Renault Clio III (2005–2009)

What's good

Fifth most reliable european badged 3 - 7 year old car in 2011 Warranty Direct Reliability Survey, with a 21% incident rate and a low £173.40 average cost of repair

What to watch out for

Over-centre electric power steering feels strange, and lacks 'feel' on the most powerful diesel versions.

One complaint of 'hissing' power brakes on petrol models.

Timing belts need regular replacement.

Report of injection pump of 2007 1.5 diesel breaking up and sending shards into the injectors. Definitely not caused by incorrectly filling with petrol. The reason the tank had to be flushed out is that once an injector pump sends shards of metal into the common rail, it can flow back into the tank and the shards can be so small they are not caught by the fule filter so go on to damage the fragile injectors. Quoted £3,635 + VAT for repairs. Car had full Renault service history and Renault provided goodwill of 55%, dealer 10%, total 65%.

4-1-2016: Report of leaking sunroof leading to smoke coming from the steering column and horn sounding whilst driving. The airbag and horn needed replacing (£281) and a Renault dealer wanted £400 to redo the sunroof.

19-2-2019: Report of sunroof of 2006 Renault Clio failing to open.


23-4-2007: Renault wants to inspect 4,234 Modus cars and Clios built between December 2005 and February 2006. Renault has found that the electrical switch operating the brake lights can melt, causing overheating of the floor around the pedals, the release of smoke into the passenger compartment and the failure of the brake lights.

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