Subaru Impreza (2008–2012)

What to watch out for

For economy reasons, the alternator does not start recharging the battery until the engine is fully to temperature, resulting in flat batteries for cars driven short distances from cold. The answer is to switch on the side lights or headlights creating a need for power that clutches the alternator on so it recharges the battery.

14-10-2012: Some 'Boxer' diesels up to 2009/59 reg have needed a new DMF and clutch within the warranty period because they had the same engine ECU computer programme for the clutch as original Boxer diesel in the Legacy, with 5-speed manual transmission. Apparently, this was allowing too much torque through the flywheel in 1st and 2nd, thus causing the problem. A new ECU software programme has been written, damping torque in 1st and 2nd to solve this.

5-2-2013: If an injector fails on the diesel the entire engine has to come out to replace it, quoted by dealer at £647 just for removing and replacing the engine + cost of injector and fitting it.

6-2-2013: Crankshaft failure on 2010 Subaru Legacy 2.0 Boxer diesel at 44,000 miles. Apparently common on EE20 Engines (Subaru Boxer Diesel). Crankshafts snap in half under maximum torque load cruising at 60 - 70mph. New engines are quoted by IM Group at £11,000. Google Subaru Boxer Diesel Crankshaft Failures for more.

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