Renault Twingo (2007–2012)

What's good

Four star Euro NCAP Crash Safety Rating with 28 points out of possible 37. Two star pedestrian protection

What to watch out for

Extreme and Freeway versions comes with only a fixed one-piece folding rear seat.

One reader reports of his Twingo 1.2 Freeway: "in 4,300 miles there hasnt been a week where something didnt go wrong or play up. A week after delivery it wouldn't start for love nor money, towed to the dealer and was diagnosed as a ecu fault and new one was ordered and fitted, then a few days later the digital dash failed, took 3 weeks to arrive and was fitted. There's a annoying rattle from behind the dash that the dealer says is not a fault and is unwilling to fix, took it to another dealer 60 miles away who said that would book it in and give me a car to drive until they fixed it, they have it as we speak and have been superb. The electric window got stuck half way down in the snow so went back to the dealer and got that sorted, and the car just rattles and squeaks non stop."

2-5-2010: Similar tale of woe: "I have a 2010 Renault Twingo. Less than 3,000 miles in and within the space of 3 weeks everything that can go wrong seems to have gone wrong. The car's electronic computer failed whilst driving causing the whole car to shut down, resulting in it being towed to the dealer. The clutch went (not sure what went, i thought the cable had snapped but the most of clutch system has been replaced and modified) again whilst driving resulting in it being towed to the dealer. Now i fear the power steering is giving up with a loud wirring noise and heavier at low speeds (i have checked the fluid levels). And the radio keeps cutting out."

17-9-2013: Strange report of problems filling the tank on 26k mile 4 year old Twingo. Diagnosed as stuck anti-splash valve, which is integral to the tank, so new tanke needed. New tank fitted after 70% contribution from Renault, but fault remained.

27-2-2018: Report of failure of pedal box of 2009 Renault Twingo at 43.077 miles. Replacement cost £208.

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