Peugeot 407 (2004–2011)

What's good

 Excellent 2.2 173PS diesel engine.

What to watch out for

Back seat very claustrophobic.

Easy to bump the edges of the protruding front.

9th from bottom in 2007 UK J.D. Power Customer Satisfaction Survey with 75.0% score.

Clonks from the front usually indicate excessive wear in the front suspension ball joints. A pin corrodes, causing excessive wear. Peugeot will sometimes pick up the parts cost if the car is Peugeot maintained and less than 5 years old. On earlier 407s front wheel hub lower bearings can suffer severe wear and were modified for later 407s.

Reports of repeated EGR valve failure on 2.0HDI 136, possibly from trying to drive at too low revs. Problem of 1.6 and 2.0 16v diesels slipping into limp home mode put down to throttle butterflies sticking or their spindles wearing prematurely causing them to stick. The throttle position sensor identifies this and sends a message to the ECU to limit the engine to limp home mode.

End of plastic dipstick of 1.6 HDI engine can break and drop into sump requiring removal of sump to retrieve it.

Central Dash Display, Part No. 659349 fails and from March to September 2007 replacement parts were simply not available.

Seems to be an unexplained problem of 407 diesel 6-speed automatics cutting out, pinpointed to be in relation to the ECU or Electrical Components Unit.

Front suspension, and steering joints of early 407s can become badly worn by 30,000 miles and need replacing.

Hose for Power steering can corrode through and leak on to the front o/s tyre also at 30,000.

Tyre pressure sensors where fitted corrode and need replacing at over £100 each.

Remember, on diesels, dual mass flywheels may only last 50,000 miles; diesel particulte filters may only last 80,000 miles.

25-1-2012: More reports of turbo oil starvation on 1.6HDI leading to expensive catastrophes. The cure is not just a new turbo, but new oil pipe, pump, pick-up, etc etc. Ford dealer prices for repairs are £1,200 for parts alone. There was a Ford TSB45/2008 about this. Newer engines (2008+) have modified parts. Apparently you can get a new turbo for £350 plus £120 for a "kit" of modified pipes/pick-up unions etc. from Transitpartsuk (International Parts Ltd) to fit next week. eBay supplier TransitpartsUK The oil starvation is due to the oil in the oil feed pipe carbonising because drivers switch off the engines directly from too hot, without idling while the turbo spools down and cools down.

30-5-2012: 9th Least Reliable 3-5 year old family car in 2012 analysis of Warranty Direct Claims records on

30-5-2012: Strange problem of power steering fluid bubbling out of the PAS flulid reservoir, apparently due to failure of a valve in the system.

8-10-2012: Dual climate control system prone to expensive failure requiring £1,300 - £1,700 parts and labour to fix, which simply won't be worth it. So if buying a 407 check carefully for this problem.

31-12-2012: 'Gong' sound means that car battery is failing to hold sufficient charge and needs to be replaced.

24-7-2013: Report of clutch failute of 29,700 mile 2009 407 HDI.

21-4-2014: Was a brake servo recall in 2008. Now the servo of a 2006 Peugeot 407 that was replaced in 2008 has failed again.

2-12-2015: 69k mile 2008/58 Peugeot 407 1.6HDI cut out at 30mph driving in a town. Re-started. Happened again the next day showing "depollution system" fault. Diagnostics showed a fault. Dealer tried replacing the fusebox. Ower then went on a relatively long drive and engine cut out at 60mph. Engine started again and got the car to a service area in 'limp home mode'. RAC diagnosed fuel pressure problem. Car transported back to the Peugeot dealer who found corrosion on the fuel pressure sensor and ordered a replacement. This is the kind of problem that could have been used by using supermarket diesel that does not have the necessary detergents in it to keep the fuel system clean. It could have been caused by exhaustion of the Eolys fluid in the reservoir that helps the diesel particulate filter to regenerate. It could have been caused by a clogged EGR. And it could have been caused by a fuse box fault, or by corrosion of the fuel pressure sensor. Diagnostics will show a fault but do not always pinpoint the precise cause of the fault, particularly faults with the fuel tank lifter pump or its relay. They thought it was a fuse box fault. The car then appeared to be fixed. But another fault showed up.

24-8-2019: Report that owner of Peugeot 407 SW recently bought the full set of the latest and updated navigation discs for his 407 SW from a Peugeot dealer in France to find that first thing in the morning (and every morning) his satnav works perfectly. After about 20/30 mins into any journey, the screen goes blank and refuses to work for the rest of the day. As the sat nav works initially he can't imagine that either the screen or the disc is faulty. If I he then goes into the menu, clicks on 'navigation' the screen then asks him to insert the navigation CD Rom although it is already there.

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