Toyota Verso (2009–2013)

What's good

5 Star Euro NCAP rating: 89 per cent for Adult Occupancy, 75 per cent for Child Occupancy, 69 per cent for Pedestrian Impact and 86 per cent for Safety Assistance.

Toyota Verso named safest MPV of 2010 by Euro NCAP. The Verso achieved highest score of any MPV in 2010 Euro NCAP crash testing Headline five-star all-round rating supported by 89 per cent result for adult occupant safety 75 per cent for child occupants 69 per cent for pedestrian impact 86 per cent for safety assistance

What to watch out for

On lower grade models with manual transmission a 1.6 Valvematic replaced 1.8 Valvematic from September 2009.

26-01-12: With 2.2 litre diesels, problems over regenerating of DPFs can lead to overfuelling that can damage the piston rings and bores. Apparently Toyota has extended the warranty to 5 years (even on 3 year warranted cars) to cover this.

22-1-2014: Head gasket failed on 2009 Verso 2.2 D-4D. Toyota offered a replacement engine.

10-12-2015: Report that free replacement engine in Toyota Verso 2.2D4D at 85,000 miles lasted another 75,000 miles (to 160,000 miles) before more cylinder head problems.

16-2-2016: Check engine light appeared on 2010 Toyota Verso D-4D at 74,000 miles. Toyota dealer says all four injectors need replacing at cost of £1,500 for parts alone. Car now out of warranty. Might be due to fuel used lacking lubricity and shards of metal from injector pump damaging injectors, or they may simply be a bit dirty and switching to Shell V-Power Nitro Plus might cure them.

4-1-2017: Report of failure of Brake Actuator Assembly 1 month after purchase of a 2009 Toyota Verso, bought used from a Toyota dealer in 2014. Replaced under warranty. Same warning lights appeared again in December 2016. Dealer said it was showing fault codes ault codes P1750 and C1201 and that it needed the same Brake Actuator Assembly replacing with the repair bill being the same £1300 as the part is about £900 to start with. Apparently Brake Actuator now has a different part number.

7-4-2018: Report of failed VVTI assembly in 51k miles 2011 Toyota Verso T2 1.6 Valvematic failing, leading to car driving only in limp home mode.Quoted £1,400 to repair. (No mention of oil service regime.)

21-3-2019: Report of intermittent problem with Valvematic system of Toyota Verso 1.8iVaslvematic at 50,000 miles. Owner has oil flushed and refulled with fresh 0W50. Also used Forte fuel system cleaning additive. No trouble since, but auto electrician checked Valvemantic control unit and found it to be working only 90% of the time. A new control unit is £1,500. Many owners simply have the fault codes re-set.

21-5-2019: Report of significant problems with used 2011 Toyota Verso 2.0D-4D purchased in September 2017 with 44k miles. By December 2017, the engine light came on with a VSC error. Garage checked it, cleared it and car was fine. A week later it was back. Same process. And then again a few days later. Owner advised to drive it long and hard to clear out any blockage, which he did. During that trip, same error, but now worse noise and engine became sluggish, then went into limp mode. Mechanic cleaned/replaced filters, cleared the fault. And then the problem again. This car has now been off the road since June 2018. In that time, the engine wiring harness has been replaced, the fuel injectors have been replaced, the EGR has been thoroughly cleaned, both the ECU and the other smaller computer unit have been replaced as well as some small vacuum part direct from Toyota in Belgium. And the latest software has been uploaded. No joy. Might need new injectors. See: 16-2-2016.

15-11-2019: Report of back pressure from blocked diesel particulate filter "destroying" diesel engine of 2009/59 Toyota Verso 2.2 D-4D.


29-1-2010 Sticking Accelerator Pedal recall announced on Verso (Feb 2009 – 5 Jan 2010). Customers who experience the problem should phone 0800 1388 744 0800 1388 744 .

November 2011: Apparent TSB to cure wind noise from panoramic glass roof.

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