Vauxhall Ampera (2012–2014)

What's good

Five-Star Euro NCAP Result: 85% Adult Occupant, 78% Child Occupant, 41% Pedestrian, 86% Safety Assist.

Shares "lifetime" or 100,000 miles warranty of other Vauxhalls. Unlike the Chevrolet Volt that only carries a three year, 60,000 mile warranty.

What to watch out for

Unimpressive fuel consumption when running in petrol mode.

Slow seller went out of production in 2014. 2012 built cars were still being sold as new.

10-10-2014: Problems reported with 2012 Vauchall Ampera. In the first year it was in the garage 5 times for the same problem. Owner tried to reject the car as not of satisfactory quality but dealer refuses and owner did not take the issue to court. Recently, the charge system on the car needed a part 10 weeks later the car is still at Vauxhall. They ordered the wrong part from Germany twice.

27-10-2014: Too many unsold cars can mean that even in 2014, a Vauxhall Ampera sold as 'new' could be 2013 build or even 2012 build.

8-2-2016: Another case of an Ampera bought on October 2014 turning out to have been built in 2012. Various modifications were made to 2013 Amperas to overcome problems, so if buying one make absolutely sure of the build date from the VIN.

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