Toyota Prius+ (2012–)

What's good

Every Toyota Hybrid vehicle comes with a 5-year 100,000 mile Toyota warranty, which – with an annual hybrid service - extends the cover on the hybrid battery for up to 15 years. Replacement battery cost for the Prius hybrid is £1,862.54.

What to watch out for

The battery is situated in a console between the front seats, but begs the question why does it stop short of the bulkhead leaving wasted space in front? If it was longer it could have stored more kWh and taken the car further on a single charge.

Toyota hybrid warranty has changed. Now only 5 years / 100k miles as standard, but can be extended annually for the next 5 years by having a Hybrid Health Check (currently £39) - details here:

5-8-2015: All 'current' Toyota sat-navs use the same software. There is a manufacturer's advisory that if customers complain about nonsense directions in UK, France or Spain and their sat-nav has Software Version: 2.8.4al it requires upgrading free of charge, takes about one hour.

17-12-2019: Catalytic Converter Theft Protection. This is one make of clamp: This is the type recommended by Toyota: This is Toyota's advice:


Toyota Prius+
Built 21/05/2013-06/05/2014
Number of cars involved 24,729
Manufacturer reference BGG34
Problem The inverter assembly may overheat which could lead the hybrid system to shut down causing the vehicle to stop.
Solution On affected vehicles, reprogram the ECUs.

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