Skoda Fabia (2007–2015)

Model History

May 2007

New Fabia launched

New Fabia with new look shared with Roomster. Engine range from 1.2 3-cylinder with 55PS to 65PS, 1.4 16v with 85PS, 1.4 3-cylinder diesel with 80PS, 1.6 16v petrol, 1.9 diesel with 105PS. Reported to have good ride quality and decent handling. 1.6 petrol engine available with 6-speed 'Tiptronic' Aisin Warner torque converter automatic transmission, not a DSG.

On sale in the UK on 17 May 2007, prices from £7,990 for entry-level model, which has low, learner-friendly Insurance Group 1.

Fabia 1 1.2 HTP 6v 60bhp £ 7,990.00 IG 1
Fabia 1 1.2 HTP 12v 70bhp £ 8,720.00 IG 2
Fabia 1 1.4 TDI PD 70bhp £ 9,825.00 IG 2
Fabia 1 1.4 TDI PD 80bhp £10,175.00 IG 3

Fabia 2 1.2 HTP 12v 70bhp £ 9,720.00 IG 2
Fabia 2 1.4 16v 85bhp £10,295.00 IG 3
Fabia 2 1.6 16v 105bhp £10,795.00 IG 4
Fabia 2 1.6 16v 105bhp tip £11,480.00 IG 4
Fabia 2 1.4 TDI PD 80bhp £11,175.00 IG3
Fabia 2 1.9 TDI PD 105bhp £11,855.00 IG 4

Fabia 3 1.4 16v 85bhp £11,455.00 IG 3
Fabia 3 1.6 16v 105bhp £11,955.00 IG 4
Fabia 3 1.6 16v 105bhp tip £12,640.00 IG 4
Fabia 3 1.4 TDI PD 80bhp £12,335.00 IG 3
Fabia 3 1.9 TDI PD 105bhp £13,015.00 IG 4

1.4-litre TDI PD (80bhp) model produces just 120g/km of CO2 emissions. 70bhp 1.4-litre TDI PD produces 127g/km and 1.9-litre TDI PD 129g/km.

The 1.6 16v 105bhp tip was a little seen option with an Aisin Warner 6-speed torque converter automatic transmission, not a DSG.

September 2007

Estate launched

Frankfurt Motor Show September 2007. 4,239mm long, 1,642mm wide and 1,498mm tall. Boot 480 litres. With the rear seats folded flat a total of 1,460 litres stowage space. Choice of six engines (three petrol and three diesel).

Range starts with the 1.2 12V HTP (70bhp). 1.4 16V (85bhp) and 1.6 16V (105bhp) are also offered. Diesel line-up consists of 1.4 TDI PD (70bhp), 1.4 TDI PD (80bhp) and 1.9 TDI PD (105bhp). All with five-speed manual, but 1.6 16V version also available with a six-speed auto (Tiptronic). Trim designators, as with the Fabia hatchback, will be simply 1, 2 and 3. Scout version of estate from 2008 with raised suspension, but only two wheel drive.

November 2007

Sport model launched from £10,660. Has 16-inch alloy wheels, boot spoiler, a chrome exhaust pipe and rear diffuser, curtain airbags, sunset glass, sports seats, front fog lights and a three-spoke leather sports steering wheel.

Prices start at £10,660 and £11,735 for the 1.2 12V (70bhp) and 1.6 16V (105bhp) petrols. Diesels £12,115 for the 1.4 TDI (80bhp) and £12,795 for the larger 1.9TDI (105bhp). Insurance groupings that start at 3E (for the 1.2 12V) and VED bands range from B to D, are also certain to keep running costs down. First deliveries end of January 2008

December 2007

Estate prices announced from £9,360 for 1.2 HTP 70PS through £10,825 for 1.4 TDI 80 to 1.6 TDI 105 £13,775.

February 2008

Fabia Greenline open for orders

Prices start at £11,490 for hatchback - £12,140 for estate. Offers Nearly 69mpg combined and 109g/km CO2. Available in Amazon Green, Magic Black, Brilliant Silver or Candy White (and with unique GreenLine decals) the newest Fabia is available to order now with the first customer deliveries expected from the 21st of April 2008.

October 2008

Special Edition Fabia BlueLine released. White roof, new alloys and lowered suspension. Only 500 cars made. £750 of additional equipment at a price of £160. Based on the Fabia 2 it comes with unique Pacific Blue paint, white roof, 15 " ‘Line’ alloy wheels and lowered suspension. Interior features over the Fabia 2 include ‘Magic’ upholstery, climate control air conditioning, glasses storage compartment and storage boxes under front seats, making the little Fabia both funky and functional. £9,990 for the 1.2 70 bhp petrol. £11,450 for the 1.4 80 bhp diesel.

October 2008

Fabia Sport introduced, lowered by 15mm and giving it a sportier poise. Price increased by up to £290.

1.2 12V 70 bhp - £10,880 OTR
1.6 16V 105 bhp - £12,035 OTR
1.4 TDI PD 80 bhp - £12,340 OTR
1.9 TDI PD 105 bhp - £13,025 OTR

The Fabia Sport has 16-inch ‘Bear’ alloy wheels, front fog lights, halogen headlights with DE module, curtain airbags, air conditioning, electric front windows, sunset glass, a trip computer and a full body kit.

Fabia wheel and tyre sizes:

14" with 185/60/R14 tyres

15" with 195/55/R15 tyres

16" with 205/45/R16 tyres

February 2010

New look grille from Geneva Motor Show, March 2010. New design accentuates the cars’ width, with a redesigned face that gives both cars a more dynamic look, increasing their road presence. Scout models have also been redesigned, with a new Fabia hatch version making its debut in Geneva.

Redesigned radiator grille and 3D-shaped headlamps, which have been widened, highlighting the stronger horizontal line of the cars’ faces. This gives both Fabia and Roomster a more dynamic look, while losing none of the cars’ elegance and appeal. Both vehicles now look more confident, mature and expressive.

The Fabia, Fabia Estate and Roomster also received a number of technological improvements including state-of-the-art engines. This new engine portfolio is at the very core of the changes, with the entire front structure being redesigned to accommodate them.

Skoda offered four petrol engines and two diesel units in the UK, with power ranging from 60bhp to 105bhp in the Fabia and from 70bhp to 105bhp in the Roomster. All engines comply with the EU5 standard and deliver exceptionally low fuel consumption and CO 2 emission levels.

The new chain cam 1.2 TSI 105bhp petrol engine is combined with the optimised DQ200 twin clutch seven-speed DSG transmission. Combined fuel consumption of 53.3 mpg. The four-cylinder 1.2 TSI engine was available in two power levels – 85 bhp and 105bhp. Both of these were also available with a five-speed manual transmission.

Both EA189 1.6 diesel engines are fitted with high-pressure Common Rail injection, with a pressure of up to 1,600 bar combined with fast-responding piezoelectric injectors that are able to perform as many as five injections within one beat, resulting in improved engine refinement. Both diesel engines feature particulate filters as standard and CO 2 emissions are under 110g/km.

The Fabia engine line-up consists of:

  • 1.2 6V 60 bhp
  • 1.2 12V 70 bhp
  • 1.2 TSI 85 bhp
  • 1.2 TSI 105bhp (manual and DSG)
  • 1.6 TDI CR DPF 90 bhp
  • 1.6 TDI CR DPF 105 bhp

April 2010

New list prices. Fabia hatchback prices.

Trim Engine CO 2 OTR Price
S 1.2 6v 60bhp 132 £9,330
1.2 12v 70bhp 128 £9,960
1.2 TSI 105bhp DSG 124 £11,810
1.6 TDI CR 90bhp 109 £11,840
SE 1.2 12v 70bhp 128 £10,775
1.2 TSI 85bhp 121 £11,375
1.2 TSI 105bhp 124 £12,025
1.2 TSI 105bhp DSG 124 £12,725
1.6 TDI CR 90bhp 109 £12,755
1.6 TDI CR 105bhp 109 £12,975
Elegance 1.2 12v 70bhp 128 £11,900
1.2 TSI 85bhp 121 £12,500
1.2 TSI 105bhp 124 £13,150
1.2 TSI 105bhp DSG 124 £13,850
1.6 TDI CR 90bhp 109 £13,880
1.6 TDI CR 105bhp 109 £14,100

Fabia Estate prices.

Trim Engine CO 2 OTR Price
S 1.2 12v 70bhp 128 £10,425
1.2 TSI 105bhp DSG 124 £12,375
1.6 TDI CR 90bhp 109 £12,405
SE 1.2 12v 70bhp 128 £11,570
1.2 TSI 85bhp 121 £12,170
1.2 TSI 105bhp 124 £12,820
1.2 TSI 105bhp DSG 124 £13,520
1.6 TDI CR 90bhp 109 £13,550
1.6 TDI CR 105bhp 109 £13,770
Scout 1.2 TSI 85bhp 121 £13,330
1.6 TDI CR 90bhp 109 £14,710
1.6 TDI CR 105bhp 109 £14,930
Elegance 1.2 12v 70bhp 128 £12,695
1.2 TSI 85bhp 121 £13,295
1.2 TSI 105bhp 124 £13,945
1.2 TSI 105bhp DSG 124 £14,645
1.6 TDI CR 90bhp 109 £14,675
1.6 TDI CR 105bhp 109 £14,895

Following the launch of the facelifted Fabia and Roomster, Skoda Auto unveiled the Fabia Estate GreenLine II and Roomster GreenLine II – the first of its second generation of environmentally-friendly GreenLine models.

The new model Fabia and Roomster’s were facelifted and fitted with new technology designed to further reduce fuel consumption and CO2emission levels. The most important innovations include a new engine (1.2 TDI CR DPF/75bhp DPF) with Common Rail (high-pressure direct injection), start-stop technology, energy recuperation and gear recommendation (on a Maxi DOT display).

One of the biggest technological changes in the second-generation GreenLine version is a new three-cylinder supercharged diesel engine (1.2 TDI CR DPF/55 kW) with a consumption of just 83.1 mpg and CO2emissions of 89 g/km for the Fabia Estate GreenLine II, and 67.3 and 109 g/km for the Roomster GreenLine II.

In addition to lower CO2emissions, other contaminant levels have also been reduced. The new 1.2TDI complies with EU5 emissions that, for diesel engines, has stricter regulations for nitrogen oxides and solid particles. The gear ratios of the car's five-speed transmission are identical to those of the ordinary Fabia and Roomster models fitted with the same engine. As a result, the GreenLine II offers the same responsiveness yet with lower consumption.

The stop-startsystem operates automatically, directly after the engine starts. If, after some time, the driver stops the car, engages neutral and releases the clutch pedal, the engine switches off automatically. As soon as the driver presses the clutch, the engine starts again immediately. stop-start makes it is possible to save up to 4.2mpg (combined) or up to 7.7 mpg in city traffic.

Energy recuperation is another technology introduced on the 2010 Fabia Estate i GreenLine II and Roomster GreenLine II. Effective utilisation of the vehicle's kinetic energy for battery recharging is a simple system that helps to save fuel continuously. The two systems – Start-Stop and Braking energy recovery work in partnership and, along with other measures, help to make the operation of these new models as environmentally-friendly as possible. The application of the energy recovery system has helped to reduce the CO 2 emissions by 2 - 4 g/km.

June 2010

Fabia Greenline II Estate price announced at £13,740 . The new Škoda Fabia Greenline II will become the most environmentally-friendly car ever to wear the famous Škoda badge which goes on sale on sale in the UK next week.

Second generation Greenline is powered by a new three-cylinder turbocharged 1.2 TDI CR 75bhp DPF common rail (high-pressure direct injection) engine which returns an impressive 83.1 mpg (combined cycle) and produces exceptionally lowemissions of only 89g/km, which means the Fabia Greenline II is exempt from road tax.

Priced at £13,740, the five door estate comes complete with £800 of extra standard equipment over the model which it replaces, including cruise control, ESP, stop-start function, tyre pressure monitor (TPM) and an alarm with tilt-sensor.

September 2010

Skoda Fabia Elegance 1.6 TDI CR also received an accolade at the awards, by being selected as the best in its price category – Under £16,000. The judges praised its “tenacious pulling power...and quick, accurate steering.”

January 2011

Skoda’s Fabia Monte Carlo announced, a new model with sports styling and bespoke interior. Launched to celebrate 100 years of the Monte Carlo Rally, and commemorate the 110 year anniversary of Skoda's motorsport efforts, this special edition model is a nod towards Škoda’s sporting pedigree.

Outside, the Fabia Monte Carlo has piano-black body trim, which extends over the wheel arches and down the length of the car, a black roof, black door mirror covers, a black radiator grille top, smoked headlamps and black 17” lightweight Trinity alloy wheels.

Inside, the Fabia Monte Carlo, a choice of all black or, red and black sports seats with additional side support. Both trims come with black roof lining, a perforated leather steering wheel with red stitching, leather handbrake and gearstick gaiter with red stitching (with the red-black interior option). To complete the enhanced sporty appeal silver kick plates and steel pedals are fitted as standard.

The Fabia Monte Carlo made its first public appearance at Rallye Monte Carlo (19-22 January), where Škoda’s current IRC championship winning rally car, the Fabia S2000, finished fourth (in class) on its first outing at this legendary rally in 2009. In 2010, Škoda Motorsport finished second, third and fifth (in class) with Hänninen, Vouilloz and Kopecký, respectively.

Available as hatchback only, the car’s trim is based on the current Fabia SE version, and the new Monte Carlo will be available with a wide range of engines.

CO 2 Basic VAT RRP FRF RFL Delivery Recommended OTR
1.2 69PS 128 £10,158.33 £2,031.67 £12,190 £55 £0 £510 £12,755
1.2 TSI 86PS 121 £10,670.83 £2,134.17 £12,805 £55 £0 £510 £13,370
1.2 TSI 105PS 124 £11,220.83 £2,244.17 £13,465 £55 £0 £510 £14,030
1.6 TDI CR 75PS 109 £11,350.00 £2,270.00 £13,620 £55 £0 £510 £14,185
1.6 TDI CR 105PS 109 £12,029.17 £2,405.83 £14,435 £55 £0 £510 £15,000

All of the Fabia Monte Carlo models are fitted with a 5-speed manual transmission and are available to order from 24 January 2011.

May 2011

New SE Plus trim level introduced

Fabia Hatchback SE Plus (priced from £11,825 OTR)

Additional features above SE trim include unique Kristal upholstery, sunset privacy glass, climate control, multi-function steering wheel, electric rear windows, storage boxes under the front seats, protective black side mouldingsand Media Device Interface (MDI) with connecting cable.

Equipment value over SE £1,210
Customer premium over SE £590
Saving £620

July 2013

New Reaction and Monte Carlo editons launched

Skoda unveiled a pair of new additions to its ageing Fabia range. The Fabia Reaction and Fabia Monte Carlo TECH Estate hit showrooms this month, offering additional equipment at value prices.

The Fabia Reaction joins the range with an introductory price of £9690 – £3715 less than the normal price of £13,405. Despite discounted price-tag, the Fabia Reaction features an extensive equipment list. Air-conditioning and a three-spoke leather steering wheel are fitted as standard, while the exterior benefits from 16-inch black Comet alloys, rear spoiler, black detailing on the roof, mirrors and grille, and Sunset glass.

The Fabia Reaction model is fitted with a 1.2-litre 12V 69PS engine and is available in hatch form. The new Fabia Monte Carlo TECH Estate follows on from the hatch version launched earlier this year and runs on 17" 'Trinity' alloy wheels with 205/40 R17 tyres. Available with a choice of two engines: 1.2 TSI 105PS or 1.6 TDI CR 105PS, the TECH is based on the Monte Carlo model, but adds Amundsen sat-nav and Bluetooth connectivity as standard.

Available with three colour options: red, white and black, the 1.2 TSI 105PS petrol model is priced from £12,575, while the 1.6 TDI CR 105PS starts from £13,545.

July 2014

New Fabia SE launched

Costing £9,595 it comes with the 1.2-litre 69PS petrol engine and has 15-inch alloy wheels, extra rear speakers, manual air conditioning, tinted glass, electric door mirrors and remote central locking. The special edition version, which is based on the SE, includes a spare wheel and metallic paint for no extra cost. That represents additional value of £600.

February 2016

Haynes manual now available: Skoda Fabia petrol and diesel (2007-2014). Complete coverage for Skoda Fabia models: Fabia ‘Mk 2’ Hatchback & Estate; Petrol 1.2 litre (1197cc 4-cyl & 1198cc 3-cyl) and 1.4 litre (1390cc); Diesel 1.2 litre (1199cc), 1.4 litre (1422cc), 1.6 litre (1598cc) and 1.9 litre (1896cc). Our manual is based on a complete stripdown of the car, with our authors working out the best methods to do a job and presenting this with the home mechanic in mind. RRP: £22.99.

July 2016

Late 2007-2015 Skoda Fabia highest ranked small car and highest ranked car overall in 2016 J.D. Power Vehicle Dependability Study (includes 2015 Fabia)

What does a Skoda Fabia (2007 – 2015) cost?

List Price from £12,970
Buy new from £9,583
Contract hire from £169.64 per month