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Smart Fortwo (2007–2014)

Last updated 30 July 2018

Roomier than previous version with better seats. More comfortable drive. Cheap to run.
Lacklustre cornering. Limited appeal beyond town use. No use if you need more than two seats.
Updated 10 April 2018

Further report of wiper issue on 2014 Smart 451: the garage still has not fixed the wiper issue. They initially replaced the fuse, that didnt work. Then they replaced a stalk connecting to the motor,...

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It seems like only a few years ago, but the first Smart City Coupes actually hit the streets in 1998 and since then no less than 770,000 have been sold worldwide.

Smart's expansion plans have failed. Both the Nedcar-built and Mitsubishi Colt based ForFour and the Roadster Coupe have been shelved because they could not generate enough profit. Yet the original concept has continued to sell, especially to city dwellers in Rome, Paris, London, Berlin and Madrid. So now it's time for a new one.

As usual, cars grow, and the new Smart ForTwo is 195mm longer with a 55mm longer wheelbase and 31mm wider track. That gives better crash protection front and back (good enough to sell in the USA) and frees up more room inside for passengers and luggage. You can now get 220 litres behind the seats, or 340 litres stuffed to the roof. It feels very spacious inside for such a small car. But, despite an 8.75 metre turning circle, at 1,867mm it's now too long to park at right angles to a kerb.

Smart ForTwo 2007 Road Test

Smart ForTwo Diesel 2009 Road Test and Video

Owners' reviews

The Economy King is no longer with us Rest in Peace
A relatively fun and practical car all things considered, let down by its gearbox!
I really want to like this car but Mercedes servicing and repairs are awful!
Awful. Most unreliable car I have ever owned.
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