Skoda Superb (2008–2015)

What's good

Euro NCAP: 5 Star adult protection, 4 Star child protection, 2 Star pedestrian protection.

The Superb 2.0 170bhp 4x4 won the 1,575-1,724kg category in the Towcar Awards 2009. The Elegance model beat strong competition to win the class award. The Towcar Awards judging panel tested each vehicle for its towing ability, solo driving, practicality and ownership costs. Towing tests included straight-line stability, sharp steering inputs, low-speed slalom and a 1-in-6 hill start. Practicality looked at luggage storage and appropriate noseweight. Ownership costs included purchase price, resale value and safety equipment.

From 2012, factory fitted satnav is capable of finding 7 digit UK postcodes.

Superbs fitted with EA189 1.6TDI engine do not have dual mass flywheels.

What to watch out for

With DSGs, protective software can delay the message from brake switch to ECU that brakes have been released, allowing car to enter a junction or roundabout on the fuel in the combustion chambers, then momentarily shut off mid-junction.

23-2-2011: Report of repeated failure of hillholder brake.

5-3-2011: Climate control problems.

2-3-2012: Sat nav prone to failure just after the 3 year warranty expires, and the VWG extended warranty does not cover it.

Persistent 'rogue car' problems reported with November 2010 Superb fitted with KESSY (Skoda's keyless system). Folding mirrors failing to fold, 'Key not Found' messages on attempts to start.

16-6-2012: Very poor response from Skoda breakdown services when an Irish owner's Superb TDI 170 DSG broke down in France. So bad he was eventually foerced to use his classic car breakdown cover to get the car transported back.

25-7-2012: Columbus computer system prone to crashing due to a software problem. If this occurs when the car is more than 3 years old Skoda will not replace the system or reprogramme the software.

13-9-2012: List of complaints about a Skoda Superb 1.8 TSI 7-speed DSG bought new in November 2009:
1: Fuel gauge mis-reading or not registering at all. It took three visits before this fault was cured.
2: Parking aid screen failing intermittently to come on. A software upgrade worked temporarily but the fault has returned. The dealer wanted to change the navigation unit but Skoda would not agree.
3: Temporary loss of power steering - re-set after switching off.
4: Park-assist malfunction, identified a non-existent space and a few minutes later completely mis-steered the car onto a collision course. Software upgrade applied.
5: Temporary loss of all gears on a main road whilst car was in motion. Cause not identified.
6: rough gear change between 1st and 2nd. Car is waiting to go into dealer for major work to cure this.

30-12-2012: Another report of total failure of Columbus satnav system, this time in a 2009 Superb, at age 3 years 7 months (so out of warranty). Control screen went blank. Skoda dealer quoted £2,500 for new system and Skoda offered to pay 75% of the cost, reducing the damage to £700.

11-1-2013: Warranty on DSG extended to 5 years or 150,000 kilometres in Russia, China and Australia.

3-4-2013: Another Columbus satnav failure reported in a 2009 Superb. Put down to hard disc drive failure rather than software problem.

3-6-2013: Further report of failure of Columbus satnav, again on a 2009 Superb. Dealer pretended he had never heard of one failing before. Quoted £2,100 to replace it, later reduced to £1,270 including fitting and VAT. reader declined.

10-10-2013: Complaint from reader only getting 12,500 miles from 225/45 R17 tyres on a Superb 2.0 TDI CR140 SE plus. Rims also prone to kerb damage.

15-3-2014: Skoda Superb estate L&K with a 2.0 TSI reported as using half a litre of oil in 2,800 miles. Actually not bad for this engine but could get worse.

17-3-2014: Various problems with a 45k mile 2010 Skoda Superb 1.8 TSI DSG over the years have included hesitation in take-off from the DSG (probably needs a fluid and microfilter change), rusted and pitted brake discs even with regular use, leaking panoramic roof because the sun visor had been screwed directly into the roof drain system, panoramic roof failing to open on warm days, gear selector had to be replaced, poor ride from low profile tyres intesely disliked, heated windscreen replaced after cracking.

9-4-2014: Faults with new Skoda Superb Exclusive delivered in January 2014 include: 1. Water ingress to near side headlight. 2. Windows down of their own accord overnight. 3. Drivers seat would not set as manual, garage needed to email HQ for instructions. 4. Cruise control suspect 5. Auto stop/start on occasions will stop when crawling in traffic queues, this causes the car to abruptly stop. 6. Side mirrors do not close in when locking car as described in manual.

28-7-2014: Stretched timing chain reported on 49k mile 2010 Skoda Superb 1.8 TSI DSG, occuring almost immediately after TSB 37F2 recall for an engine/transmission oil change. VWG seems to have admitted a production problem with the timing chains of 1.4 TSI engines. This is badly translated from the German: Frank Tuch of Volkswagen said: "We do not have a serious problem. The chain damage to he 1.4 TSI was caused by accumulated manufacturing tolerances in the timing chain. The supplier of the chain had his punching tools used across the wear limit, so that they no longer punched the holes in the link plates accurately enoughand tiny burrs on steel remained. "Chips and burrs then ensured for abrasive wear entry. Result: the chain wears out. In addition to this manufacturing problem and the driving behavior can be crucial: cars that got moved in predominantly short journeys, are disproportionately affected by elongated timing chains."

22-9-2014: Transmission fluid changed under TSB TSB 34F6 in 45k mile 2010 Skoda Superb 1.8 TSI DSG in July 2014 with the explanation that the standard synthetic oil could cause an electrical fault in the Mechatronics of the DSG box. After a few hundred miles symptions of hesitation and noises ceased. Original complaint was received 17-3-2014 (above)and when the reader took the car to the dealer suggesting a change of fluid he was told this was nonsense and that the transmission was sealed for life.

24-9-2014: Skoda eventually met the full cost of replacing the stretched timing chain of a 49k mile 2010 Skoda Superb 1.8 TSI.

11-12-2014: Fifth report of failure of Columbus satnav on a Skoda Superb, this time on an 86,000 mile 2010/60 2.0TDI Elegance. The screen for the display/control of Columbus satnav, radio, CD player, etc went completely blank, although the radio and CD could still be operated by the side buttons even if you can’t ‘see’ what you’re doing. Skoda garage in Letchworth looked at it, advised a completely new unit is required, quoting a cost of £2,678.49 (fully inclusive of parts, labour, VAT). Since they had always serviced and maintained the car, they and Skoda offered to discount this by 45% including 15% goodwill from Skoda UK, which brought the cost of replacement down to £1,473.16.

25-2-2015: Report of 33,000 mile Skoda Superb with DSG 7 speed auto box giving problems.

25-3-2015: Report of 55k mile 2010 Skoda Superb 1.8TSI DSG using a lot of oil. Skoda dealer quoted a price of approx £3,500.00 to rectify the problem which centres around piston wear and oil usage.

28-5-2015: EGRs of Skoda Superb diesel failed twice at 34k miles and at 67k miles (car driven more than 30,000 miles in 1 year). Suspect use of cheap diesel as the cause.

22-9-20156: Unusual tyre wear reported on 2014 Skoda Superb 4x4 running on 225/40 R18s. Rears needed replacing at 13k miles. Fronts did 21k miles with about 2k still left on them.

30-11-2015: 75,000 mile 2010 Skoda Superb 1.8TSI (CDAA engine) reported as using 1 litre of oil every 250 miles. Skoda refused out of warranty claim, offering a mere £300 towards a £4,500 repair. Service history of car not disclosed by reader. A piston ring manufacturing fault in this CDAA engine was the subject of a group action in the USA that led to Audi repairing 126,000 vehicles free of charge.

7-12-2015: Report of timing chain on 36,000 mile 2012 Skoda Superb Elegance stretching, 6 months out of warranty. Initially quoted £800 to replace the chain with no guarantee that damage to the engine has not already occurred. Case pending with Skoda, but likely that Skoda will pick up the tab.

28-3-2016: Excessive oil consumption reported from engine of 2011 Skoda Superb 4x4 1.8T Estate at 40,000 miles. Car has CDAA engine with history of piston oil ring and oil consumption problems. Quoted £4,500 to replace engine before an contribution from the supplying dealer or from Skoda.

26-4-2016: Owner of 2012 Skoda Superb with EA189 2.0TDI engine told by his Skoda dealer Faintree Skoda of Telford that it may be the autumn before his 2 litre engine mod is due.

26-5-2016: Rear tyre tread blocking reported on 2012/62 Skoda Superb fitted with 225/40 R18 Avon ZZ5s. Inside row of tyre blocks seem to be wearing worst on every third or fourth rubber block with the blocks either side being between 1- 1.5 mm higher. Otherwise 4-5mm tread left. Noisy between 65 and 80mph. Most common on VAG cars on VW Sciroccos.

4-6-2016: Columbus satnav problems can often be fixed by a £120 're-flash' and mapping update by Hazzydays of St Albans, link Hazzydayz

15-7-2016: Problems with 7-speed dry clutch DSG of 2011/61 Skoda Superb 1.8TSI reported. Flashing gear indicator alternating with spanner after 5 miles. Dealer said "perhaps a computer problem." May 11: cured then resumed. 12 July: 'health check' revealed leak in Mechatronics. It's a sealed unit and new one needed at £2,000, but offer to replace at £496. "OK to drive gently until part available." But on July 13th was losing drive which resumed after slow down and selecting 1st gear; this repeated three times. Repair started Friday, 15th. Clutch plates replaced under warranty a couple of years ago.

27-9-2016: Report of glowplug light of 41k mile November 2011 Skoda Superb 1.6TDI CR 105 intermittently flashing. Neither the AA (twice) nor the Skoda dealer could find any reason for it. Suspect a poor earth or the glowplug relay.

10-10-2016: Clutch and DMF of 2013/63 Skoda Superb failed at 50,000 miles. Happily, Skoda Assist via AA delivered the car to the owner's local Skoda Garage (Caffyns, Tunbridge Wells), arranged a taxi to take him to a car hire company, and provided 5 days free car hire. The clutch and dual mass flywheel were replaced at no charge.

26-11-2016: Occasional judder reported when moving off in 35k mile 2012 Skoda Superb Automatic Petrol Estate has recently occurred. It has the 7 speed DSG gearbox.

22-7-2017: Report of repeated failures of clutch release bearing in 2012 Skofa Superb 1.6TDI.

2-8-2017: Reassuring letter sent to owners of EA189 engined Skodas who have had the NOx emissions fix: “if a customer makes a complaint to an Authorised Repairer or to the Volkswagen Group in respect of a failure of the EGR, fuel injection system or emissions after treatment system within 24 months following the date of the implementation of the technical measures, in respect of a vehicle with mileage not exceeding 160,000 miles, SKODA will consider the complaint very carefully and if such complaint was established to have arisen as a result of the implementation of the technical measures, then Skoda will act responsibly and swiftly, in line with its goodwill policy, as supplemented in the annex, to respond to the consumers’ reasonable concerns.”

17-10-2017: Report of November 2011 Skoda Superb 2.0 TDI Elegance suffering an EGR failure in 2015, and then having the NOX emissions fix in 2016. It has now done 95,000 miles and in September 2017 glow plug light on dash started flashing to warn of an engine fault. Wenbt into limp more; no more than 3000rpm. Taken to Skoda dealer the next day, who diagnosed and fixed the Turbo Boost Sensor. They confirmed that this would be covered by the extended warranty (see 2-8-2017). It took until October 2nd for the Turbo Boost Sensor to arrive and the car was returned on October 3rd, with all faults apparently fixed. Then onOctober 4th the the engine fault recurred after about 5 miles when the engine reached full operating temperature with flashing glow plug and Engine Fault Workshop displayed in the matrix display. Car returned to Skoda dealer. Owner provided with a loan car. Dealer found a wiring problem with the Turbo Boost sensor and repaired it, then found the wiring to the Airbag Control Unit would need to be replaced at a cost of £600 for the part and 4.5 hours labour, totally over £1,000. They said that the wiring for both Turbo Boost Sensor and Airbag Control Unit ran close together in the same wiring loom. Denied having damaged it. Skoda UK left it in the hands of the garage.

4-1-2018: Post NOx emissions fix complaint that on a long motorway run at 70mph on cruise the mpg of a Skoda Superb 1.6TDI has dropped from 60mpg to 55mpg.

6-1-2018: Report of failure of ABS/ESP module of 2014 Skoda Superb at just 3 years and 3 months old (echoes of the old ATE Teves Mk 60 ABS/ESP module failures). Recently four warning lights came on simultaneously and dealer told owner the ABS control unit needs replacing at a cost of £1,466 (incl VAT). When pushed on goodwill dealer said Skoda UK will subsidise the part cost by 50%. They admitted it's a 'manufacturing defect' and a safety issue.

5-2-2018: Report of 7-speed DQ200 twin dry clutch DSG of 2009 Skoda Superb 1.8TSI losing drive.

11-9-2018: Report of slight judder from 7-speed DQ200 DSG of 2012 Skoda Superb 1.8TSI at 49,529 miles when changing from 1st to 2nd. Inspection by Skoda dealer cost £106.80 and diagnosed the need for a new "clutch pack, shims and software update required ref tpi for clutch judder" quoted at £1,192.50. According to the dealer Skoda have not offered any contribution to the cost. Owner shocked because this is the first thing that has gone wrong with his car. Local Skoda dealer, Bickerton Skoda, Sheffield, offered to replace the clutch pack at a reduced price of £885 (incl VAT). This represented a reduction of £307.50. (20-10-2018) The work has now been completed, including a “software upgrade”, and the work guaranteed for two years.

13-11-2018: Report of 2014 Skoda Superb needing new rear ABS reluctor rings. These were fitted under extended warranty.

14-11-2018: Report of EGR of 2012 Skoda Superb 2.0TDI 140 at 61,000 miles. Happened 27 months after NOx emissions update and pledge to fix consequential problems for 2 years had expired so owner asked to pay £1,150 to replace the EGR.

17-12-2018: Report of fault developing in Columbus media centre of April 2015 Skoda Superb in May 2017. The screen would freeze and then it was impossible to use any of the facilities. Owner returned the car to the dealer under warranty and over the next 18 months it was returned a total of 6 times but they were unable to eradicate the fault. In November 2018 owner was told that neither Skoda or the dealer could provide a fix for the car and owner rejected it. The dealer has since offered £2500 compensation provided owner keeps the faulty car unrepaired in full and final settlement. Owner refused this offer. Asked our advice What is to achieve a satisfactory redress ans our advice is to accept the offer.

27-2-2019: Reader had problems with rear door locks of his 2012 Skoda Superb failing to lock. He tried out recommendation of popping the grommet in the lock face of the door and giving the mechanism and servo a squirt with WD 40. This did not work. But he found that behind the grommet was a screw head. By tyrning that screw head one click, the door could be locked from outside but would open from inside.

26-4-2019: Report of glow plug light coming on in 100k mile 2011 Skoda Superb 2.0TDI 170 used for towing. Car then going into limp home mode. Engine had not undergone NOx emissions update.

11-10-2019: 2.0TDI PD oil pump drive issue explained by cphaza on audi-sport net<<The problem with the 2.0 PD engine is the drive from the slave balancer shaft to the oil pump, which is a piece of 6 AF hex bar which has inadequate engagement depth with the grooves in the slave shaft. It's the torsional oscillations caused by the balance shafts which destroy the oil pump coupling (the 6mm AF bit of hex) and the chain drive to the balancer shafts before the gear driven systems came out, though these still give problems with the hex key rounding. Think washing machine -> unbalanced load -> keep doing it = new machine. The problem is with lack of concentricity of the drive socket into which the drive rod/hex fits. The drive socket is can be off centre by at least 0.1mm. In engineering terms, this is a massive defect. All the drive sockets in the failed units were off centre, but all the replacement balancer units were dead centre and have not led to a repeat failure. Some replacement balancer units have now done 100k+ miles according to some garages. You will get this problem at some point if you have a 2.0TDi WITH balancer shafts. If your 2.0TDi does NOT have balancer shafts, you will be ok. If you fit the latest balancer shaft/ pump assembly from VAG it will more than likely cure the problem for life as they have made the hex longer and centered it all properly.>>

41 complaints reported since 23-2-2011.

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