Suzuki Swift (2017–)

What's good

Lightweight, great handling small car with a joyful 1.0 3-cylinder turbo petrol engine.

Available with all-wheel drive.

Good level of standard equipment. 

Smooth six-speed auto. 

Four star Euro NCAP rating (with Radar Brake Support) : 88% adult occupancy, 75% child occupancy, 69% pedestrain protection, 44% safety assist.

What to watch out for

Rear seatbacks fold but do not make a flat loadspace.

A spare wheel is an optional extra.

Satnav not very good and doesn't show speed limits.

Quite a lot of hard plastics inside.

Suspension can get jittery over badly surfaced roads.

Only three star Euro NCAP rating (without Radar Brake Support) : 83% adult occupancy, 75% child occupancy, 69% pedestrain protection, 25% safety assist.

Optional extra 15-inch space saver spare with 135/70 R15 tyre is a bad fit and protrudes into the load area. Reader reports that a spacesaver that fits (11.5cm deep) is available from Carnoisseur in Bedford.

9-11-2017: Report of malfunction of lane departure and collision avoidance systems in new Suzuki Swift 1.0 GLX petrol auto bought at the end of August 2017 from a Suzuki main dealer in Budapest. 'System warning' message comes up after a short while of driving. Fault reported on the day owner picked up the car before he drove it off the forecourt. Dealer then spent 2 hours trying to fix it while he waited and eventually he drove the car home about 5 miles and it was OK. The warning message returned the next time he drove the car though, and every time he now drives it. He can reset the system if he turns the car off and restarts, but after a short while the warning reappears and the lane departure and collision avoidance systems stop working. Dealer has made 3 attempts to repair it but the fault persists.

17-9-2018: Report of 6-inch long crack appearing in the passenger side of the front screen of a 2017 Suzuki Swift 1.0 Boosterjet SZ5 auto at 2,000 miles. No sign of a hit to have promoted it.

26-10-2018: Continuation of 17-9-2018. Autoglass fitted a new screen but could not re-calibrate the ADAS camera. Suzuki dealer said could be done for £228, but Autoglass had no account with them. Left reader with no lane departure warning: only works on dual carriageway. Owner set the cruise control to 30 in a 30 zone, got a electronic road sign flash, to slow down, crash imminent warning went off.

19-3-2019: Complaint that paint is very thin on Suzuki Swifts. Owner reports light scratching and paint wearing away on B pillar beside driver's seat from driver getting in and out.

7-5-2019: Report from owner of Suzuki Swift 1.0T Boosterjet (mild hybrid) that car never bettered 54mpg until he took it for its first service at 10k miles when software updates were applied. Since then it has averaged 62mpg.

28-6-2019: News that Suzuki Swift Boosterjets have become unavailable due to doubts about 3-cylinder engine passing RDE1 (Real Driving Emissions 1) testing which is compulsory from September 2019. 1.2SHVS Mild Hybrid 4-cylinder remains available.

30-10-2019: Warning from a reader that a 15 inch spacesaver bought to use with a Suzuki Swift SZT 1.0 Boosterjet fitted with 16-inch road wheels will result in an ABS fault code that cannot be re-set and which then requires a new Japanese ABS module. Reader recommended removing the ABS modukle fuse if he ever needed to use the spacesaver.


12-06-2019: Suzuki recalls 22,437 Swift models after a serious safety flaws were found in the airbag system. The carmaker says "unintended activation" of the side and curtain airbag may occur when one of the rear doors are slammed shut. Software update to Airbag Control Module is needed and the recall affects Swift models built from February 2017 to February 2019.

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