Subaru BRZ (2012–)

What to watch out for

13-5-2019: Report of car alarm going off repeatedly in 2019 Subaru Forester. "Super-helpful" mechanic at local Subaru dealer suggested that owner look to see if anything metallic had fallen into the cup holder in the central console. Turned out to be a 2p coin. Maybe the same problem might be solved by the same solution with Subaru BRZs.

29-7-2019: Leak found in a/c pipes of Subaru BRZ several months after an independent regas in May 2018. The recall in 2019 for the BRZ for replacement of valve springs. In order to remove the engine, the A/C system had to be disconnected. When arrangements were made for the work to be done in July 2019, owner informed the Subaru dealer that there was a definite leak in the A/C system. On return of the car, owner was informed that the A/C system had been comprehensively tested, no leak found and the system re-gassed at a total charge of £168 which included gas and labour. A/C worked for about 3 weeks and then failed again. The car went back to the original independent specialist who identified a leak in the same place as he'd previously found it. The Subaru dealer maintains that their checks were comprehensive and that they had not missed a leak.


April 2019: TSB recall was issued for the BRZ for the replacement of valve springs.

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