piston ring problem.

13-6-2014: Offside rear ABS reluctor ring and wheel hub required due to corrosion on 20,000 mile Golf Mk VI 1.4TSI. Cost £305 to replace.

16-6-2014: Three failures of injectors on a 2009 Golf 1.6TDI. The first at 11,000 miles, 6 months out of warranty, then two more failed within a further 3 months and the fourth was also replaced. Customer asked to pay £330 towards the cost.

30-6-2014: DSG transmission oil change and software update carried out as TSB 34F6 on a 20k mile June 2011 Golf 1.4 TSI DSG, but afterwards reader complained that when driving off in D the 1st gear does not bite as it quickly changes up, it is like changing gear in a manual and starting off in 2nd or 3rd gear. After the initial pulling away all is then great. No other gear box issues. The problem appears greater when the car has warmed up. Setting off in manual or S makes a slight difference but not much.

7-7-2014: DSG 2009 Golf 1.4 TSI 122 failed at 31,500 miles. Lost drive entirely. Mechatronics fuse blown. Any replacement fuse immediately blows.

12-7-2014: DSG of 22k mile 2009 Golf 1.4 TSI started to judder, particularly with 4 adults on board, despite having had a fluid change. Suspect the clutches.

19-7-2014: Another owner of a Golf 1.6 TDI DSG contacted by dealer to be offered a free inspection and gearbox oil change if necessary. Volkswagen stated that there is an issue with DSG seven speed gearbox - clutch liable to disengage and vehicle may freewheel if gearbox is filled with synthetic oil. Synthetic oil can lead to an internal short circuit. If necessary they will drain and refill with a mineral oil - no charge.

6-8-2014: VAG seems to have admitted a production problem with the timing chains of 1.4 TSI engines. This is badly translated from the German: Frank Tuch of Volkswagen said: "We do not have a serious problem. The chain damage to the 1.4 TSI was caused by accumulated manufacturing tolerances in the timing chain. The supplier of the chain had his punching tools used across the wear limit, so that they no longer punched the holes in the link plates accurately enough and tiny burrs on steel remained. Chips and burrs then ensured for abrasive wear entry. Result: the chain wears out. In addition to this manufacturing problem and the driving behaviour can be crucial: cars that got moved in predominantly short journeys, are disproportionately affected by elongated timing chains."

16-8-2014: 46k mile 2009 Golf VI 1.6 DSG suffered complete loss of drive after transmission fluid change by Volkswagen dealer.

20-08-2014: Another Golf timing chain tensioner failure reported, this one on a 50k mile 2009/59 GTI. Volkswagen offered to fix for £1,300, reduced to £910 after a goodwill payment.

20-08-2014: Volkswagen agreed to replace the clutch pack and Mechatronics after a Golf 1.4 160PS DSG started to suffer second gear shudder.

30-8-2014: Direct Injected Golf 2.0TFSI EA113 engines in GTIs highly prone to coking up of inlet valves because petrol does not wash over them and keep them clean. This was later rectified in EA888 engine which has both direct and indirect injection.

31-8-2014: Another rattling timing chain reported on a 30 month old Golf 1.4 TSI bought from a Volkswagen dealer.

1-9-2014: Regarding TSB 34F6 and DSG-7 transmission, telephone Customer Care on 0800 083 3914 0800 083 3914 {option 1}, give them your car's registration or VIN and they will tell you the situation for your car.

17-9-2014: Another DSG-7 reported to be "rattling" on a 4 year old Golf 1.4 TSI DSG on extended warranty. Clutch pack replaced and continues to rattle. Reader reported that it was investigate under 'TPI 2021120/3', but judged to be "within tolerances".

14-10-2014: 34,500 mile 2010 Golf 1.4 TSI suffered a misfire. Owner charged £640 just to diagnose that it had a cracked piston ring. VW will pay for a new 'long engine', but dealer wants a further £1,200 to fit it, quoting a 15 hour job.

3-11-2014: 2011 Golf 1.2 TSI 105 bought March 2014, now 28k miles, has needed a new drivers seat and complete air-con system (covered by warranty). Broke down on 1-11-2014 and advised it requires a new coil pack. Under the post 6 month warranty conditions, the part is covered, but not the labour charge.

9-11-2014: Juddering of 2012 Golf VI 1.4 TSI DSG cured by dealer FoC under warranty by fitting a new clutch pack.

27-11-2014: Further report of DSG 7 problems with a 2010 Golf 1.6 TDI. Car has suffered intermittent gearbox problems from early on, espedially juddering when pulling away from low revs. Clutch pack replaced under 3 year warranty. Then started clunking when changing gear. Transmission oil was changed inder the recall. Did not solve the problem. Eventually a new Mechatronics activator was prescribed. VW paid 100% of the parts and 30% of the labour leaving a £450 bill.

3-12-2014: Knocking noises heard in engine of 2009 VW Golf 1.4TSI at 43,000 miles, car last serviced March 2014. Lack of compression found in one cylinder and new engine prescribed by VW dealer at cost of £6,000, reduced to about £4,000 after 34% contribution from VW Customer Care. Suggested checking out a rebuild by a member of the Federation of Engine Remanufacturers.

18-12-2014: Apparently 1.6 TDI manuals do not have dual mass flywheels so a bit of vibration feeding into the cabin is normal.

27-12-2014: EGR of 2010 Golf 1.6 TDI failed after being subjected to a regime of short runs from cold starts for 1,000 miles over 4 months.

8-1-2015: DSG of 48,000 mile 2011 Golf 1.6 TDI auto failed. VW will replace under warranty but VW dealer requires reasonable £575 contribution towards fitting it.

16-1-2015: Yet another Golf 1.4 TSI DSG failure, this on a 19,500 mile 2011 car. Unfortunately an independent specialist messed up the job of replacing the clutches (for £1,900 including a service), landing the owner with a £5,900 + VAT bill for a new transmission. Advised to sue the independent because if this had all been done within Volkswagen the bill woukd have been on more than £1,900.

20-1-2015: Timing chain failure of 4 year old 46k mile Golf Mk VI 1.2 TSI. Dealer tried replacing chain but engine damage means new engine required. Likely to be some goodwill offered.

21-1-2015: On 20,000 mile 2010 Golf 1.6 TDI engine light keeps coming on and engine goes into limp home mode. Lambda sensor replaced by dealer but fault persisted and became worse. Suspect clogged EGR or DPF becoming choked with soot.

2-2-2015: Waterpump failed on 33k mile Golf GTD.

3-2-2015: EGR failure on 39,000 mile 2009 Golf Mk VI 1.6 TDI. Quoted £1,387.80 to fix.

13-2-2015: Series of problems reported on 34,000 mile 2009 Golf VI 1.6 TDI 105: Yellow warning light, poor starting and loss of power 1 month after service diagnosed as failed mass air flow sensor and clogged air filter (not changed at service?). 1 day later yellow warning light returned. Diagnosed as faulty no 2 injector. £833 bill. Off the road for 3 weeks. 9 days later no power again, failing to idle and stalling. VW dealer could detect no symptoms, but suggested another injector. I suggested that the culprit might be the EGR and on further investigation the dealer agreed, offering to replace injectors 1, 3 and 4 and the EGR for £3,301.54, of which it would pay £3,201.54, leaving the owner with only £100 to pay.

13-2-2015: Separate issue of failure of radio/satnav/bluetooth on 26k mile 2010 Golf. Dealer wants £1,897 + VAT + fitting to fix it and Customer Care will not help.

23-2-2015: 30,000 mile 2012 Golf 1.4 TSI SE DSG Cabrio suffering DSG problems. "From the start when changing from 1st to 2nd the engine would lose power momentarily - but scarily! I was told this was normal and I should use Sport mode; this made no difference. Every service I have pointed this out. Another fault has developed - when pulling off from low speed, or using the spiral access to a car park, the car shudders until a speed of 15-20 mph is reached. Again, the garage has said at each service interval there is no fault and I have been advised to drive faster. The service manager thought that a software upgrade should fix the problem and the car was duly sent to the garage only to discover it already has the software upgrade." No mention of the recall to switch fhe fluid from synthatic to mineral.

12-4-2015: Jerking transmission reported on 2012 Golf 1.4 TSI DSG still under warranty. Volkswagen franchise specified software upgrede, but no mention of transmission fluid change. Might need a new clutch pack. See: 9-11-2014.

20-4-2015: 11,400 mile 2012 Golf R suffered suspicious failure of Haldex clutch and rear diff 300 miles after routine Haldex clutch oil change by VW dealer. Dealer wanted £3,260 to replace it after £2,239 contribution from Volkswagen. But the question remains, what did the dealer do that brought about its demise just 300 miles later?

30-4-2015: Report of piston crown burning out in engine of 2011 Golf 1.2 TSI after 37k miles. Repair cost £2,115 reduced to £500 after contributions from dealer.

18-5-2015: Report from visiting Australian of problems of loss of drive from Golf DSG ever since purchase in 2010. It has been back and forward to the dealer in Western Australia, with VW HQ in Sydney being less than helpful. Owner/driver placed in dangerous situations a number of times. The car has only done 24,000 kms, and is in excellent condition but when she tried to trade it in recently she was told if it was a 2010 Golf with DSG gearbox problems it was worth very little.

7-6-2015: History of problems with 2013/62 reg Golf Plus 1.4 TSI DSG. In January 2014 the clutches were adjusted. In August 2014 the car was recalled for the DSG fluic to be changed and an internal pipe replaced. On 8 Jan 2015 at the car's second service VW Newark noted that the judder was "very slight". On 20 Feb 2015 car booked into VW Newark to have the judder investigated again. Invoice stated "Found TPI advising REPAIR is being prepared but is not yet available. We will advise when available." On 3 June 2015 email from Paul Malone VW (UK) suggesting we, again, book FH62AHZ in for a further inspection. There was no "repair" available yet. Reader now exasperated with the DSG judders and seeking to reject the car.

11-6-2015: 2009 7-speed Golf DSG lost Drive completely on the A12 in Sussex. Apparently on the list to be recalled for a transmission oil change even though too early to have been filled with synthatic on the line.

15-6-2015: 2011 Golf 1.6 TDI MATCH DSG needed new EGR valve. Now having issues with DSG such as stuck in gear 2 to 3 and driver needs to lift foot to help it to change up.

2-7-2015: 52k mile 2010 Golf 1.6 TDI needed new EGR at £575 and, of course, a replacement timing belt, tensioner and waterpump.

8-7-2015: Coil light indicating engine problem on 2010 Golf 1.6 TDI, probably the EGR.

14-7-2015: Dealer replaced Mechatronics of 2009 7-speed Golf 1.4TSI DSG mentioned 11-6-2017 Free of Charge because had been filled with "the wrong oil" in production.

9-8-2015: Information received that VAG DSGs built May 2011 to November 2012 were not recalled for a change of transmission fluid. It seems that while working out what was the true cause of the problem, VW changed backward and forward between different oils, and that Golfs built from May 2011 to Nov 2012 were filled with the original oil type (G052512A2) to which VW has now reverted to from the synthetic (G052171A2) and consequently are not included in the recall. However it's impossible to get this confirmed or denied.

VAG DSG Recall (1)

5-9-2015: 3 year old Golf 1.4TSI DSG suffering a gap when the gears are changing in the low gears this then leads to a clunk when the box changes to the next gear it is intermittent but gradually getting worse. May not have had the transmission fluid change. May be a fault with the Dual Mass Flywheel.

12-9-2015: Low compression on 47k mile 2009/59 VW Golf 1.4TSI found be be caused by a cracked block. Similar to case on 3-12-2014.

17-9-2015: 2011 VW Golf 1.6TDI DSG lost transmission fluid, first alerted by a flashing spanner over the gear indicator. Looking at £2k-£5k bill to re4place transmission.

26-9-2015: Clutch and DMF of 2012 VW Golf 1.4TSI failed at 33,000 miles, slightly out of 3 year warranty. VW dealer made a goodwill contribution to the replair, bringing the cost down to £1,145.

30-9-2015: MoT tester reported that software in the ECU of Golf TDIs cuts maximum revs to 2,500rpm during the standard diesel smoke opacity test when the engins is supposed to be taken to maximum governed revs.

3-10-2015: Whine from engine of 32k miles 2012 Golf 1.4TSI was thought to be the waterpump, but this was replaced three times and, after a short period of quiet, the whine always returned. Probably caused by misalignment of the timing chain.

10-10-2015: Complaint that last year at 36k miles the EGR of a 2009/58 VW Golf 1.6TDI EA189 needed to be replaced and that the same replacement EGR was needed on the reader's sister's 1.6TDI.

5-11-2015: EPC and catalytic converter warning lights lit up on 24k mile year 2000 Golf 1.4TSI. Dealer diagnosed need for new throttle pedal module at £490 including £100 for the diagnostics. VW agreed to pay.

VW EA198 Fix

26-11-2015: Volkswagen announced fix for EA189 1.6TDI and 2.0TDI engines. A “flow transformer” will be fitted directly in front of the air mass sensor on the EA189 1.6TDI engine. This is a mesh that calms the swirled airflow in front of the air mass sensor and will improve the measuring accuracy of the air mass sensor. (The air mass sensor determines the air mass throughput, which is a very important parameter for the engine management for an optimum combustion process.)In addition, a software update will be performed on the 1.6TDI. The workshop time is expected to be less than a hour. The EA189 2.0TDI engines will get a software update. The programming time for this will be around half an hour. The objective is still to achieve the applicable emission targets without any adverse effects on the engine output, fuel economy and performance. However, as all model variants first have to be measured, the achievement of these targets cannot yet be finally confirmed. Based on this, service concepts are currently being developed for all 28 EU markets concerned. The aim is to implement the update in the first vehicles during a recall starting in January 2016. However, to compete the entire recall is likely to take until the end of 2016. Volkswagen will contact all customers and endeavour to consider individual customer needs during the implementation of the recall to avoid any disadvantages for the customer such as possible loss of mobility. All customers will be offered free courtesy cars if required. Since the beginning of October 2015, all Volkswagen customers have been able to check for themselves whether their vehicle is affected by the diesel issue. At every customer can enter their vehicle identification number to obtain clear information.

28-11-2015: 2011 Golf EA189 1.6TDI Bluemotion with full VW service history suffered an EGR problem and went int limp mode. Owner turned engine off for 30 seconds, warning light went off and engine has been okay since. Took to VW dealer for diagnostics which had the gall to quote £800 for 7hrs labour (VW would replace the parts FoC because it is a recognised problem). If its not fixed reader was told it can cause more damage to the engine (apart from the obvious problems to traffic of the engine de-powering on the road)

30-11-2015: 2011 VW Golf EA189 1.6TDI Match used for short runs and run down the motorway "periodically" to clear the DPF lost power twice after the motorway runs and 'two loop' symbol lit up. If left for an hour car then ran fine again. Seems to be same symptons as 28-11-2015 above.

4-12-2015. 4 year old 2012 Golf 1.6TDI required new DSG transmission. 3 months into ownership in 2012 it lost drive. A replacement mechatronics unit at a cost of £1,350 was put in under warranty. Then in October 2012 a few months later the gearbox was holding in first gear for too long. A software update on both the engine and gearbox control units was carried out under warranty. Then in September 2014 the car was then subject to the recall action 34F6 where the transmission oil was changed and a software update conducted. The car has been serviced regularly as per the manufacturers guidance. The car is now at VW in Reading where on the 1st December 2015 it underwent a diagnostic test as it had not been going into the odd gearbox sequence. They stripped the gearbox down to find metal filings within it and said it needed a brand new gearbox costing £5,000. The dealer said he had seen cars under 4years old with the same problem. Cost of repair was reduced to £449.

16-12-2015: Engine failure in used privately bought 2010 VW Golf VI 1.4TSI 160 Twincharger at 42,000 miles that had been 'LongLife' serviced. No compression in chamber 2. Engine stripped down. Revealed a broken piston head and scoring to the bore. VW dealership estimated cost of repair at £5,868.20. Dealer contacted VW customer services and together they offered a 1/3 of the price each, with the expectation that the owner should pay the remaining 1/3rd (£2,000).

18-12-2015: EGR failed on 2011 VW Golf V1 1.6TDI EA189. Dealer quoted £1,000 to replace. Likely that VW will be forced to replace the EGRs on these 'Dieselgate' engines with moderate mileage FoC.

8-2-2016: Coolant hose to turbo of 2012 Golf VI GTI failed. The part costs £125 but dealer said it involves 4 hours of labour as they have to dismantle the rear part of the engine. Total cost £ 725. Same reader's wife's 2010 Golf 2.0TDI developed a faulty dual mass flywheel which needed replacement after 2 months from new (factory fault) and again at 37,000 miles when it failed for a 2nd time. Cost of replacement £1,600. He objected and the cost was reduced.

13-2-2016: Report of glow plug light coming on in 2010 Golf EA189 1.6TDI at 64k miles, indicating problem with EGR valve. Car has not been in for NOx emissions 'fix'.

14-2-2016: Slipped/stretched timing chain reported on 2009 VW Golf Mk VI GTI EA113 at 47,000 miles.

19-2-2016: Report of problem with headlights of 2011/61 Golf Bluemotion leaving an unlit area in front of the car at road level. Light up the trees and the road immediately in front of the car but not forwards. First time this complaint received.

16-3-2016: 72k mile 2010 Golf GTI failed to start after running normally. Towed to VW dealer and diagnosis looks like it will be "no compression following timing chain failure".

19-3-2016: EGR replaced under used car warranty on 2011 Golf 1.6TDI Bluemotion in December 2015. Now losing coolant. Suspect EGR cooler of gasket.

21-3-2016: ABS/ESP failure light reported on 17,000 mile 2010 VW Golf 1.4TSI DSG estate. A VW dealer should fix this free of charge, or for not more than £500 using a kit supplied by

23-3-2016: ABS/ESP light flashing on 2010 VW Golf estate. Supplying dealer told reader that VW had stopped repairing these FoC or at discounted rates and wanted £1,400 for the repair. We advised that as the car is still less than 6 years old he may be able to claim against the supplying dealer. Otherwise a case of sending the ABS/ESP module to ECU Testing for the brake pressure sensor to be replaced. Total cost should not be more than £600.

4-4-2016: Report of clearcoat over water-based solid red paint of 6 year old VW Golf VI flaking off in sheets.

24-5-2016: Problems reported with 2010 Volkswagen Golf 1.6TDI Match from new. EGR went after a few months and was sorted under warranty. In 2015 EGR went again and VW gave some goodwill, namely free part and reader paid labour. DMF went in Summer 2015 and he had this replaced independently. Now back in garage as went in limp mode 21/22 May (not nice on motorway), coil light on and engine management light on, and says 'engine fault workshop'. Diagnosis says cylinder 2 injector fault.

29-5-2016: DSG failure reported on 2011/61 Volkswagen Golf 1.6TDI at 47,000 miles. VW fixing it for £250 dealer labour charge but will not provide a courtesy car for the 10 day repair.

30-5-2016: DSG problems reported with a succession of Golf VIs. Reader now wants a non DSG/non-Powershift.

14-6-2016: Used 2009 Golf 2.0 TDI 140 DSG with 117k miles sold by independent dealer with faulty DSG transmission. Problems could have been due to age or failure to regularly change the fluid. Quoted £2059 plus VAT for stripping out the gearbox and replacing the clutch pack and possibly an additional £1679 plus VAT for additional work.

15-6-2016: Mildly noisy timing chain reported in engine of 2011 VW Golf 1.4TSI at 34k miles despite annual oil services at VW dealer.

17-6-2016: Report of 94k mile 2010 VW Golf 2.0TDI going in for NOx Emissions Software upgrade in May 2016. Work done within a few hours, assurances made that all had gone well and there should be no noticeable difference in the car's performance. However, as soon as reader drove away from the garage, the car felt very different. The car 'juddered' in 4th & 5th gear and felt like it was about to stall unless dropped down to a lower gear. Car back to VW dealer for further investigations where it still remains after 3 weeks. VW dealer liaising with VW in Germany and more work has been done (free of charge) - EGR replaced again (despite it having been replaced in March 2016 by local independent garage) and one of the fuel injectors has also replaced but the car is still not fixed. (HJ adds: this tells us that the software upgrade alters the fuelling so the engine will develop less torque and be less flexible at low rpm. Could be an inherent problem with this 94k mile car. But maybe running on higher cetane diesel such as Shell V-Power or BP Ultimate could solve it because this gives more torque at low rpm.)

24-7-2016: Report of tinkle from engine of 2009 VW Golf GTI at 42,000 miles on attempting to re-start after 6 mile run. Engine number: WVWZZZ1KZAW066023. Turned out to be failure of the chain tensioner. Despite engine having only turned tor 3 seconds on the starter motor and not fired, the local VW dealere charge the owner £86 to diagnose that the engine was wrecked and quoted him £5079.66 to replace the engine. I would like to see each combustion chamber probed and photographed to properly assess the damage because I think there is a very good chance that the engine can be saved.

24-7-2016: Second report the same day of a tinkle from the timing chain tensioner of a Mk VI Golf GTI. This one a 2012 Golf Mk VI GTI Edition 35 Petrol DSG, Nov 2012, 34,500 miles. Owner advised not to start the car and to get the timing chain tensiner replaced immediately without starting the car. Owner advised to threaten the dealer that if dealer starts the car and engine is damaged he will sue for the full price of a new engine. Sue afterwards for the cost of the tensioner replacement.

5-8-2016: Report of DSG of 2012 VW Golf 1.6 TDI DSG failing (some internal parts had shattered). Car VW maintained from new. Expecting some goodwill.

15-8-2016: Piston ring failure in no 1 cylinder reported in engine of 2009 VW Golf 1.4TSI 160 Twincharger at 28,760 miles. VW offered £1,000 towards the cost of the repair.

17-8-2016: Report of Golf Mk VI 1.4TSI engine management light and exhaust light both on. Originally it started with the check oil light which after checking and adding new oil has been resolved but now this other problem. The car seems to drag its heels when trying to pull away at junctions and whilst driving keeps juddering almost like its choking. It appears to not want to speed up an motorways etc where normally the turbo kicks in. Owner thought fuel injectors. More likely timing chain stretched and slipped.

27-8-2016: Report of EGR failure of family sourced 2011 VW Golf 1.6TDI at 26,000 miles. VW dealer in Twickenham initially quoted £1,300 for the repair, later reduced to £700 on the basis of VW providing a replacement EGR FoC. Another VW dealer in Wolverhamption quoted £100 for a "diagnostic check" then £590 labour to do the job, assuming VW would supply the EGR FoC. Recommended that the reader remind VW that this is an EA189 engine, subject of the emissions defeat scandal, and that the EGR should be replaced FoC as part of the free recall update that, at 27-8-2016, still had not been instituted in the UK for the EA189 1.6TDI.

3-9-2016: Report of EPC light of 2009 VW Golf 1.4TSI DSG coming on a few times at 4 years old. Nothing happened drove OK. Owner took it to the dealer: £530 for a new throttle pedal assembly. Paid £130 of that. August 2016 coming up a steep EPC light came on again with a loss of power, it got owner home. Another new pedal required as well as lots of new wiring, this time over £600. (Could be timing chain; could be DSG.)

20-9-2016: Report of loss of boost at motorway speeds from 65k miles 2010 VW Golf MkVI 1.4 TSi and now have an engine management warning light appear on the dash. Local independent plugged car in and reported possible turbo problems. Might be suffering from turbo bearing oil starvation because the turbo bearing oil delivery and oil return pipes are partially blocked with carbonised oil. These pipes will need to be replaced if you need a new turbo anyway, so might make sense to try that first.

21-9-2016: Report of significant oil leak from transmission of 62k mile VW Golf Mk VI. VW has stated that warranty was finished at 60k miles, but car must have been older than 3 years anyway.

21-9-2016: Owner of 2011 VW Golf 1.6TDI (EA189) that is yet to be recalled for the NOx emissions fix told that EGR cooler needs replacing at a cost of £1,000. We have received numerous reports of VW supplying the part FoC (depending on mileage), but of VW dealers charging a fortune to fit it.

3-10-2016: Transmission failed on Golf Mk VI 2.0TDI, ironically just after the car has received its emissions software fix. Suffered breakage of a spring on the clutch that wore a groove in the transmission eventually causing a transmission oil leak. VW agreed to pay a percentage of the parts, but it still leaves a big bill. Not the first time we have heard of this failure.

16-10-2016: Owner of 2011 VW Golf 1.6TDI EA189 (see 21-9-2016) received a further letter from VW, stating "..our intention is to release service measures for all remaining vehicles with an outstanding EA189 service action by the end of 2016. Implementation of these technical measures will however continue into 2017." So basically in October 2016 the emissions defeat fix for 1.6TDIs had yet to be implemented.

23-10-2016: Owner of 46,770 mile 2012 VW Golf VI Estate SE 1.6 TDI 105PS asked to pay £1,365.58 for replacement of EGR valve and both the dealer and VW UK refused to offer any goodwill. Referred to Leigh Day that is handling a class action against VW UK over the EA189 emissions defeat device issue., Other solicitors working on Class Actions for Volkswagen Owners are Attwood Solicitors.

28-10-2016: Curious case of 2011/60 reg Golf 1.4 Twist 80PS intermittently failing to start. Clutch depressed. Ignigion switch turned, and warning 'CLUTCH' appears on dash.

4-11-2016: Report of waterpump failing on 2009 Golf 1.4TSI. Routinely replaced at owner's cost, but then a whistling developed from the timing chain, possibly the tensioner.

5-11-2016: Reader quoted £550 to replace rocker cover and injector seals due to "leakage"

14-11-2016: Report of high pressure fuel pump of 2010 VW Golf 1.6TDI failing at 62,000 miles. Metal particles found in fuel filter between pump and injectors. Must be due either to misfuelling, to contaminated diesel or to high moisture content biodiesel.

21-11-2016: Report of 2009 VW Golf VI 1.4TSI DSG having needed two clutch packs and a driveshaft replacing when in warranty and now at 9500 miles the engine is losing compression. Quoted £6,000 for a new engine. In the owner's words, " This car has been a dog from the moment it was bought."

30-11-2016: Report of coolant leak from engine of 64k mile 2009 VW Golf 1.4TSI in the "engine flange" quoted by VW dealer at £3,000 to repair.

5-12-2016: EGR reported choked on 2010 VW Golf VI 1.6TDU DSG, but no mention of mileage.

19-12-2016: Report of EGR light of 2010 VW Golf 1.6TDI 105 DSG intermittently flashing on and off at 45k miles. Checked at last service and VW dealer said it was a bit sooty on the outside but was fine for another year or two. Specialist ran diagnostics on it a few times and no fault indicated. Last week the gearbox light started poppping on and off - again took it to the specialist and the diagnostics showed no faults. Even if lights were on. The specialist is asking £700 for an EGR replacement. Car only used around town and within Dorset.

19-12-2016: Report of 7-speed DSG transmission of 2010/60 reg "packing up". (Possibly due to original ynthetic oil having been replaced with mineral oil, but mineral oil not then subsequently replaced after 3 years.)

19-12-2016: Rattle reported from engine/transmission of 2010 VW Golf 1.4TSI manual at 24k miles. VW dealer software update did not fix it.

20-12-2016: Report of EGR of VW Golf 2.0TDI failing for the 6th time and dealer has quoted £1,600 to replace it. The last time it failed was just over 2 years ago but VW picked up the cost. This time they refuse to make any contribution. Car owned since new with a full VW service history.

6-1-2017: First owner we heard of notified that the NOx 'fix' is now available for EA 189 1.6TDIs.

12-1-2017: Report of DSG of 2011 Golf failing and owner being quoted £1,950 for repair. This happened 3 months after the NOx emissions fix that had been carried out in October 2016.

26-1-2017: Report to Ask of EGR cooler of 2010 Golf 1.6TDI clogging immediately after EA189 NOx emissions 'fix'.

1-2-2017: Report of VW Golf EA189 2.0TDI subsequent to NOx emissions fix: "there is now a top end knock/rattle that my local VW garage say they are unaware of...the car is so loud that it is unsaleable. There is also a hesitation on acceleration, and the only thing the dealer has said is that it is a coincidence. We dont have a leg to stand on...they say they have done 100's and are unaware of problems, then say it is a VW issue, not dealer issue? It has done 35 mile since the EA189 FIX."

1-2-2017: Report of mpg of VW Golf EA189 1.6TDI dropping from 44mpg to 39mpg after the NOx emissions fix.

1-2-2017: Further report of EGR of VW Golf Mk VI EA189 2.0TDI failing after NOx emissions 'fix'. After the fix the owner travelled from London to Cornwall. On the way on two occasions, the Glow Plug warning light started flashing and the car went into limp mode. This was sorted when owner restarted the car. On the way back to London, this warning light came on along with the Catalytic Converter Light on constant. The car lost power. Recovery was called and diagnostics showed that the issue was with the EGR valve. Owner was recovered 300 miles back home. Owner's local garage hooked the car up to a diagnostic machine and fault code P0403 - EGR CIRCUIT PASSIVE / CIRCUIT MALFUNCTION showed up. He was told that as he had recently had the software updated at VW he should take it back for them to reciting as the fix costs in the region of £1,000. He took the car to VW and they diagnosed the fault and are waiting to hear from head office if the fault is links to the update. (In this case the VW dealer replaced the EGR FoC.)

3-2-2017: Report of VW Golf EA189 1.6TDI becoming fifficult to start after NOx emissions 'fix'. Fault does not show up in dealer diagnostics and dealer is liaising with WW to try to rectify the fault. An Up loan car has been provided.

3-2-2017: Report of owner of EA189 Golf 1.6TDI receiveing recall via DVLA. "It's time for your vehicle to have its EA 189 NOx emissions service action applied'. The car was booked in at the local VW dealership and the work done on 31st January. Using the car on 1st February it broke down 4 to 5 miles into the journey, with a failed injector and is now back with the dealer in Bury, North Manchester. The dealer maintains that the two events are unconnected, but it seems a strange coincidence. The dealer has emailed Germany for 'goodwill', but I understand that the injectors are expensive pieces of kit working out at circa£500. The car is used in the main for longer journeys, has received an annual service (initially with the dealer and then with a local motor engineer) and has a comparatively low mileage. (The local motor engineer had earlier replaced one of the pulleys after the belt snapped and maintained that the wrong pulley had been fitted from new.) Reader advises others to ignore the update advice.

6-2-2017: "Grating" reported from twin wet clutch DSG of 2009 VW Golf 2.0TDI GT, shortly after a transmission oil and filter change. Probably needs a new clutch pack.

6-2-2017: Another report of EA189 NOx emissions 'fix' to VW Golf 1.6TDI Bluemotion causing problems. Car had the 'fix' two days ago and this morning had to be recovered and towed back to the garage after driving less than thirty miles since the 'fix' was applied. Had intermittent power loss and engine stalling but the diagnostics are not showing any fault. VW very reluctant to admit it has anything to do with the fix.

7-2-2017: Report of VW Golf VI 2.0 TDI 140 DSG SE going in for 75,000 mile service to the VW dealer where owner had a maintenance plan. The service was to include replacing DSG oil and filter and changing the brake fluid. Prior to the service the car was averaging 58mpg. After the service it has been averaging 50mpg. The dealer confirmed that it had carried out the EA189 NOx emissions software fix.

8-2-2017: Report of VW Golf VI EA189 1.6TDI going in for NOx emissions fix and starting to smoke heavily the next day. Dealer took it back. had it for 3 days and finally told him it's nothing they did and that he "needs the engine remapped".

9-2-2017: Report of a 2010 VW Golf Mk 6 needing a new EGR valve earlier in its life, then another just a week after going in for the NOx emissions 'fix'. Owner refused to pay VW dealer for the replacement and had it done by a local garage for £130 less than the dealer quoter.

13-2-2017: Report of VW Golf EA189 1.6TDI having EGR valve replaced in November 2016 at 59k miles. Went in for NOx emissions 'fix' on 1st February 2017 and number plate light started flashing. That was fixed and now glow plug light is flashing for the EGR valve when driving at 60mph plus. Als car generally does not drive as well.

20-2-2017: Report of 2011 VW Golf EA189 1.6TDI going in for NOx emissions fix and the glow plug light came on twice with associated loss of power in the following week. Probably a choking EGR.

22-2-2017: Report of problems with VW Golf 1.6TDI EA189 after combines timing belt replacement and NOx emissions fix. " After this the car does not seem same, it has lost the power and affected mpg. I have taken the car back to the dealer and they are saying it has nothing to do with the timing belt or emission fix, and they are saying that my DSG clutch needs to be replaced and their log report showing logs of DSG problem. However I can feel a clear difference in car performance and I suspect it is coz if emissions fix not a DSG problem. I don't want to pay £2000 to get the DSG clutch fixed." We can't say of the problem is the emissions fix or the DSG clutch pack, but £2,000 seems over the top for a DSG clutch pack.

7-3-2017: Report of EA 189 NO2 service on 2012 MK6 GOLF 1.6 TDI 52k mileage. Got the glow coil warning light within 2/3 days of service, car went into limp mode, stop, switch off engine to reset. Took it back to local VW to diagnose fault. Was told EGR fault but was not related to emission adjustment. Did not buy this, adamant VW fault. Said they would consult with WV UK and get to me. Have now offered me repair but I must pay 10% of labour cost i.e £62 (total labour/parts £1057) otherwise they cannot offer any warranty on the replacement parts/labour.

8-3-2017: Report of 2010 VW Golf EA189 1.6TDI showing signs of EGR problems at 64k miles. Dealer offered diagnosis at £64 and on results of that might seek a goodwill payment. Car has not yet had NOx emissions fix.

8-3-2017: Report of numerous problems of used 44k mile 2012 Golf 2.0TFI Bluemotion bought from a VW dealer: W ithin the first month the interior light and windscreen washer weren't working. these were sorted under warranty. 35 days after purchasing the car, the gearbox/clutch was changed due to the clutch pressure plate piece breaking off and making a hole in the gearbox causing a gearbox leak. 2 months later, engine management light came on and is put down to EGR circuit failure.

22-3-2017: Report of cracked piston crown and failed piston ring in 36k mile 2009 VW Golf TSI 160. Owner told that attempting a repair could cost more than a replacement engine. Happily, the dealer and VW got together and contributed a lot of goodwill towards a fix.

22-3-2017: Report of post NOx emissions fix problems with 2012/62 VW Golf 2.0TDI. Recently the glow plug light comes on whilst driving and car loses all power. When owner turns the engine off and back on it clears the fault and doesn't come back until he takes another 20 minute journey. Took the car for a 30 minute drive as was told it could be soot causing the problem but the same fault appears.

27-3-2017: Report of 47,000 miles 2010 VW Golf 1.6TDI going in to VW dealer for NOx emission fix and owner being offered a "free health check" at thre same time. "Free health check" resulted in owner being told his car had an EGR Valve fault and cost to repair wll be £1,300 - £1,600. Owner then called Volkswagen customer service and asked to reduce the cost as a goodwill. Volkswagen stated that it was unrelated and would not contribute.

27-3-2017: Report of post NOx emissions fix 2011 VW Golf 1.6 TDI becoming jerky when changing gears, fuel economy has dropped, the DPF is regenerating more than ever before and the EGR is leaking water/oil.

28-3-2017: Report of failure of Mechatronics of DSG of 2009 VW Golf 1.4TSI that had been serviced locally by non VW specialists and had never been submitted for replacement of its synthetic fluid with mineral fluid. Quoted £6,000 to replace, which is probably more than the value of the car.

28-3-2017: Report of post NOx emissions fix problems on 2010 EA189 VW Golf 2.0GT TDI. Engine warning lights, glow plug lights, limp home mode, EGR fault codes and DPF warning coming on. "The car was perfect before the upgrade and has gradually gone down hill."

29-3-2017: Report of VW Golf EA189 1.6 TDI DSG changing up to 5, 6 and 7 earlier than it did before the NOx emissions fix and then, having changed up, the engine is labouring.

1-4-2017: EGR failure reported on VW Golf EA189 1.6TDI estate, happily still under a used car warranty, so EGR replaced FoC and NOx emissions fix then carried out at the same time.

3-4-2017: Report of changes to 2010/60 VW Golf VI EA189 1.6TDi BMT after NOx emissions fix. DSG now changes up int 7th much earlier then before at around 40 mph with the engine labouring on occasions. It is also very jerky when cold and manouvering at low revs/speed and the fan continues to run on now after switch off. (This is because the fix creates more soot so the DPF needs to actively regenerate more often.)

3-4-2017: Report that 2010 Golf Estate had emissions fix at the beginning of January 2017. On way home 35 miles later car broke down and since then the fan runs 50% of the time after vehicle switched of. Also, the engine hunts when idling and fuel economy is down to 30-32 mpg instead of the 50-54 mpg previously.

4-4-2017: Golf 1.6TDI taken for NOx emissions fix. N ow stalling intermittently with loss of power.

5-4-2017: Golf 1.6TDI taken for NOx emissions fix. 3 days later engine coolant light came on (due to active regeneration). Next week DPF filter light came on. Went off after car left standing for a few days. Now 3 weeks after fix engine management light has been on and off and now the emissions light has come on with the engine management light.

19-4-2017: 2011 Golf 1.6TDI DSG went in for NOx emissions fix w/c 10th April. Faied the day after, losing power and engine management light came on. Limped home and back to VW dealer where diagnostics showed an EGR fault code. Owner told that VW is now out of stock of this part.

25-4-2017: Report that after the VAG EA189 NOx emissions 'fix' a VW Golf Mk VI 2.0 TDI lost power while cruising on the motorway. The 'glow plug' warning light was flashing indicating there is a fault in the engine management system. The engine runs 'reasonably' well up to 2000 revs and then misfires and drops revs. Owner took it back to the dealer who fitted a new EGR FoC and all is now fine.

3-5-2017: Fault with DSG of 72,000 mile 2010 VW Golf 1.4TSI. Fault identified with the hydraulic pump on the gearbox, but there are no symptoms other than the gear indicator on the dashboard starts flashing after the engine's warmed up. Fluid had been chaged from synthetic to mineral in 2014 at 46,000 miles.

22-5-2017: Another report of EGR failure in a VW Golf VI with EA189 1.6TDI engine one month after NOx emissions fix.

6-6-2017: Complaint of VW Golf Mk VI 1.4TSI 7-speed DSG losing all its oil from failed seal resulting in total failure of the transmission at 30,000 miles.

15-6-2017: At 150,000 miles, Mechatronics of VW Golf 1.6TDI started to fail. First seemed to “slip” a gear. The emissions control lamp came on (yellow engine) and where the display shows the gear its in It showed a flashing spanner. The car drives but won’t go into any gears other than 2nd and 4th once the spanner has appeared When the car is turned off and back on the emissions light is still on, but the gears problem seems to re-set. It then happens again when the car gets enough speed to attempt to change from 2nd to 3rd… again it jumps to 4th and then not allowing you into any other gears. Owner took it to VW garage and they tested the faults, etc. The fault found says: 005946 – Position sensor 1 for gear selector P173A – 000 – Implausible Signal – Intermittent – MIL ON Freeze Frame: Fault Status: 10100000 Fault Priority: 0 Fault Frequency:9 Reset counter: 40 Mileage 24344 K Time Indication: 0 Date 2001.14.16 Time: 15:15:21 The garage suggests it needs a new Mechatronic about £1600 Fitted. Also suggest that the Clutch pack and dual mass flywheel are done at a further £1400 Total £3,000…probably as much as the car iis worth.

19-6-2017: Problems reported with 39,000 mile 2011/61 VW Golf 1.6TDI DSG after the NOx emissions fix. When accelerating, car "makes a noise like a gun shot"; also "a bit of bump/blow." It doesn't happen if the car is at high speed such as on motorway. But whenever owner tries to push the accelerator pedal, gets the noise with the blow/shake.

12-7-2017: Report of 2011/61 VW Golf Mk6 1.6TDI Match Bluemotion suffering a leak from the EGR cooler which the owner's mechanic was unable to fix. Car then went in tor the NOx emissions fix and the VW dealer declined to do the work because of the condition of the EGR, asking an outrageous £1,100 - £1,200 to replace the EGR first. This corresponds with a BBC Watchdog investigation on 12-7-2017 into the entire VAG NOx Emissions Fix issue, which might lead to public opinion forcing VAG to be more generous. EGR failure on VAG 1.6 TDIs has been of epidemic proportions for years; long before the NOx emissions issue was raised.

17-7-2017: Report of EGR failing on 2011/61 VW Golf 1.6TDI (EA189). No indication of whether car had been subject to the NOx emissions fix or not. Went into limp home mode. Local garage diagnosed turbo pressure below spec, re-set fault codes, car ran fine for 3 days then problem re-occured so they suspected the EGR and disconnected it.

28-7-2017: Report of EGR cooler of 2010 VW Golf 1.6TDI (EA189) failing very soon after NOx emissions fix at a mere 31,000 miles. Owner billed £763.80. Asked if could get this back from VW and we think he can.

31-7-2017: Report of radiator fan of VW Golf TDI coming on regularly. post NOx fix, on both short and long journeys. Back to dealer 3 times and still happening. This is because the DPF is having to work harder to regenerate the extra soot created by the fix (reducing NOx increases soot). However the fix is supposed to sort this out by a more complex injection cycle and it could be that your injectors are not responding to the new software.

3-8-2017: Report of engine failure of 2010 VW Golf 1.6TDI at 51k miles, two months after NOx emissions fix. Quoted £3k - £4k for replacement engine (by whom?). Should be covered by this, as sent to owners of Skodas after the fix: “if a customer makes a complaint to an Authorised Repairer or to the Volkswagen Group in respect of a failure of the EGR, fuel injection system or emissions after treatment system within 24 months following the date of the implementation of the technical measures, in respect of a vehicle with mileage not exceeding 160,000 miles, SKODA will consider the complaint very carefully and if such complaint was established to have arisen as a result of the implementation of the technical measures, then Skoda will act responsibly and swiftly, in line with its goodwill policy, as supplemented in the annex, to respond to the consumers’ reasonable concerns.”

11-8-2017: Report of injector failure on 2011 VW Golf Mk VI 1.6 TDI at 59,000 miles. E missions fix carried out in March 2017. Since then, fan has been working after stopping 2/3 times a week. Last week car went into limp mode and AA declared failure of injector 4. Currently with dealer awaiting assessment. Likely to be repaired FoC.

12-8-2017: Report that after the NOx emissions fix a 2010 VW Golf EA189 1.6TDI went into limp mode at 31,000 miles. Needed a new EGR Cooler at a cost of £763:80. Owner wanted to know if he can reclaim this. On the basis of the letter (3-8-2017 above), we think he can.

17-8-2017: Report that Golf 1.6TDI Bluemotion with 83,000 miles had NOx emissions fix in May 2017. Since then the EGR was replaced as a goowill gesture but car was still losing power, stalling, using more fuel, idle revs fluctuating and regenerating its DPF constantly to the extent the radiator fans were on all the time. Eventually the engine got so hot the coolant evaporated. Dealer is saying there are air pockets in the engine with soot from the EGR valve which they are going to clean out. Explanation: The process of reducing NOx creates more soot. The fix is supposed to overcome that by creating an extra injection cycle. But that won't work if the injectors are too worn. So, assuming the rest of your engine is fit enough, the final fix is to replace the injectors, the EGR, and probably the DPF as well because the extra soot inside it will have turned to ash (which explains the extreme heat) and if it hasn't blocked the DPF already, it will soon. Altogether, more than £3k's worth of work needed on the car. What the dealer did was replace the EGR for a second time and also replaced the waterpump and the timing belt, then handed the car back as repaired.

24-8-2017: Report of timing chain being replaced on a Golf 1.4TSI in 2014. Owner was invoiced for a Timing Chain Kit 03c 198 159a, which he understood understand to be an OEM VW kit. Timing chain since failed again, and was replaced this week by a different garage (in a different region). The mechanic informed the owner that the timing chain which was in the car was actually an aftermarket part, and not the OEM part he had been invoiced for.

20-9-2017: Report of Mechatronics failure in DSG of 2009 VW Golf at 19,000 miles.

21-9-2017: Report of clutch pack failure in 2013/63 VW Golf DSG at around 20,000 miles. Owner quoted £3,000 to fix.

31-10-2017: Report of ABS module failing and affecting the speedo and petrol gauge plus several warning lights illuminated on a 2012 VW Golf 1.4TSI. (Reads like the old ATE/Teves Mk 60 ABS/ESP brake pressure sensor failure.) Reader had it repaired (didn't say where) at a cost of £840.

6-11-2017: Report of post NOx emissions fix problems with 2009 VW Golf Mk VI 1.6TDI with 60,000 miles: Since the fix in July 2017 the car has suffered faulty injectors (due to the increased workload on the injectors), then a replacemehtn EGR valve (all at VW's expense), then a vibration in the 1,500 - 2,000rpm range. DMF was replaced at owner's expense but made no improvement. Car now booked in again for further work but dealer cannot handle it for 4 weeks.

10-11-2017: Report of intermittent loss of drive fro, 2011/61 VW Golf 1.6 TDI DQ200 DSG. Began in 2014 soon after purchase. "Can be driving at normal speed and my car will all of a sudden lose power and have to pull over restart my car and all is well again. On other occasions a few times have pulled out of a junction into a busy road and again car will lose power and after pulling over to a safe point and restarting all is fine." Owner has taken car to numerous garages but no fault seems to show until very recently and owner has now been informed that it is all down to the DSG gearbox. Likely to be Mechatronics failure. May never have had its transmission fluid changed from synthetic to mineral.

14-11-2017: Report of post NOx emissions fix 2010 VW Golf 1.6TDI DSG losing power with "wildly fluctuating revs" on its way to be part-exchanged for a 2015 Golf DSG. Dealer blamed the transmission, quoting £4,400 to replace it. VW offered to pay half of this. But though the problem could be the DQ200 DSG, it could also be due to a failed or blocked EGR. VW Customer Care refued to accept any such connection.

14-11-2017: Report of all four injectors of 2010 VW Golf TDI failing concurrently. Owner proved it was not due to swarf from the high pressure pump and that the car had not been part-filled with petrol. If this happened after the NOx emissions fix, the most likely reason is that the fix involves reprogramming the injectors to perform a third cycle and if they were already a bit worn this 50% extra work could lead to failure as a direct conseqence of the fix.

15-11-2017: Dashbeard waring showing on 2011 VW Golf EA189 1.6TDI DSG. Dealewrs says might be either fuel filter or pump. But may be the injectors because of the extra work imposed on them by the NOx emissions fix.

18-11-2017: Report of 45,000 mile 2011 VE Golf DSG requiring a new transmission.

19-11-2017: Report of judder and power loss from 2009 VW Golf DSG, bought from independent trader.

21-11-2017: Another case reported similar to 14-11-2017: "I read the story and it seems incredibly similar to what I’m currently going through with 2011 VW Golf. I was hoping for some advice and opinions: I had the emissions update a year ago. For the last few months having issues with engine misfiring on idle and going into limp mode during any acceleration. I took it to VW St Albans for a diagnosis where I was charged and told my fuel pressure regulator is faulty, I had this replaced and the issue continued. Refused to refund me for incorrect diagnosis. I called up and explained that it had not fixed the issue they said bring it back for a re diagnosis - which they said I’d be billed for again. Questioning this I then got in contact with the emissions help line who got me booked into Horsham VW for a free diagnosis Where they changed x4 fuel injectors replaced free of charge - nil fix. Their NEXT guess was various fuel sensors in the system, one at the end of the rail and the other on the high pressure fuel pump - nil fix. They’ve now decided I have a contaminated tank of fuel (diesel mix with petrol) I’ve 100% not put any petrol in, asked my local garage if they’ve had any reports of contaminated diesel to which they advised none and that the fuel supplied goes through strenuous checks. VW now sent fuel away for analysis, assuming it’s contaminated the emission warranty is voided and it’ll be on my back to replace high pressure fuel pump £2000+. My questions how do I know the fuel is from my car, the issue has been ongoing for months therefore copious tanks of fuel and it also continues to enter limp mode on new fuel after flushing the system cleaned. Should I seek legal advice? I’ve been without my personal car for almost 3 weeks now."

10-1-2018: Report of fault light on dash of 68,000 mile 2011 VW Golf 1.6TDI. Owner told it needs a new EGR at a cost of £800. Owner had not had the EA189 NOx emissions fix.

1-2-2018: Report of failed DSG on 2012 VW Golf bought used and owned for 13 months.

24-3-2018: Report of failed turbo on 2013 VW Golf 1.2TSI. The most likely reason for turbo failure is switching off the engine when the turbo is too hot, which it could be after constant speed running on the motorway, after a long ascent, after hauling a heavy load, after towing, or after running at high revs. That can gradually carbonise the oil in the turbo oil feed and oil return pipes, starving the turbo of oil and leading to turbo bearing failure. So, after these sorts of runs you need to idle the engine for a minute or two to ensure oil circulation as the turbo cools slightly. And you you need to make sure these pipes as well as the turbo are replaced or it could happen again within 1,000 miles. I think the offer you are being made is fair.

5-4-2018: No official word from VAG, but ECU testing believes that the DQ200 7-speed dry cutch Mechatronics control box was finally re-engineered in 2016. This DSG 7 control unit is a common failure with engines under 2.0 litres on the VW Golf (2003 – 2016)

13-4-2018: Report of transmission failure on 2012 VW Golf 2.0TDI 140 Bluemotion at 33k miles. Cost £2,000 to repair. (Might have really been clutch and Dual Mass Flywheel.)

20-4-2018: March 2012 VW Golf VI diesel failed MoT at 90,000 miles for: Offside Front Shock absorber has a serious fluid leak (2.7.3); Nearside Front Windscreen wiper does not clear the windscreen effectively (8.2.2); Offside Front Windscreen wiper does not clear the windscreen effectively (8.2.2). Advisories were: Front Brake pad(s) wearing thin (3.5.1g); Nearside Rear Nail in tyre ().

24-4-2018: Report of engine failure of 2009 VW Golf VI Twincharger 160PS, bought in March 2017 at 32,000 miles. O n 5 th April 2018 owner noticed that a metallic sound coming from the engine had suddenly got worse. (For the majority of ownership on start off from cold there would be a metallic sound which quickly disappeared and owner understood this was not unusual as the engine needed a couple of seconds to pump the oil around.) VW dealer diagnosed piston failure, later expanded to include timing chain failure. If the original diagnosis was correct the car would need a new engine at a cost of about £7000.

16-5-2018: Report of coil warning light and engine warning light coming on in dash of 2011 VW Golf 1.6TDI and car going into limp mode. Owner quoted £800 for new EGR. Owner had not had the EA189 NOx emiisions fix carried out prior to this.

19-6-2018: Report of failure of DQ200 DSG of 2012 VW Golf 1.4TSI Match at 38,000 miles. Dealer quoted a generous £1,600 to fix, so may have only been the clutcvh pack, not the transimission and mechatronics.

21-6-2018: "Jerking and stalling" reported from 7-speed (DQ200) DSG of 2010 VW Golf. Quoted £1,900 by VW dealer to repair it.

25-6-2018: Report of 2011/61 VW Golf 1.6TDI Bluemotion DSG going into limp mode after a flashing Engine Management warning light and solid Emissions Control light. Owner had the NOx emissions fix in January 2017 and had been running it on Super ever since. Cause is probably a sooted up EGR and this should be fixed as an issue "consequential" of the NOx update.

18-7-2018: Report of Mechatronics failure of 7-speed DQ 200 DSG of 2011 VW Golf 1.6TDI DSG at 5,000 miles. Owner quoted £2,000 to replace Mechatroics. Stop/start also not working, but that is due to low battery power from not driving the car far enough to recharge it.

25-7-2018: Report of a/c compressor failure on 2011 VW Golf Match 2.0TDI soon after EGR failed and was replaced after the NOx emissions update. Quoted £800 to replace.

9-8-2018: Report that timing chain of 2010 VW Golf 1.4TSI 122 "developed a rattle" at 56k miles. Car had been bought used from a VW dealer 12 months previously. Owner had it checked. Replacing the chain assembly would have cost £1653.32. But VW UK paid 100% of the parts and 70% of the labour. VW Used Car Warranty department picked up the rest of the bill. The reader did some further research and this is badly translated from German: "Volkswagen's 1.4-liter petrol engine is prone to ausleiernden timing chains - may cause serious engine damage. Auto Bild are currently 61 reported losses in Touran, Golf and Tiguan 1.4 TSI. Auto Bild (issue 10/2012, from 9 March in the trade. More and more chains of control in certain VW engines make far too early limp. According to information from), it comes with some VW engines to more problems with worn timing chain. Affected is the 1.4-liter TSI engine. Auto Bild are 61 before damage is similar to reports in Touran, Golf and Tiguan. The outages affect timing chain, chain tensioner and cam plate. This results in costly engine damage. The evaluation of the Auto Bild grief box showed that most defects in the VW Touran compact MPV built between 2006 and 2007 occurred (1.4 TSI with 140 hp, engine code BMY) - typically at km stalls 40000-70000. The damage often announce themselves by rattling after a cold start or a lit check engine light. For certain VW engines there are increased problems with worn timing chain. Normally, the timing chain to keep the car's lifetime. This was confirmed by VW at the request of Auto Bild. The chain was "interpreted the life of the engine" on. Among the possible causes of damage to VW wants to say not. Remain speculation only: Engine expert Fritz Indra, of the University of Vienna. "First, would I be thinking of material problems of a supplier can be ruled out that, for example, engine vibrations at certain speeds, questioned what the timing chain in the long term overload This would also explain why. The damage in some models frequently occur."

14-8-2018: Report of juddering on acceleration from 2010 VW Golf 2.0TDI. Most likely to be a failing dual mass flywheel.

14-8-2018: Report of timing chain slipping in 2001/61 VW Golf 1.4 TSI GT. No warning lights. engine running well. Then would not re-start. AA towed it to an independent VW garage who said the chain has slipped 3 sprockets. May be no internal damage.

18-8-2018: Report that 100k mile 2009 VW Golf 2.0TDI broke down because the lead from the alternator to battery was routed between the boost pipe and oil cooler and over time had rubbed through. Re-routed to avoid rubbing. Worth Golf VI 2.0TDI owners checking for this.

21-9-2018: More problems reported. "My Golf which has the 1.6tdi had its EGR valve fail at 36k miles and my sister had hers fail at 41k. This is a very common and costly issue to have. The fuel injectors are an issue as well and are prone to fail - another costly fix: £600+ each."

23-9-2018: Complaint of having to pay £600 for a repair to the throttle system of a 2011 Golf 1.6 diesel. She has just had to pay over £600 for a repair to the throttle system. “Eml light on dash requires wiring repairs to throttle pedal wires (000 979 025 ea) and throttle pedal.” Car owned for 3 years and service record shows that it had an almost identical problem and repair shortly before acquired in 2014.

28-10-2018: Report of shuddering on take off of 2009 VW Golf 1.4TSI DSG. Probably needs a new clutch pack, though 9 years is a reasonable life for a DQ200 clutch pack.

4-1-2019: Report of lifetime of problems with 2011 VW Golf 1.4TSI DQ200 7-speed dry clutch DSG, now at 39k miles. There was a warranty repair in 2013 (though owner doesn't have the details). In 2014 there was a product enhancement; 34F6 synthetic gear oil replacement with mineral. In 2015 there was a Mechatronic software update. Later in 2015 the gear ox software was updated to the latest specification. In 2016 owner again took the car in to check for an engine revving fault. In 2017 the car was taken in again, no fault found, but battery was replaced and they carried out basic settings on gearbox. In 2018 they carried out basic settings on gearbox and updated the software. The issue is still present in that the change from 1st to 2nd is clunky, the engine over-revs when changing from 2nd to 3rd, less so in the higher gears, it sometimes needs the accelerator to be depressed to pull away on the level (something owner doesn't have to do when the gear box is working as expected). The issues seem to be worse when the car is cold. The thought from the dealer is that issue could be with one of the clutches (so we could be looking at replacing the clutch pack).

18-1-2019: Report of 'known fault' with the piston rings of a batch of 2009 VW Golf 1.4TSIs. Reader bought one in November 2009 and in justly 2016, at 28,760 miles the engine developed a fault with the splitting off of the ring on the side of the first piston, which owner only noticed when there was a loss of compression. Fortunately, this had not scarred the piston chamber nor deposited any debris into the engine compartment and, on recommendation, a repair to change all the pistons was effected. The invoice for this was just under £3000, which on settlement was reduced to just under £2000, on the part of the dealership as customer loyalty/goodwill. On lower mileage cars at the time, VW was apparently funding complete new engines.

29-1-2019: Report of problems with DSG of 2013 VW Golf 1.4TSI DSG at 49,000 miles. When owner tries to drive it a wrench/spanner symbol appeared she had to use shift ‘gears’ manually. It went from 1 and then jumped to 3 with no reverse. She was advised on 21st January that it needed a new Mechatronic unit. Aldo the bearings had gone in the gear box and fork selectors were to be replaced. Dur ti be fixed by 30th January.

28-2-2019: Report of DQ200 6-speed wet clutch DSG finally failing in a 2010 VW Golf VI 2.0TDI 140 at 53,000 miles. Quoted £5,000 to replace that is more than the value of the car.

29-4-2019: Engine failure reported in 2010 VW Golf V 1.2TSI 105HP at 41,000 miles. Probably either the timing chain or the timing chain tensioner. VW dealer deemed unrepairable and quoted £4,700 for a replacement engine.

1-5-2019: Report of rising oil level in engine of 2012 VW Golf 2.0TDI 140 at 107k miles. Historically no DPF issues as mainly steady long distance motorway journeys and have never seen the DPF dashboard light. Engine oil levels historically remained static. Oil changed with Quantum 507 every 10k miles. Recently engine oil levels have started to increase. Potentially diesel from failed active DPF regenerations. Ash levels in DPF at 84k miles in Nov 17 was 0.070ml. Otherwise running fine. Owner not aware of any additional active regenerations & no DPF light showing. The reason is probably too much ash in the DPF for it to function properly and consequently the post-injected diesel to regenerate it is instead sinking into the sump, raising the level. One option is to send the DPF away to Ceramex to be chemically cleaned.

8-6-2019: Report of transmission casing crack in 2012 VW Golf GT TDI at 57,000 miles causing oil seepage onto the clutch and consequential clutch slip. Welding will not stop the leak and if "liquid metal" doesn't a replacement transmission will be required at £1,800 for a reconditioned unit.

13-6-2019: Report of problem with VW Golf 1.4TSI with DQ200 DSG transmission purchased 2nd hand. Engine management light came on. Owner took it back and dealer replaced the mechatronic unit. Now, three weeks later the same issues are reoccurring; namely the gearbox is skipping the odd gears and jumping from 2-4-6 and it eventually loses power.

13-6-2019: 2nd report same day of failure of a DSG, this in a 2012 VW Golf at 56,000 miles (reader didn't say which engine and which DSG).

19-6-2019: Report of DQ200 clutch pack of 2012 VW Golf 1.4TSI DSG cabrio developing an intermittent judder when opulling away in 1st gear. It quickly changes up to 2nd and "shudders" as if wanting to stall. Local VW dealer diagnosed failing turbo and replaced it at enormous cost but this did not solve the problem.

6-7-2019: Useful discussion about 7-speed dry clutch DQ200 DSGs in (includes a video of how to change the mineral oil in the DQ200).

8-7-2019: 2012 VW Golf VI diesel failed MoT in July 2019 at 107k miles for: Offside Front Anti-roll bar linkage corroded and seriously weakened (5.3.3 (b) (i)) Offside Rear Anti-roll bar linkage damaged and seriously weakened (5.3.3 (b) (i)). Advisories to monitor and repair if necessary were: Offside Front Suspension arm pin or bush worn but not resulting in excessive movement wish bone rear bush (5.3.4 (a) (i)) Nearside Front Suspension arm pin or bush worn but not resulting in excessive movement rear bush (5.3.4 (a) (i))

24-7-2019: Report of 2011/61 VW Golf 1.2TSI needing an engine rebuild after timing chain slipped and turbo failed.

29-8-2019: Report of coolant loss from engine of 40,000 mile 2011 VW Glf 1.4TSI. Uncertain if it is from the waterpump or the head gasket or the head.

29-8-2019: Report of 2012 VW Golf Vi 1.4TSI (122) DQ200 7-speed DSG seeming to stick in 2nd or 1st gear when braking to a stop. Might need a change of transmission oil to free up the mechatronics. DIY video showing how to change the oil in a DQ200 7-speed dry clutch DSG:

30-8-2019: Predictable report of injector failure on 2010 VW Golf 1.6TDi 105 at 45,000 miles. One injector had failed soon after the NOx emissions update (which increases the number of injection cycles to counter soot build-up). This was replaced under the 2 year "rebuilding trust" warranty, but now another has failed.

5-9-2019: Report of reader taking VW Golf Mk VI 1.6TDI to VW dealer for NOx emissions fix. Car was in perfect working order. Prior to to fix the dealer confirmed there were no faults on the car. 4 hours later they told owner the car is now undriveable, has a DPF error and is now in limp mode. They are unwilling to pay for the DPF replacement (£2400) which they are putting down to coincidence and wear and tear of the vehicle. They are stating they did nothing to my car. However they downloaded the 'Emmisions Preparation Software', which is when the fault lights appeared. Owner spoke to VW customer care who said as the 'fix' wasnt actually applied he was not covered under any of the emmisions fix 'Rebuilding Trust' after care and they would still not replace the DPF anyway. We strongly suspect the NOx fix was applied and this created so much soot it blocked the DPF that was already fairly full of ash. The answer is for the dealer to have the DPF cleaned by Ceramex at its expense, put the car back together, and get it running properly at no esxpense to the owner.

15-9-2019: Report of 2012 VW Golf 1.4TSI with 70k miles and full service history starting to use oil.

18-9-2019: Report of injector failure on 2012 VW Golf 1.6TDI. Unclear if was replaced under 'Rebuilding Trust' post NOx fix warranty.

7-10-2019: Report of three replacement resistors to heater fan motor of 2009 VW Golf failing. Likely to mean a fault with the heater fan motor. Owner warned not to try to bridge the resistor or he may cause a Zafira-like care fire.

244 Dated Faults. (A best seller and owners have high expectations, but this is still by far the most complained of car ever recorded at HJUK.)

Solicitors working on Class Actions for Volkswagen Owners are Leigh Day, Attwood Solicitors and Slater Gordon. But if VW fulfils its promise to correct any issues consequential of the NOx emissions fix, we don't see where these cases can go.

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14-12-2009: Official VOSA recall R/2009/110/37E8 of VAG cars with 6-speed dual wet clutch DSG transmission built 1-9-2008 to 31-8-2009 because "In rare cases an incorrect interpretation of the clutch temperature can occur which results in the clutch opening unexpectedly with loss of drive." Remedial action was to update/reprogramme gearbox Mechatronic control unit.

Australia, 2010: 8,000 Golfs with 1.4TSI Twincharger engine recalled in Australia because rough idling prevented the cars being driven away from standstill.

20-06-2012: In response to a lawsuit from nearly one thousand VW owners, the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine has officially stated that it is presently impossible to determine whether or not the DSG gearboxes require a recall, the Economic Information Daily reported today. Jiang Suhua, partner of Beijing-based Yingke Law Firm, received a letter from AQSIQ saying that, "following expert analysis, investigation and authentication of issues mentioned by consumers with the DSG gearboxes, [we] are still unable to determine whether or not [they] are defective." AQSIQ has previously stated that if they found that the DSG gearboxes were indeed defective, they would adhere to the appropriate legislation and issue a full vehicle recall in order to protect customers. An official from the AQSIQ's Defective Product Center, who wished to remain anonymous, personally believed that the main reason VW has received such a high number of complaints is that it did not fully consider China's driving environment. In Beijing and other large cities where congestion rates are very high, drivers are forced to constantly shift gears, placing a considerable amount of strain on the transmission. The climate in western Sichuan and other regions is extremely humid, while several cities boast high rates of pollution, both of which may have further exacerbated issues. Last month, VW issued an officially apology to Chinese drivers affected by issues with its DQ200 dual-clutch transmissions. It also announced that it would be extending warrantees for DQ 200 seven-speed and DQ 250 six-speed gearboxes to cover ten years and 160,000 km.

3-7-2012: reports We have been informed that owners of Euro-spec VW cars (Polo, Golf and Scirocco) are reporting similar problems to the ones that caused a massive recall in China (500,000-strong). The issue has been reported in France, where owners of the aforementioned cars started reporting hearing strange noises coming from the gearbox, which lead them to believe that there may be a design flaw which wears the mechanisms inside it prematurely. The culprit is VW’s latest twin-clutch setup, the seven-speed DSG7, which reportedly makes the ‘strange noises’ when shifting from 4th to 3rd, 3rd to 2nd and 2nd to 1st, inside the car. However, outside, a different sound is audible, a metallic and repetitive sound which is made when the car goes over speed-bumps. Whatever it is, it sounds serious, especially since owners first began to hear it “a few weeks after delivery” (of the car) - nothing should wear out that quickly. Also, since the problem in China was never really solved, as they just increased the warranty coverage to 10 years, it will be interesting to see how VW handle this problem in a market very close to home - France. Furthermore, the angry group of French VW owners claim that Seat, Skoda and Audi drivers are also reporting the same problems, so If this report turns out to be accurate, it will spark further outrage and may dent VW’s famed ‘bulletproof’ reliability record.

12-6-2013: Australian VW DSG Recall

and Australian VW DSG You Tube Video

Due to electrolysis, the DSG 7-speed transmissions are susceptible to conductive deposits forming in the gearbox control units, possibly causing the gearbox fuse to blow. Should this happen, the clutch will fully open due to power supply failure, causing the vehicle to roll to a stop if in motion. In the majority of cases, the fault occurs when the engine is started with the vehicle stationary. If the fuse blows while the vehicle is in motion, however, a sudden loss of power at the wheels could in certain circumstances occur while the vehicle is being driven. This may pose a hazard to the vehicle occupants and other road users. All other functions of the vehicle (steering, braking, etc.) remain fully active.

14-11-2013: Report that 1.6 million vehicles cars will be fixed for the DSG problem. The solution VW has found is to change the synthetic oil in the DQ200 automatic to a mineral one.

According to the official statement, synthetic oil is responsible for causing short circuiting. This problem is especially bad in countries with humid and hot environment and where stop and go traffic is seen. But VW wants to fix every DQ200, no matter the location, to "continue to ensure customer satisfaction".

"Within the framework of further quality monitoring in China and Southeast Asia, it has been discovered that, with vehicles with a 7-speed dual-clutch gearbox (DQ200), electric malfunctions could occur in the gearbox power supply if synthetic gearbox oil is used. This applies in particular if the vehicle is subject to a hot and humid climate, coupled with a high proportion of stop & go driving," Volkswagen Group states.

5-1-2014: In the UK, customer complaints of hiccuping 1.4 TSI DSG-7 when the engine is cold are being met by the standard worldwide TSB solution of a change of transmission fluid from synthetic to mineral, as per the Worldwide DSG recall.

30-6-2014: 7-speed DSG oil change and software update now being carried out to Mk VI Golfs in the UK as TSB 34F6. Can have the effect of shortchanging quickly from 1st to 2nd, giving the feeling that the car is pulling away in 2nd gear.

19-7-2014: Another owner of a Golf TDI DSG contacted by dealer to be offered a free inspection and gearbox oil change if necessary. Volkswagen stated that there is an issue with DSG seven speed gearbox - clutch liable to disengage and vehicle may freewheel if gearbox is filled with synthetic oil. Synthetic oil can lead to an internal short circuit. If necessary they will drain and refill with a mineral oil - no charge.

20-6-2017: R/2017/189: VW Golf Mk V and VI: ABS/ESC SYSTEM MAY FAIL On vehicles with ABS/ESC the earth connection may be interrupted. This may cause failure of the ABS/ESC system. On affected vehicles install new software. Where necessary a new ABS/ESC control unit will be fitted. Build dates: 2-6-2008 to 1-6-2010. VINS: WVGZZZ1TZ8W133012 to WVGZZZ1TZ8W133012; WVWZZZ1FZ9V000045 to WVWZZZ1FZAW561502; WVWZZZ1KZ5W113505 to WVWZZZ1KZAW561502; WVWZZZ13Z9V001329 to WVWZZZ13ZAV417077.

8-7-2017: Announcement on Reuters that Volkswagen (VAG) is recalling 766,000 VW Golf Mk VIs, Audi A3s, Skoda Octavias and SEAT Leons worldwide for a software update to their braking control systems. It is designated 'safety recall 45FS ESC control unit'. The braking control system may not function properly in certain driving conditions, such as when the driver over-steers, under-steers or slams on the brakes. VAG is recalling 288,000 VW Golf Mk VIs, Audi A3s, Skoda Octavias and SEAT Leons in Germany over the issue. The German recall impacts about 385,000 cars, the spokesman said. The recall in Germany was first reported by news agency DPA.

7-3-2018: R/2018/062: VW Beetle, Eos, Golf, Jetta, Passat, Scirocco, Sharan, Tiguan, Touran: On vehicles with diesel engines and stop/start system, the starter motor may be permanently activated because the return spring in the solenoid switch is bent or broken. If the permanent current supply to the starter motor is not noticed, overheating of the component with local scorching damage and a vehicle fire is possible. FIX: Recall the vehicles that are likely to be affected and replace the solenoid switch. BUILD DATES: 1-3-2011 to 30-11-2011. VINS: WVWZZZ16ZBM100164 to WVWZZZ16ZBM130266; WVWZZZ13ZBV034137 to WVWZZZ13ZCV009398; WVWZZZ1FZBV013207 to WVWZZZ1FZCV009587; WVWZZZ1KZBM692205 to WVWZZZ1KZCW500862; WVWZZZ3CZCP002191 to WVWZZZ3CZCP000031; WVWZZZ16ZBM100164 to WVWZZZ16ZBM130266; WVWZZZ7NZBV032922 to WVWZZZ7NZCV009132; WVGZZZ5NZBW103889 to WVGZZZ5NZBW124589; WVGZZZ1TZBW087337 to WVGZZZ1TZCW002324; WVWZZZ3CZBE360689 to WVWZZZ3CZCE523000.

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