Toyota Avensis (2009–2015)

What's good

Euro NCAP has developed a new rating scheme which focuses on the vehicle’s overall protection performance using a weighted score, combining all aspects of a car’s safety performance: adult (50%), child (20%) and pedestrian (20%) protection assessment results with the availability of driver assistance devices (10%). A minimum score of 70% overall is necessary to achieve a 5-star rating. To qualify for inclusion, the devices must be fitted, as standard across 85% of the EU 27 2009 model range. The new Avensis’s overall weighted score of 81% highlights the new Toyota’s comprehensive levels of active and passive safety technology, which include a pre-crash system, adaptive cruise control, lane keep assist and lane departure warning.

Euro NCAP joint 5th top model for safety in 2009. Full list of top 5:

1. Volkswagen Golf VI
2. Honda Insight
3. Toyota Prius
4. Hyundai i20
5. Toyota Avensis
5. Volvo XC60
5. Opel/Vauxhall Astra

Trunk compartment of saloon will take two golf bags and trolleys.

Voted most reliable new estate car in 2013 'Which? survey

What to watch out for

Six speed diesel automatic in the Tourer puts the emissions up to 174g/km.

Tourer's load cover and dog guard are heavy and clunky to remove.

Parking brake switch not liked on 2009-2011 cars. In the wrong place (in front of left knee) and is counter-intuitive to operate. Red alert light on the dash only stays on for a few seconds so it's impossible to check if the brake has been applied properly once you have left the car. As one of the modifications for the 2012MY Avensis the parking brake now comes on automatically when the ignition is shut off. But if the engine is still running then you have to find it and press it counter-intuitively.

Not huge numbers of 2009 - 2015 Avenis models sold in the UK, but still an impressively short list of faults.

Front brake calliper guide pins seem to develop extensive play in the bushings in the calliper carriers and develop a rattle. The play is extensive, so you can toggle the calliper left-right so you hear this sound. Reader noticed after 12,000km.

26-1-2012: With 2.2 litre diesels, problems over regenerating of DPFs can lead to overfuelling that can damage the piston rings and bores. Apparently Toyota has extended the warranty to 5 years (even on 3 year warranted cars) to cover this.

28-11-2012: Curious intermittent power steering failure at parking speeds reported.

31-8-2013: Check strap cracks the frame of driver's and front passenger's doors.

8-1-2015: Front wheel bearings of 40,000 miles a year 2013 Avensis Active Tourer needed replacing under warranty at 79,500 miles.

30-7-2015: Report of both front doors of 2009 Avensis Tourer cracking in the metal surrounding the restraining strap mounting.

20-4-2016: 2010 Toyota Avensis 2.0D-4D reported as blowing blue/grey smoke from the exhaust but only when going uphill, otherwise runs fine. Owner replaced EGR to no effect and then blanked off EGR, also to no effect. If high mileage, could of course, be failed valve stem oil seals.

1-6-2018: Report of steering rack knocking and rattling on a 2013 Toyota Avensis at 104,000 miles.

18-7-2018: Report of driveshaft failing on 2009 Toyota Avensis at 140,000 miles.

20-7-2018: Alloy roof rack mountings embedded into the roof of a 2009 Toyota Avensis estate found to have corroded into powder and cannot take a fixing.

25-7-2018: Report of failure of electromechanical parking brake system on a 2009/59 Toyota Avensis estate in March 2017. System was replaced by a Toyota dealer at a cost of £1,500. The system failed again in November 2017 and was replaced again at no cost under the 12 month parts warranty. In July 2018 the system failed again and once again the owner was quoted £1,500 to replace it. We advised the owner to escalate this to Toyota itself.

22-2-2019: Report of problem with VVT-I system of 2011 Toyota Avensis in 2018. AA Patrol found the following fault code/s:System : Engine control - 15E / Engine management TCCS 1P1047 - Valve lift control (bank 1). Error Message : Circuit defective. P264A - Camshaft control actuator A (bank 1). Error Message : Circuit defective. Unable to clear codes for engine management. Or parking brake until battery reset performed. Toyota dealer quoted over £1,600 for new electronic fuel valve regulator, reduced to over £600 after complaining to Toyota. Owner informed this was a highly unusual failure, first time the mechanic had witnessed it in a low mileage Avensis.

16-9-2019: Report of Toyota Avensis 1.8iVTEC CVT occasionally sticking in gear after a long ascent. Moving the selector from D to M clears this. Dealer says transmission is sealed for life an never needs a change of oil. Google says otherwise: <<Changing oil of Toyota CVT>> Video:


29-1-2010 Sticking Accelerator Pedal recall announced on Avensis (Nov 2008 – Dec 2009).

21-1-2019: R/2018/340: Toyota Auris, Corolla, Avensis (85,909 cars): A potential crack could develop in the fuel evaporative emission control unit mounted in the fuel tank leading to a possible fuel leak from the fuel tank. FIX: Replace the fuel tank emission control Canister. Build dates: 30-8-2007 to 11-5-2010.

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