Renault Megane Sport Tourer (2009 – 2016) Review

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Renault Megane Sport Tourer (2009 – 2016) At A Glance


+Plenty of interior space. Good comfort levels and easy to drive. Revised model from 2014 looks good. Well refined.

-Fiddly navigation system. Rear seats don't fold completely flat. Rivals such as the Volkswagen Golf Estate offer more boot space.

Insurance Groups are between 12–31
On average it achieves 77% of the official MPG figure

The Renault Megane typically lives in the shadow of cars like the Volkswagen Golf or Ford Focus – but the Sport Tourer estate, which was revised in 2014, is worth a look if you're after a practical yet compact load lugger. It’s spacious, solidly built and good to drive too. It may not feel quite as sophisticated as a Golf Estate, but it has plenty of appeal as a stylish estate.

Rear load space is impressive at 524 litres. That’s behind the class-leading 660 litres of a Peugeot 308SW, but it doesn’t really feel like you’re losing much in reality, thanks to a wide opening and a low load deck. Folding the seats expands space to 1600 litres, however, they don’t fold completely flat - an oversight that means the Megane isn’t as versatile as some of the competition.

On the plus side there is a good amount of space in the back row. The choice of materials in the cabin is good, with a mixture of soft-touch and harder, good quality, durable plastics. However the layout is drab and the infotainment system is fiddly and confusing to use.

The Megane Sport Tourer is easy to drive, with a comfortable suspension set up and light, accurate steering. Despite the comfort-oriented suspension there isn’t much body roll through bends, so the Megane suits B-roads just as well as town or motorway driving, both of which are made more pleasant by impressive soundproofing and refinement.

The engine range kicks off with an older, lacklustre 1.6-litre petrol that is best avoided, but the TCe petrol engine and dCi diesels are capable performers, with the added benefit of reasonable fuel economy. Renault also offers a 220PS petrol in the GT for those who want swift performance.

There’s no denying that the estate versions of the Volkswagen Golf or Peugeot 308 are better all-round cars than the Megane Sport Tourer, but it still makes for comfortable, practical and easy-to-drive family transport. If you can get a good deal then it’s certainly worth adding to your shortlist. 

Looking for a Renault Megane Sport Tourer (2009 - 2016)?
Register your interest for later or request to be contacted by a dealer to talk through your options now.

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Used car has broken down - Is the manufacturer or seller liable?
"I purchased a used 2012 Renault Megane with 61,000 miles on the clock from an independant garage three months ago. The car still has six months Renault warranty. Within the first month the car broke down with faulty glow plugs which was replaced under warranty by Renault. Two months later car broke down again this time turbo has gone, Renault insist they wont repair it unless they have proof (via an invoice) that the previous owners used the correct grade oil when servicing. Spoke to garage we bought from as they had purchased car from a leasing company but all they can provide is an email with dates and mileages car was serviced. On further investigation the lease company hadn't undertook the servicing but the person they leased the car had and they haven't got any invoices or details. Renault are quoting £1900 to replace the turbo. Are we able to take this back to the garage we bought it from and ask for a repair under the Consumer rights act?"
The garage you bought the car from is liable for six months from date of purchase. See:
Answered by Honest John
Buying a Renault Megane Sport Tourer - which model is best?
"I'm looking to buy a new Renault Megane sport tourer GT - I need the extra room and like the sportier look of this estate, I'll be going for a manual but I can't decide which engine variant to go for though - 3 choices: 1. Petrol 1.2 TCE 115 (119 Co2 £30 tax) 2. Diesel 1.5 DCI 110 (93 Co2 £0 tax) 3. Diesel 1.6 DCI 130 (104 Co2 £20 tax) +£300 for this engine If you have any knowledge of expected reliability, actual economy, performance, noise etc or generally any advice you can give it would be much appreciated. "
This is actually new/old model Megane because a new Megane is already being built but won't come to the UK until summer. The 1.6DCI 130 is the best diesel engine. The 1.2TCe is much smoother. Tested here:
Answered by Honest John
What's the best used estate for £8000?
"Which second hand small estates are worth considering? I have £8000 to spend and want something that's a few years old. "
Probably a Hyundai i30 or KIA cee'd SW. A Renault Megane 1.2TCe 115 Sport Tourer is also a good bet.
Answered by Honest John
Best cars for depreciation after three years?
"As a pensioner I like to buy new cars from income (personal contract plan) changing every 3 years, which is not the cheapest form of motoring but does not deplete my capital and gives security and peace of mind. My last two cars have been Renault Megane Sports Tourers which I find comfortable, roomy and well equipped. Depreciation is therefore a major factor in my motoring costs and whilst I do not think I can find the extra resources to buy Mercedes-Benz, BMW or Audi can you suggest a medium sized estate car of similar specification to the Renault which may hold its value rather better over 3 years?"
In a word, no. There are two sides to this. One is % depreciation from list price, which is generally low for high end cars sold at small discounts and is generally high for mass market cars sold at big discounts. But, of course, the true cost of the car is actual purchase cost minus actual resale cost and that tends to even out the true cost in real money.
Answered by Honest John

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