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Renault Megane II Sport Tourer (2003–2008)

Last updated 25 August 2016

Very roomy cargo bay. Quality improvements making the car more reliable. Sporty 220GT launched February 2015.
Electrical, mechanical and build quality problems can still occur. 220GT slower, less fuel efficient and higher CO2 than Leon ST Cupra.
Updated 19 January 2012

Failure of front electric windows seems to be increasingly common and fixing both sides is a £900 job at a Renault dealer, though you may get some goodwill towards this. The problem with the...

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We have to thank the bravery of BMW and Renault. Just as car styling was becoming samey and safe, along came Chris Bangle and Patrick le Quemant. Their designs have polarised opinion, but at least they got people talking and no one can accuse either of them of building boring Euro boxes.

However, you'll find no bustle bottom poking out of the back of the Renault Megane Sport Tourer. Instead, and unlike the Laguna Sport Tourer, it's squared off as a station wagon should be and offers an impressive 1,600 litres of loadspace.

That makes it quite a big car. At 4,500mm it's longer than the average family hatchback-derived wagon, though not quite as long as a 4,804mm Mondeo estate.

Owners' reviews

Brilliant load lugger
A car from hell
Reliable M-way load lugger and family run around.
List Price from £17,820
Buy new from £14,959
Contract hire from £202.76 per month

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